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    WTB B&S #9 taper 1" Arbor for Burke #4 Mill

    Thanks- Now I get to put the lathe to work! (one of my happy things!) Have to print out the plans at work Monday. Looks like Outside dia(other than the collar)is 1", and I am pretty sure I have some 1" stock close at hand- but I'd have to figure a collar. Or use the excuse to visit the metal...
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    WTB B&S #9 taper 1" Arbor for Burke #4 Mill

    Hi, Thanks- Not sure if it would be usable for the mill (still learning! lol)but let me know what you might want for it... Thanks, Scott
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    WTB B&S #9 taper 1" Arbor for Burke #4 Mill

    Hi- I'm looking for a proper 1" dia arbor with B&S #9 taper for my Burke #4 milling machine. Should have (qty.)1:2" spacer,(qty.) 2: 1" spacers & (qty.)2: 1/2" spacer and the arbor nut. Old PN's were B-102-C, M-226, M-227, M-228 & M-200, respectively Please PM or e-mail me with prices, if...
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    Another Lathe finds its way here, probably only transitionally...

    I finally got the lathe out of my truck (Only took me a little over a month to get around to it... lol...) Anyway, broke it down to major components, and most everything looks ok, although the ways could use rehabilitation. I had to laugh when I removed the apron screws: It literally dropped...
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    Another Lathe finds its way here, probably only transitionally...

    Thanks- I actually will be looking for one soon, and also seeing if I can find a large scale to match on the crossfeed. Everybody on e-pay wants first born for it...
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    Another Lathe finds its way here, probably only transitionally...

    One of these days I have to pull it out of my pickup. (I have a cap)
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    What have you made WITH your South Bend?

    Actually made a piece for my bench vise in the garage today. It has a rotating rear jaw for some reason, which makes it a problem when holding a small part anywhere but exact center of the jaws. I noticed years ago a hole through the rotating section, and the main body of the vise, and have...
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    Another Lathe finds its way here, probably only transitionally...

    About two weeks ago, I picked up a Burke No. 4 milling machine. When I was picking it up, the seller offered me a South Bend 9C lathe... For a pretty decent price. I wasn't initially interested for me, but noticed it had a micrometer stop, which I have been looking for... So I struck a deal, and...
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    Taking apart a 1948 SB-9 Headstock. Looking for words of wisdom...

    There is also an excellent(and photo filled) book available regularly on e-pay South Bend Lathe 9" Model A - Rebuild Guide & Parts Kit (Horizontal Drive) | eBay NFI- just a great resource, and parts! Scott
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    Building a beefcake lathe bench

    I couldn't afford all that security... I simply took a stainless steel shelf about 52x24", and filled the underside with 2x8s, and mounted all to the original industrial workbench legs which had been under my lathe in the first place... The lathe feet bolt through the table to the legs, and the...
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    Installing a taper attachment, but when it's not in use...?

    With mine, I simply removed the screw which connects to the clamp, and set it in the collet tray: the rest of the taper setup simply rides with the saddle, and I leave the crossfeed handle loose on the taper slide. My only problem has been that the taper adapter setup does hit the motor when I...
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    Bought a Southbend lathe. Tell me about it!

    "It was used here in California by a Cal-Tech professor to make some sort of rods for fancy equipment until his wife nagged him into buying a new lathe." !!!:scratchchin::eek: The heck with the lathe- WHERE do I find a wife like that! Scott
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    9a with gear box feeds too SLOOOWWWW

    I thought something looked off on his compared to mine- you are correct- it is not right... Scott
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    Cutting issues

    Learning to grind properly is something I have been working on! I have one of those fancy holders, but usually end up using it to simply hold the cutter while I grind it, without the outer piece! Scott
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    New Lathe Toys

    I agree! I am doing that for some things, but looking for originals for other stuff. I am looking towards making whatever I need eventually. But I am still in the learning mode, but having fun! Thanks! Scott
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    New Lathe Toys

    Well, with the tax refund this year, I decided to invest in the lathe a little more- so off I went, shopping on the internet. Ted,(SBLatheman), was kind enough to sell me a beautiful follower rest: On e-bay, I bought a center rest, a set of outside chucks for my 5" three jaw universal chuck, a...
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    Looking for SB 9A Follower Rest

    Thanks Ted- I just sent an e-mail Scott
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    Looking for SB 9A Follower Rest

    As the title says, I'm looking for a Follower Rest for my South Bend 9A lathe- reasonable pricing is appreciated... Thanks! Scott
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    Photopucket extortion

    You got THAT right. I'm one of them... I can't afford that rate. Scott