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  1. Atomkinder

    Any Hypermill users?

    Ignoring that this thread was brought back from the dead last month from over eleven years ago I've been using Hypermill at the current job for about four months, had a week of training, and definitely see some upsides and downsides to its use. I haven't done any turning with it, so can't speak...
  2. Atomkinder

    Carbide Roughing Endmill in AL - How long should it last?

    I wouldn't pay a ton of heed to the terminology. CAMWorks has a toolpath called Corner Slot that isn't what I'd call it. The damn thing just needs a name and everything has a tolerance. Optimal load just sits in the center of the tolerance band.
  3. Atomkinder

    Carbide Roughing Endmill in AL - How long should it last?

    Chip thinning should explain why these are actually cutting the same chip thickness. Think thick-to-thin chip formation. I have never seen an HSM toolpath vary in reality by more than the tolerance value. But if it varies that much, send to the developers because they're really going to want to...
  4. Atomkinder

    Carbide Roughing Endmill in AL - How long should it last?

    I've been using HSMWorks for four years and this doesn't happen if your toolpath is set up appropriately. You're using the free version, correct? If your stock matches the toolpath it will not exceed the rDOC beyond the tolerance value. Also tighten that up to .01mm, the .1mm is too great a...
  5. Atomkinder

    CNC Programming

    This should really be posted here: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/career-opportunities-wanted/ Also you'll want to change your location in your profile.
  6. Atomkinder

    Everything about machining aluminium, can you help?

    Frankly none of this is canon, except probably sharp inserts. We use three flutes as much as possible, and aluminum-specific models such as YG's Alu-power or Destiny's Viper. They work very well. Multiple tooling companies are also making higher flute-count tools for HSM roughing and finishing...
  7. Atomkinder

    High Speed Tool Paths for 3 open sides pocket.

    Curious... I've only been through Heathrow once, and that's the most I've ever seen of the UK.
  8. Atomkinder

    High Speed Tool Paths for 3 open sides pocket.

    I didn't modify lead settings, stay-down distance, etc. so it has a lot of retracts, a start location that I'd probably change a little, might tweak lead arcs depending on machine, basically what someone would get if they downloaded it, changed the stepover to .05" and hit go.
  9. Atomkinder

    High Speed Tool Paths for 3 open sides pocket.

    Didn't see HSMWorks yet, so here's one, close to bog standard (this can be tweaked to be a bit more efficient, include both ways travel, etc.): Toolpath is 2D Adaptive Clearing, same parameters as OP.
  10. Atomkinder

    Realities of Fusion 360 in a Machine Shop?

    They have a fairly straightforward release schedule at this point, so one could always set a reminder for a day or three ahead of time, run in offline mode until feedback shows up after the update before you let it back online. Hell, you can't even do that with Windows 10 ;)
  11. Atomkinder

    Free fusion360 for hobbyists

    There is more nuance than that simple language in the actual license agreement. Autodesk - Legal Notices & Trademarks - Autodesk Web Services Entitlements
  12. Atomkinder

    Does anone know where to find suitable G-code or CAM for making hydrauklic seals?

    The current answer: Online CAD/CAM Design Software | Free Trial & Download | Fusion 36 Lars Christensen has a ton of videos from beginner to intermediate on Fusion: Lars Christensen - YouTube
  13. Atomkinder

    Free fusion360 for hobbyists

    This is not true if you are a student or enthusiast, you certainly can continue to use it for free if you are not using it for monetary gain.
  14. Atomkinder

    HSM Express - Drill Retract Bug?

    Which post(s) are you using? Generally the heights should be good except for some strange use-cases like the Bridgeport and even then (at least in the one I attempted to help with) was due to the retract plane being lower than the clearance plane for the same reasons.
  15. Atomkinder

    Any Way to Disable Truncated Tool List?

    Found it: Setting 201
  16. Atomkinder

    Any Way to Disable Truncated Tool List?

    So on our 2012 VF-6SS if one runs a program in Edit mode to see the simulation, the control cuts out any tools not called in the tool list for the offsets table. However, if you run the program in Edit mode by accident (like say after a simple rpm change or whatever) and end the simulation, the...
  17. Atomkinder

    Most efficient CAM system for 2.5 axis?

    I don't think he can use HSMExpress without one...
  18. Atomkinder

    HSM Speed and feed check please

    HSMAdvisor is giving me 6.9% rDOC and .00244 chipload, which translates to 12k RPM @ 117.31IPM for a Haas VF-SS spindle. Here's the info box text: Material: 1018 (126 HB) Tool: 0.188in 4FL Carbide AlTiN Solid End Mill Speed: 588.7 SFM/ 12000.0RPM Feed: 0.0024 in/tooth 0.0098 in/rev 117.31...
  19. Atomkinder

    Most efficient CAM system for 2.5 axis?

    What do you want in a tool library? There are certainly plenty of ways to gain efficiency in HSM, especially if you're making similar parts frequently. And as has been stated, it's going to be real hard to beat for the price.
  20. Atomkinder

    Fusion 360/HSMWorks simultaneous 5-axis CAM of threaded part

    Better than I was doing in HSMWorks! I do like the Swarf selections currently present in Fusion 360 more.