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  1. Terry Keeley

    O/T - eBay not showing "new matches today" in Outlook?

    This just started a few days ago for me, it's not an Outlook issue as far as I can tell. The email says there's new matches according to my saved searches, but the link is the same as the "view all results" and photos of the new items don't show either. Anyone else?
  2. Terry Keeley

    Diamond for grinding hard chrome?

    Anyone have any experience with this? I can't seem to find any info on the subject.
  3. Terry Keeley

    O/T - Cudos to Plano Molding.

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Plano molding, I called a while back asking for replacement hinges for a long discontinued product. The gal said she couldn't find a part number but took my information and if they were available they'd ship them out. Ya right I figured. A month or so passed...
  4. Terry Keeley

    ID grinding hard chrome.

    I'm trying to grind some 1" ID brass sleeves, about 2" long that are chrome plated. The chrome varies quite a bit in thickness (couple thou) so I'm looking for a wheel to rough them in fairly quickly. So far I've tried AO 19A46-K5VG (46 grit) and 32A60-KVBE (60 grit) Norton wheels but they...
  5. Terry Keeley

    Identify this machining center from a short video?

    Trying to figure out what machine this is?
  6. Terry Keeley

    Are white dressing sticks used for vitrified bond wheels?

    Grinding noob here. I'm doing some I/D grinding with Norton 32A60-KVBE wheels, they're about 3/4" in diameter so I've found I have to dress often or they stop cutting straight. I know the white dressing sticks are used to clean up resin bond wheels after dressing but do they help clean up...
  7. Terry Keeley

    O/T - High strength/temp elastomer for Lovejoy coupling?

    Attention, hobby alert! I'm having a hard time finding an elastomer that will hold up to the beating I'm giving a Lovejoy type coupling on a model engine dyno. Stock material is Nitrile, it doesn't last one run. I had some success with 80A urethane machine mounting rubber but it eventually...
  8. Terry Keeley

    Hardness testing chrome plating?

    Chrome plating hardness testing ? I'm having some 1" I/D brass sleeves plated on the inside with about 0.005" of hard chrome. I see "micro hardness testing" (Knoop/Vickers) is the standard but is it possible to be done on an I/D? There is a "window" about 3/4" x 1/2", could they test through...
  9. Terry Keeley

    Lathe DRO install.

    I liked these tiny magnetic scales I put on my mill so much I installed them on my lathe. Electronica Mechatronic Systems: Magnetic Linear Encoders - Magna Slim I got them direct but I think they're also available from DRO Pros.
  10. Terry Keeley

    OT - Why do metric bearings use inch balls?

    Been re-balling some metric bearings lately with ceramic balls and was surprised when the 6000, 6001 & 6002's used 3/16" balls, thought it was just an anomoly. Just did some 608's and they have 5/32" balls, what gives? Anyone know the history on this?
  11. Terry Keeley

    Amorphous diamond end mill coating?

    Doing some milling on high (30%) Si aluminum, heard TiB2 was good but see Harvey Tool recommends "amorphous diamond" (pg 184): HarveyTool_FullCatalog.pdf When I search for "amorphous diamond" nothing comes up, does it go by some other name? Any experience cutting high silicone aluminum alloys?
  12. Terry Keeley

    Dressing a vitrified bond CBN wheel?

    Search didn't come up with anything. I saw Mcgyver's video but it's for resin bond wheels. I see there are "brake dressers" but is there any other way to do it?
  13. Terry Keeley

    Finding the intersection of two shallow tapers?

    I'm trying to measure the very shallow tapers on the crown of a piston. As far as I can tell there is one taper from the crown down to a point, then a shallower taper down to where the diameter is constant. I set it up in the mill and dragged an Interapid tenths DTI along it but it's very hard...
  14. Terry Keeley

    ID grinding 360 brass?

    Did a search but nothing came up. S/C (green) wheels obviously but what grit? They're about 1" ID sleeves that will be hard chromed and ground, finish isn't critical obviously but can't be too rough, I only have a couple thou to remove. What about coolant? Type? Any other tips?
  15. Terry Keeley

    Blank 5C emergency collet?

    Looking for blank (not slotted) 5C collets but not having much luck. Found something from Hardinge on Amazon but can't find any mention of it on they're site: Hardinge 5C Blank Emergency Regular-Depth Step Chuck with No Slots, 5" Hole Size: Workholding Collets: Amazon.com: Industrial &...
  16. Terry Keeley

    DRO readout on lathe compound?

    I'm getting some magnetic scales from Electronica for my Emco S11: Electronica Mechatronic Systems: Magnetic Linear Encoders - Magna Slim Just wondering if it's worth putting one on the compound? Didn't think about it really until I saw Milicron's new Bernardo with one but it looks like it...
  17. Terry Keeley

    O/T - Ali Babin strikes again?

    Came across this listing for an Emco S11 for sale, problem is it's mine, and it's not for sale. Emco Maximat Super 11 11"X 25" 115V 1Ph Tool Room Lathe W/3 Jaw Chuck Although it does come up "no longer available" why was the page there to begin with? Why is it still there? Is this Babin?
  18. Terry Keeley

    O/T - Electric blanket that doesn't crap out after one season?

    Been through several Sunbeams, they all start out good but after a few months don't heat up much. They do have a five year warrantee but it's a joke, trying to get a replacement is a major hassle and can take months. I tried looking on line to troubleshoot but didn't find much, I think the...
  19. Terry Keeley

    Is doing business with China really worth the risk?

    Since China released Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor concurrently with the release of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou it is clear that the Chinese government has no problem grabbing foreign nationals and jailing them on trumped up charges (nearly three years each on espionage here) in a clear...
  20. Terry Keeley

    O/T - Elastomer good for petroleum based oil?

    Have some Trico drip oilers with washers that are swelling with Shell Tellus 15 (Morlina S2 BL). I'm assuming they're NBR (also known as Nitrile), Parker says it should be OK but it's obviously not. Got a suggestion for compatible material?