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    Floppy emulator on a Agiecut. Gotek

    I had the wrong initials. That's why I couldn't find it. It's PLR. https://www.plrelectronics.com/floppy-to-usb/ Cost is good. And should be compatible with Agie. I got 2 in my charmilles.
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    Sodick EDM programming

    Which model are you using?
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    No LCD, no boot. Sodick edm. Solved, bad keyboard.

    Which model EDM is it? I have a manual for an old A350 I think.
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    FS: Mystery CNC lathe turret tooling

    You'll probably get more $$$ if you scrap them out. I've never seen those before.
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    PMC call a program by an input

    It's been a few years for me, but I seem to remember that 9000 series programs were for internal programming. You can't call your programs 9XXX on a fanuc. Might be the same for 8000s too.
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    Floppy emulator on a Agiecut. Gotek

    I hated using floppys too. I got my emulator for my Charmilles 2020SI thru PLK but I can't find them anymore. They work great with little trouble in changeover. Cheap too. I found this site https://floppyemulator.com/floppy-emulator-supported-equipments-floppy-to-usb/ that says their emulators...