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    Milling an inverted V way

    I opted to buy an 80 degree carbide end mill which I had reground to 80 degs. Very happy with the results,…if anyone is looking for an 80 deg countersink .I can help
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    Flush mounted grease fittings

    wondering who would be a supplier of grease fitting on a lathe, in this case it happens to be a Colchester. These are the flush mounted ones equipped with a ball and spring? Dave
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    Applying turtice

    I am getting ready to apply Turcite to the underside of the saddle on my Colchester lathe. One thing I am pondering is how do I prevent the epoxy from filling in the lube holes? Some of them pass through the casting, easy enough to drill them out afterwards. Some of them however will be a blind...
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    Milling an inverted V way

    So far, I have purchased a 6 flute HSS 82 degree cutter and had it ground to 80 degs. This did not work so good, a lot of vibration in the tool. I suspect the ground finish is not concentric. Next step is to try and source an 80 deg cutter from the suppliers provided above, or purchase another...
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    Milling an inverted V way

    I have a need to mill an inverted V on the bottom of my lathe saddle way. Being a Colchester the V is 80 degrees, which makes it difficult to use a traditional end mill and tilt the head. Problem is the end face of the cutter will hit the opposing face of the V. One idea i had is to use a 90...
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    Granite surface plate accuracy

    Are the smaller granite plates (12 x18 x 3) square, meaning would the 12” side and the 18” side be exactly 90 degrees ? Dave
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    Colchester bed repair

    Thanks GL What are the keepers you are referring to ? Dave
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    Colchester bed repair

    All great advice, thanks again Dave
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    Colchester bed repair

    Thanks for the information / tips guys, exactly the kind of response I was looking for, rather than "take it to a dealer and expect to pay "
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    Colchester bed repair

    Have a Colchester Master with alot of wear in the ways just before the headstock, .020” in one section. This is enough to make it difficult to use when alternating between different lengths of materials without making adjustments to correct. One idea to improve things is to have the bed ground...
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    Gamet bearings preload

    Does anyone know how you can measure / quantify the amount of preload on a spindle bearing for a Colchester Master 2500? Upon disassembly there are in place 12 coil springs, which apply the preload to the bearing. I am assuming this is the correct number of springs? as there are holes drilled...
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    Colchester Master 2500 spindle bearing issue

    I have a Colchester Master 2500 (likely mfg'd in the mid seventies), new to me machine. Upon start up the cutting finish was terrible. The runout at the face of the nose cam is .002" The bearings are not overly noisy when running. I checked for forward movement of the spindle with a prybar...
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    Storm Vulcan 15A operation

    So I have sourced a company that is going to resurface the head and tailstock bed along with the head and tailstock wear plates. One point that came up was the fact that any material removed will affect the height of the work,...in this case, crankshaft in relation to the centre line of the...
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    Storm Vulcan 15A operation

    Spend 4 hrs yesterday with a crank grinder operator (same machine as mine), except his has live centres while mine has chucks, this was time well spent. I realized on my machine traversing the head /tailstock table left or right takes a lot more pressure than it should, so I am going to pull the...
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    Closing shop down machines for sale

    looking for a 6ft camel back straight edge Dave
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    WTB cast iron camel back straight edge

    Looking for a large straight edge 5 or 6 ft. Would like a finished tool ready to use rather than a casting. Dave
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    Storm Vulcan 15A operation

    What kind of tolerances were you able to hold (runout)in the headstock?
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    Storm Vulcan 15A operation

    So if understand things correctly, in order to correct the wear on the headstock / tailstock "table" it would first involve a large milling machine or grinder followed by hand scraping. As long as the surface is uniform from one end or the other, my concern with ensuring that the upper surface...
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    Storm Vulcan 15A operation

    I get the concept of rotating the table to counter a tapered rod journal. At this point I have turned two test surfaces on my test shaft in the headstock surfaces are 6" apart, which are .001" difference in diameter, larger diameter is the surface closer to the tailstock. Next step is to grind a...