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    Advise on motor speed control

    My thoughts about my suggested wiring scheme is my experience with reusing treadmill motors and battery operated tools i don't get the big shift from load to no load Those motors have permanent magnate fields and only change the voltage to the armature I thought by having a constant voltage on...
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    Advise on motor speed control

    I'm going to run it on dc and can easily convert the output of the router speed control to dc My complaint is the difference in speed between load and no load After looking at the original rockwell speed control schematic i suspect it has always fluctuated speeds under load and i am trying to...
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    Advise on motor speed control

    This will be a long post First off machining is a hobby for me. I am an electronics technician for a living and hope to fabricate a new circuit to fit into the old motor controller housing The long story I am looking for information for a motor speed control for the table feed for my Rockwell...
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    Home shop machine tools. misc, for sale Hi Joe I may be interested in the surface grinder if...

    Home shop machine tools. misc, for sale Hi Joe I may be interested in the surface grinder if they are parting the shop out I am in the Kingston area so not to far from Albany Rick
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    Shaper owners

    I have a 7 inch rhodes and a 7 inch of the brand that isn't discussed on this board :) The rhodes has the tlting table
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    Forged lathe bits ?

    These came in a small box of odds and ends with a new to me small lathe The bits are not for the lathe I purchased and I suspect are much older No makers marks on any of them that I can find The shank is about 3 inches long 3/8 inch tall and 1/4 inch wide The tips are turned up and nicely...
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    Antique Machinery Show and Swap Meet in Connecticut

    Just a reminder that this weekend is the annual machinery show and swap meet in Kent Connecticut Always interesting stuff for machinist for sale and watching the steam engines run is always entertaining and relaxing http://www.ctamachinery.com/2012-fall-festival/
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    Tool ID help

    This is truly a first for me as I had no idea what it was for (I was leaning towards some sort of marking knife) This is also the first time i ever remember getting a tool or instrument and not checking it for proper operation ( I'm not gonna either) :)
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    Tool ID help

    This item was in a junk box I picked up at a yard sale. The box was mainly taps,dies and drill bits. It has been a long time since I've been completely stumped by a tool. There are no markings of any type on the unit and the blades are three inches long
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    Shaperite shaper for sale

    I see the mill is gone Just the shaper left for 600
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    Shaperite shaper for sale

    Found this listed on facebook marketplace in Massachusetts Facebook Looks like a a complete shaperite with the vise and a bonus mill Owner thinks they are woodworking machines Why do I always run across things close enough to my location when I have no room in my shop or no money (both in this...
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    A Double Dial Dial Caliper?..... Just cool looking

    Another bump I just found a depth version of the single dial type and would love to know if this style of dial is still available anywhere ? Not really an antique as it is made in china (guessing 1980s or 1990s) The one rack drives both hands at once (think hour and minute hands on watch) I...
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    FS parting out delta rockwell homecraft drill press

    I am still interested in the table but you never got me a shipping price (as I recall it didn't fit a flat rate box)
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    Pictures of my Rhodes Shaper and a few questions ?

    Afew more pix A few more pix The ball crank handle for the cross feed was missing so I ordered a generic from ebay This shaper has the optional rotating table which should make it a bit more versatile Question 4 should the crossfeed screw use oil or grease for the bronze nut assembly ?
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    Pictures of my Rhodes Shaper and a few questions ?

    I've finally gotten the shaper completely back together and thought I would post a few before and after pix Also have a few questions about the unit that maybe members here can answer The serial number 2870 would indicate a 1946 year which I think would make it an 8 inch but the scotch yoke is...
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    Rhodes shaper countershaft question

    Had to look up ring oiler on wikipedia as I was not familiar with the term I don't think there is enough clearance for rings in the grooves
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    Rhodes shaper countershaft question

    Hello Everyone I am refurbishing a rhodes shaper (I'll post pictures when I get it back together):) The unit has the factory base with electric motor mount and countershaft. The countershaft bearing ends have 2 oil grooves connected by an oil gallery between them. The gallery gets plugged on...
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    Old machinery for sale Stanfordville NY

    Met a gentleman at my local junk/antique shop, He had demo'd an old building and ended up with some old machinery that he hated to send to scrap. I cherry picked a small bandsaw (of the brand that will not be mentioned on this site) and a rhodes shaper. That leaves a big drill press marked...
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    Poughkeepsie NY online equipment auction

    Mostly vintage machines unfortunately I have no room for anything at this time. Only about a dozen items Absolute Auction & Realty
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    BS9 taper advise/opinion

    I've got a Burke #4 mill with a Browne and Sharpe #9 taper and mostly use collets with a drawbar for cutters I have found a few cutters with BS9 taper but no provision for a drawbar Is installing the cutter with a rawhide mallet sufficient for holding the cutter or should I also use the over arm...