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    What Works to Remove Rust Stains from Concrete

    CLR it is calcium lime rust removable.
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    Joining yellow brass pieces

    Silver solder if you don't need to take them apart. Brownells has a high strength high temp brand that worked well for me.
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    WTB 3 inch Kurt Vice and 7 inch rotary table

    I have a 3" kurt I would sell. I wasn't really thinking about selling it but I don't use it much. I cleaned it and repainted it when I purchased it. I would say it is in very nice condition. You can PM me your email address if interested and I will send some pictures.
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    OT--Please Help Identify Estate Sale Item

    It is a precursor to steampunk……mostly punk. Worth $25.00 less than it will cost you.
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    Ship Tool grinder from HGR to Savannah GA, what I need to know?

    They have moved machines to a power source so I could run them and check them out. I have had mostly good experiences.
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    For Sale ** Die Files **

    All files are sold. Thanks Dennis
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    For Sale ** Die Files **

    I think I have responded to all post inquiries and private messages.
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    For Sale ** Die Files **

    Yes, still have 6" round and all will easily fit in flat rate box. PM me your email address and I will email you a picture and payment info. Thanks Dennis
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    For Sale ** Die Files **

    I have 24 die files that I have decided to sell. I have watched the previous thread and it seems a number of members could use these. I recently sold a dozen to member setlab and was just going to keep the rest but since I sold my die filer 2 years ago I just think someone should get some use...
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    How can I keep brass and aluminum bright?

    Protecta Clear Protecta Clear is super for keeping brass looking great. I did a candle stick for my wife over 4 years ago and it still looks like the day I did it. I also did my model Gatling gun over 3 years ago and it still looks like the day I polished it. Be sure to read and follow the...
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    Rubber mats

    Horse stall rubber mat from Tractor Supply.
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    magnetic scales

    Go to this link and watch the video on how to cut magnetic scales. Videos
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    WTB 5" kurt vice

    The vise with swivel base, handle, tee bolts and nuts weights 65 pounds with no packaging.
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    WTB 5" kurt vice

    I have a 5” Kurt angle lock with swivel base which I would sell for $225.00. It is in Ohio so shipping could be a deal breaker. If interested I can get some pictures.
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    Names model show in wyandotte , mich, this weekend

    No....Maybe next year I'll show both of them.
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    Names model show in wyandotte , mich, this weekend

    Names I'll be there Saturday. I haven't been to this show since it moved back from Toledo. Looking forward to seeing new stuff.