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    Adding Through Sub Parts Discharge to Lathe

    congratulations on the Nakamura OX! Them are really good machines.
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    Burnishing on Titanium

    Cogsdill is who we use. Never tried an OD tool yet. Give them a call.
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    Need a new drill manufacturer/supplier?

    We really like Iscar sumocham as an insert tip drill. And also Osg solid carbide. Both are in a production environment.
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    Ox's Shop

    Hey Ox, did you get those Hardinge swiss machines going? And what Hardinge machines do you have in your fleet now?
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    How does one find a mtb that offers 5C and gang tooling that are worth finding?

    The standard Hardinge Quest GT27 comes with a 5c chuck. The 27 stands for up to 27mm through bore. You can get the big bore option that has the 16c if you want. The 16c is for up to 42mm through bore. I am not familiar with the other sizes but they have those there just to let people know they...
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    Enlarge existing holes by .0004 - .0008

    roller burnisher from cogsdill might work. It could also help with roundness?
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    Lathe recommendations for tool steel with live tools

    If you want to stick with Hardinge you could contact terry iverson at Iverson Co and he could sell you a used hardinge turnkey ready to go. He fixes them up and resells used machines. They were a Dealer for Hardinge until Hardinge went the Gosiger route. The Hardinge T51 and Quest 8/51 would get...
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    Nakamura WT 250 vs WT300

    If we didnt already have a good relationship with Citizen/Miyano Nakamura would be our next machine tool builder to look at. Their machines are awesome. The SC100X2 uses superimposition like the Miyano BNX51MSY but also has a lower simple turret. They are calling it the gateway to multi turret...
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    Has anyone here had time on a twin turret, twin spindle lathe?

    For you OX you would probably like the BNE machine(twin twin). I am also a big Hardinge guy. We have basically every style T42 made from the newest model to the original, and every configuration. Tailstock, sub spindle, Y axis etc. I often compare the machines and ask my self what is the best...
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    Has anyone here had time on a twin turret, twin spindle lathe?

    Whats cool is we are turning the OD of both parts (main and Sub) Simultaneously. Drilling both parts. And boring both parts using the X2 superimposition. With one turret!
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    Has anyone here had time on a twin turret, twin spindle lathe?

    We run a big part family on these machines. The parts have no live tool needs, just tight tolerance turning, drilling, and boring. we do 5000 pcs per month, per machine. Two shifts. The material is a high chrome cast iron. The machines do well considering OD turned tolerance of -+ .00025.
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    Has anyone here had time on a twin turret, twin spindle lathe?

    The machine from Miyano that does this is the BNX51msy. We have two and they are really good machines. If you do a lot of milling and OD drilling than you may want to look at an actual twin turret machine like the BNE. But if you do more turning than milling the BNX is great. The superimposition...
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    Okuma, Nakamura-Tome, Tsugami?

    I would also be looking at Miyano. The BNX51msy acts like a twin turret machine by using superimposition and an x2 on the sub spindle. But they also have twin turret, twin spindle machines.
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    Hardinge Conquest T Lathe - Parts Catcher

    Hey Ox, have you had a chance to get your Hardinge Swiss machines running? We just got in a refurbished T42 big bore with sub spindle and live tools from Iverson in Chicago. We are pretty excited about it. I need to track down a chip conveyor tank and probably a conveyor for it. AJ
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    Citizen L4L32

    Is this the first time you are powering this machine on(new to you)? Or has it sat for along time? It could have had battery failure and need to be reinitialized. I just went through this on a Mitsubishi 320 control. The control on your machine is a 500 control so it might be different. AJ
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    Citizen E series machines

    That’s good to hear. I will feel better about them once I get them running. They seem like good iron. I just have to upload the parameters on the E16 and replace some drives on the E32.
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    Citizen E series machines

    I recently picked up 3 citizen E series machines. One is a 1997 E32 with Spego bar feeder. The others are 1992 E16j machines. I also got a iemca mini boss 325 bar feeder, Two pallets of tool holders and collets, guide bushings, tool presetter, etc. I paid 15 grand for everything so I don’t feel...
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    Ox's Shop

    I am just above the mackinaw bridge in the Soo.
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    Ox's Shop

    Ahh, I was way off. If you need anything for those let me know. We parted out a hardinge st220. I have all the drives and motors. And some other odds and ends. Is that an iemca bar feed?
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    Ox's Shop

    Hey Ox, what do you have there? T42 general precision is my guess by the paint scheme and size. Do they have sub spindles and live tools? I love Old hardinge lathes and have been buying more lately. In the last two years I have bought two and maybe a third before the end of the year. I bought...