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    WTB South Bend MagnaTurn 612

    I would like to purchase a MagnaTurn 612 for a compact lathe retrofit project. Running or not running is fine, being I will strip it down, replacing the original controls. I'm Located in Indiana, with-in a couple of states driving time would be nice, not a must if we can work out shipping costs...
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    The Last operational South Bend Lathe Automatic Cross-feed Screw Machine

    Here is a short clip of the last running feed screw machine from the South Bend Plant. I purchased this from Ted several years ago and converted it to PLC control for the air saddle, FWD and REV, RPM and the limits. After this video was made 2 years ago, I added an air dampener control on the...
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    Engraving South Bend Feed Dials

    Here is a link to my first YouTube Video of South Bend Replacement Dials: SBL Dials - YouTube Steve
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    The elusive “correct” Heavy 9 or 9L found.

    A website visitor e-mailed me with info on his wide 9, the more I checked, the more intrigued I became that this might be the one to have the S series headstock. I requested photos, and look what came in! Its a 456-A, B version Standard change gear, HMD bench 9L, yep, 2-1/4 spindle side oiling...
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    Wanted: Information on Crossfeed nut for R & T series 9 inch WideBed

    If you have a Wide Bed 9 inch Letter Series R without tapered gibbs or a T series with Tapered Gibbs, I would like to compare the spud height on the cross feed nut. I have 9R = 0.3126, 9T = 0.1876 Is this close to yours? Steve Wells
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    For Sale: Interesting small indexer and South bend # 2 collet set (missing 4 collets)

    I have an older machinist made 24 hole simple indexer that uses South Bend # 2 Collets. you would need to adapt to a base of some type. I had a project in mind when I purchased this, but am not going the use it now. The collet set is most likely a South Bend CE2432 set of 11 steel #2's by...
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    New Heavy Ten Taper Cross Feed Screws

    I've added a few items to the product list some of you might like, these are of the same USA made beautiful quality you would expect and affordable too. The older PT483R2(.437 slide shaft) Heavy Ten taper screw without bearings with a matched 4G fit feed nut: The newer PT483R3(.375 slide...
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    The SBL Workshop Website may be down a few days

    Due to high hosting costs, I will be attempting to migrate the SBL Workshop website to a new server. Over the next week or so, you might experience many broken links as we upload and reconfigure some files for the new server, please be patience and accept my apologies in advance for the...
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    New Photo file uploaded

    From 2 years ago...yes I might be a little behind...lol Paula's 1947 Workshop Model A with the very early Transitional Bench Bed feet. lathe enjoy, Steve
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    Will the owner of this file raise your hand, please?

    I can't remember who sent this file...duh... I will post credit if you claim it.... Sorry all, but those that create, should be listed for credit. Send an e-mail to me, with name. http://www.wswells.com/data/howto/spindle_removal_workshop-9.pdf Steve
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    New files Uploaded

    I have added files in the Mill section of the The SBL Workshop - Home website, these were provided by Rocco Falato and are very nice scans...thanks to RF for his hard work, he also scanned a complete 1930 HTRAL...it's uploade in the HTRAL section, warning...it is a large file, like 70mb. I also...
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    Post your thoughts on this 10K headstock repair

    This front bearing casting appears to be half drilled in the wrong location for the rear oil hole return. The original angle is also incorrect. Does anyone have any photos of the correctly drilled journal and opinions of a correction for this one? If I make a mistake here, I will drill through...
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    Original SBL Teflon Grease (CE1625)

    I posted this on the Yahoo group also: As some of you know I have been working on reviving the original Teflon grease South Bend had made for the headstock and back gears. I have completed the process and now have filled the first case of grease. I have 19 left from that case. This is a great...
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    New 10L Headstock Oilers

    I picked up a new Infrared lamp to force dry my paint, it being a little cool in the shop. I thought you all might want to see, it is an American made product by Infratech. http://www.wswells.com/photos/1968-10L-swells/1.JPG http://www.wswells.com/photos/1968-10L-swells/2.JPG Long story...
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    Need 9A clutch photos or prints

    I have an e-mail request for help on the clutch assembly of a 9A, photos or assembly prints. The clutch came apart while he was cleaning his apron. I have searched and I don't have photos of the clutch apart or in assembly. He has PL-902D, and would like clearer assembly instructions. Thanks...
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    e-bay heavy 10 listing

    here's a deal if the bed is not worn too badly: Buy it now $750.00 with extra parts, someone should grab this before it gets parted out! http://cgi.ebay.com/1940-Southbend-Heavy-Ten-Lathe_W0QQitemZ320414985255QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item4a9a38ac27&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14
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    1929 Catalog 22-XB, 9 inch X-bed "stubby"

    Picked up my little 2-1/2 foot Stubby today, it looks to be in all original condition and used very little. Spotting is intact on the flat ways and there are no wear ridges on the V-ways, spotting can still be seen on the rear V-ways, I'm very happy, I think it will clean up nicely. The lead...
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    New project uploaded

    Jim B's Workshop 405 Crossfeed large dial conversion has been uploaded and is ready for viewing. This is a great read and I thank him for doing this for the group members to see. Link to the project index: http://www.wswells.com/projects/projects_index.html Direct link to Jim's Project...
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    New SBL facts and info section

    After two years, I have at last started this new section on the SBL Workshop Website: www.wswells.com This section is called "Facts From The Experts" I have a long collection of data in text files from many group members who have given facts and excellent repair information on South Bend...
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    Original Historical South Bend Parts Prints

    I have not been to active uploading files and information in the last year, I need a little time to get back up to speed, this is a test to see if the group members can view TIF images without a problem. These are large files, I suggest you right click on the view link and save to a file, it...