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    Accuracy of Brother W1000Xd2

    Don't be selfish. Post your questions publicly so the rest of us can benefit from it, and the forum can benefit from the added traffic.
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    Automated Aerospace Shop - Hadrian

    You make a really good point about the requirement for continued growth. Forcing that kind of growth is not formula for success in this industry. I see another fatal flaw in their concept. Small shops do a lot of aerospace and defense work because it's often a pain in the ass that isn't easily...
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    Automated Aerospace Shop - Hadrian

    A new aerospace startup called Hadrian claims to deliver 3-10X efficiency compared to "traditional" machine shops. From the videos I see lots of palletized automation, and possibly automated cad/cam. https://www.hadrian.co/ They're currently only machining aluminum. "Steel, Titanium &...
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    Spindle Power / Torque graphs description

    Those are Spindle Power/Torque Graphs. The left shows spindle power characteristics on a 3500rpm machine. The right shows spindle torque characteristics on a 3500rpm machine. The dashed lines show the power and torque in KW in the Continuous Operation Zone. The solid lines show the power...
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    What if Haas built a Baxis Millturn?

    Haas lacks the expertise to execute on something that complex. I think their VMT was a low cost experiment to see if they had the capability, and they don't. They sold very few units so we'll never be able to get any first hand accounts of how it performed, but I wouldn't count on the turning...
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    Maker Funnies

    Here's one of the replies: 5 years? Should be more like 5 seconds. If it takes a kid 5 years to outgrow a Playskool Grizzly mill, then he ain't got the chops. Come to think of it, I have yet to see a single "maker" ever evolve into a real machinist.
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    Outsourcing to India-The new trend

    It's not a trend. Just some stupid thread created by a guy in India EIGHT YEARS AGO. You know what IS a trend? Dumbfucks resurrecting eight year threads with unintelligible replies.
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    Website for my shop with instant quoting?

    That's proprietary tech. Secret sauce. None of us have access to it. Auto reply with this
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    SolidCam - 6 Months, no solution, no refund!!! Don't waste your money!!!

    Fucking grow up. Post some sample code of the same part from Fusion and Solidcam so we can compare and see what the fuck is going wrong. None of us give a shit about how many emails you sent to Solidcam. We want to see the goddamn code.
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    Compact VMC Selection $60k-$70k

    Build volume? This isn't 3D printing. Sounds like a BS story to me. The very obvious yellow strip on the top of the control panel is signature Fanuc.
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    Haas DC-1 thoughts

    Machine made in China. Vises made in China. Toolholders made in China. Cutting tools made in China. Meanwhile: https://www.reviewjournal.com/business/massive-manufacturing-facility-still-n-the-way-for-henderson-2976228/ I would be surprised if this new 2.5 million square foot "manufacturing...
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    Very late to the CNC party.

    One's affinity for learning never goes away. People who were eager to learn in their teens will still be eager to learn in their 70s and beyond. I'm going to be realistic with you though. The fact that you haven't learned CNC in the last 30 years, while working in an industry that heavily uses...
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    diy dovetail fixture for 5 axis. worth it?

    Most forums have died in the last 10 years. PM has stood the test of time. The arguments here are tame compared to the burning dumpster "discussions" on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Those tend to be more vicious and filled with terse, passive-aggressive comments from self righteous...
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    Titan is peddling Syil?

    Potayto potawto... Lowish end. That's what I mean.
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    Titan is peddling Syil?

    This video amuses me. Successful shops bootstrap with a Tormach and then graduate to a real machine, like a Speedio. This guy went on to get another beginner machine.
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    Titan is peddling Syil?

    I noticed that earlier and rolled my eyes. No shit it's below Doosan. The funny thing is the Doosan is probably 65K so it falls just outside.
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    Titan is peddling Syil?

    No flak coming from here. I agree. Syil has existed for many decades. Their "X2" machine is the ubiquitous red Harbor Freight mini manual mill. I think they called themselves Sieg before and sold a few other machines as well, including the "X4" which was meant to compete with Tormach. At one...
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    Titan is peddling Syil?

    I'm not implying Doosan sees Syil as a threat. I'm saying Titan's new relationship with Syil creates a conflict of interest when it comes to advertising with Doosan. Fact is that Doosan sells an entry level VMC and even though it's more money, Titan's literally saying Syil's machines are as...
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    Titan is peddling Syil?

    That's gotta be really awkward for DN because they've been pushing their lower cost entry level machines in the past year or two to compete with Haas. You can bet Titan will not pass on a Syil sale if he can help it, and will show no love to the DN machines. Alls I can say is I can't wait to...
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    Titan is peddling Syil?

    Something similar happened between him and DMG Mori. Apparently he pissed off their head of marketing Irene Bader, but not before he fucked the HSK spindle in that one video. Just a matter off time before the DN machines are gone from the shop. Who's next?