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  1. naru

    9A Worm Gear Collar

    Curious, what part of NC are you in? Could probably give you a hand if you’re not too far from 28571.
  2. naru

    FS - starrett micrometer set 0-1 to 5-6 with case

    Weelllll, that's a pretty harsh critique but I won't disagree with your opinions as they are just that. One text I did not respond to and you sent me an email as I was going to bed last night. What's that even supposed to mean?
  3. naru

    WTB: South Bend 16 parts: half nut lever, leadscrew, sliding gear handle

    Philip, if you decide you don't want to make your own, send me a DM.
  4. naru

    shim material for tiny work holding in collet

    Use a larger collet (not much) and face a piece of stock then drill and ream it. Cut a slit or two in it with a bandsaw. Reinstall it then go about your business. That or if possible, use .125” stock and turn it down for each part. Really depends on how many you need to make. If you need to make...
  5. naru

    cross feed screw repair service

    If anyone else is in need of replacement cross slide or compound screws or nuts feel free to send me a DM, I also can make you screws for non south Bend lathes as well.
  6. naru

    cross feed screw repair service

    Depending on what style machine you have, I probably already have a screw and nut ready that I could send to you.
  7. naru

    Need machining help- Monarch 16CY

    William I sent you a DM
  8. naru

    Is there a colorant (dye) for lube oils?

    A quick google search shows a multitude of available dyes for all sorts of lubricants for almost every application. The brands I bothered to click the link for were all RFQ so I can’t give you any clue as to where to get it from but yes, you can get dyes for the oil in your machine. Google it...
  9. naru

    FS - starrett micrometer set 0-1 to 5-6 with case

    Selling a set of starrett mics. Includes 0-1”, 1-2”, 2-3”, 3-4”, 4-5”, 5-6” and the 3” and 5” standards. Resolution is .001” and all are in good working condition as is the case. I have a better set that I prefer so these don’t get much use anymore. Pictures at Starrett mic set - Album on...
  10. naru

    South Bend 13 chip guard bolt size?

    They’re just called partial profile inserts, you can find them just as that. I believe (don’t quote me) the standard range is 8-48 TPI? But you can get them in other ranges as well. Just make sure to get the correct hand insert. Probably an 16ER-AG60 size insert. These are somewhat pricey and...
  11. naru

    South Bend 13 chip guard bolt size?

    How old is your machine? I’ve got a 13” CL8145B that is definitely 5/16-18 bolts on the chip guard. I’d try running a tap to clean out the holes. The likelihood of them being 5/16-20 is negligible. Edit: I see the age now. Our machines aren’t that different in age (mine is a tad older). Edit...
  12. naru

    South Bend 10L making reversing gears

    It's a common issue that import cutters are labeled in reverse. Granted this isn't always the case but it isn't uncommon for #1 to actually be a #8 and so on. USA brands shouldn't have that problem.
  13. naru

    Heavy 10 take up collar

    What’s the thread dia and pitch on your spindle?
  14. naru

    South Bend 10L making reversing gears

    Are you making replacements or are yours missing? Also they ARE 18 D.P. Are you using a cutter with an appropriate tooth range? There are 8 different sizes for each DP or module involute cutter, each one is for a specific range of teeth. You need a #4 cutter for a 26-34 tooth range. If you try...
  15. naru

    FS---1 1/2" x 8 TPI taps--- Fits South Bend 9's spindles

    What part of NC are you in? I’ve got a tap that size, I’m just east of Raleigh. If OP doesn’t get back to you let me know. If you’re close just stop by and I’ll tap it, or if you’re a few hours away you can just send it over to me. 28571
  16. naru

    FS - NIB Metabo W 24-180 7" Angle Grinder

    Selling a new unused Metabo W 24-180 Angle Grinder. Ordered it to replace my Makita but never ended up using it. Comes with everything that came in the box when purchased. Specs: 120 V 0/50/60 Hz 15.0 A 4.5 Hp 7" Wheel Dia. 8500 RPM Asking $180 Shipping Included
  17. naru

    Highest quality 5C collets

    Just order a complete set from Hardinge. 33 pieces is $1234.00. ShopHardinge - 09020700000000
  18. naru

    10" gearbox

    You mean the bore that holds the shaft for the idler gear, correct? If so, it came in two ways. One way had a thrust bearing the gear rode on and the other is like you have, the shaft itself spins whilst the gear is keyed. In short there isn’t an “easy” fix. It depends on what tooling you have...