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    easy to use cmm

    Old thread, but in case anyone comes looking for an answer, this is it. Their software is so damned user friendly, and they include super useful features that are missing in MCosmos and it makes me crazy every time I use the Mitutoyo - specifically, a part view when you're not measuring parts...
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    How should one annotate specific measurements locations along a bore?

    We've done that ABC thing with a note adjacent that states the interval "Sealing surface to be measured at 1mm spacings from end of bore." The drawing was never released, it was just mocked up for a layout request when we had a supplier that wasn't controlling size and form.
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    New to CMM programing

    It's amazing how much QEs and the like think this. "Can't you just put it on the CMM?" Translation: "I think the CMM generates data by osmosis when in proximity to parts."
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    1.16mm height on an I.D. undercut - trying to measure without destructive testing

    I regularly get parts with this configuration that are injection molded, and we've been tearing them down, cutting a wedge out of the side of some samples to get angles, radii, and distances with a contracer. Then we're cutting off the top of this cup including the .4 radius on some additional...