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  1. jon@hireCNC

    4 CNC Swiss Roles

    Hey everyone. Here are a 4 CNC Swiss roles in different areas of the country. All are offering relocation assistance. Please let me know if you're interested in discussing any. CNC Swiss-Lathe Setup Machinist | Marquette MI $26 - $35 per hour . A really solid owner and leadership team. Small...
  2. jon@hireCNC

    CNC Lathe Setup Machinist - Jackson, Michigan

    Hey guys I’m recruiting for a Machine Shop near Jackson MI. Looking for a Lathe Setup/Operator on the 1st shift. This shop is growing and there are opportunities for career advancement. Paying $25 - $30 per hour. Fanuc and Mitsubishi controls. Mastercam. Job link here...
  3. jon@hireCNC

    CNC Swiss Lathe Setup Role

    CNC Swiss-Lathe Setup Machinist role for a medical device manufacturer in beautiful Marquette, MI. Paying $25-$35 per hour. Must have Swiss experience. Apply directly here: https://hirecnc.com/job/cnc-swiss-lathe-setup-machinist-33774
  4. jon@hireCNC

    Multiple CNC Positions in Mentor, OH

    Hey guys - we're recruiting for multiple CNC Machinist roles at a shop in Mentor OH. They are hiring people with operator, set-up, and programming skills. The pay will scale depending on your experience, but spans $22-38/hour. They are hiring for 1st and 2nd shift, and you would have the...
  5. jon@hireCNC

    A few CNC jobs to consider

    Not that we are actively recruiting for Andrew. But that could change. If you'd like, please create a profile on hireCNC and put "Phoenix AZ" under the "Willingness to work from" section. https://hirecnc.com/user/register/applicant
  6. jon@hireCNC

    A few CNC jobs to consider

    Hey guys. Here's a quick list of CNC jobs we are recruiting for. Note: if you refer a candidate that is hired to any of these position you are eligible for a $1,000.00 referral fee. A lot of these offer relocation assistance. If interested, dm me or send an email to [email protected]...
  7. jon@hireCNC

    3 New CNC Jobs To Take a Look At

    CNC Machinist in the Missouri Ozarks| https://hirecnc.com/job/cnc-machinist-missouri-ozarks-32552 CNC Manufacturing Engineer in St. Joseph, MI | https://hirecnc.com/job/cnc-manufacturing-engineer-32657 CNC Machinist in Farmingdale, NY | https://hirecnc.com/job/cnc-machinist-32403
  8. jon@hireCNC

    CNC Multi-Axis Machinist in Mooresville, NC

    Hey guys - Machinist role here in Mooresville, working in the professional sports car industry. https://hirecnc.com/job/cnc-multi-axis-machinist-30565 - All Mazak - predominantly Integrex & Variaxis - Programming with Mazatrol, + setup and operating - $26 - $38 per hour - Relocation...
  9. jon@hireCNC

    CNC Setup Machinist - Grove City OH

    Hey everyone, This employer is looking for a Setup Machinist with 4 and 5-axis machining experience. Pay ranges from $30 - $40 per hour, paid weekly Multiple shifts available Preference given to candidates with min. 3 years of horizontal milling experience State of the art equipment in a...
  10. jon@hireCNC

    Machine Shop Supervisor, 2nd Shift

    Update on this job after speaking again with the employer. They are targeting around $28 - $34/hour + OT for the role. Which has been updated on the site.
  11. jon@hireCNC

    Machinist III - Tulsa, OK

    Muncie Power Products in Tulsa, OK is hiring a Machinist III for multiple shifts! "Seeking a highly skilled level three machinist that specializes in the operation of precision CNC machining and/or gear cutting equipment." Shifts: Monday - Thursday (4-10s) day and night shift Friday -...
  12. jon@hireCNC

    Machine Shop Supervisor, 2nd Shift

    I will admit the pay range stated on this job is a bit perplexing. This employer has posted two other jobs on our site earlier this year with the following comp. They had a "Machine Shop Manager" role posted with pay between $100K and $120K. And they had a "CNC Programmer" role posted at...
  13. jon@hireCNC

    Tool & Die Maker 3 - Beaverton, OR

    Tool & Die Maker 3 role in Beaverton, OR. Monday-Friday, 6:00 AM to 2:30 PM "We are looking to have a self-motivated individual, with great Machining/EDM/Grinding skills, join the team and continue a legacy of high-quality work. Typical projects include Gage Making, One Hit Dimple Dies, and...
  14. jon@hireCNC

    Machine Shop Supervisor, 2nd Shift

    $26 - $30 per hour "Lead the 2nd shift team comprising of mill, lathe, and wire EDM operators, and finishing technicians; mentor and motivate team members, ensuring individual and group productivity." Act as communications hub for the team, disseminating pertinent and timely information. Coach...
  15. jon@hireCNC

    CNC Programmer/Machinist - Evansville, IN area

    Exciting opportunity here in the Evansville, IN area for a team-lead role. - "CNC Programmer/Machinist" - $32 - $38.5 / hour - World class benefits - Team Lead Position - Relocation assistance for out-of-area candidates Looking for someone with 6+ years experience in CNC machining, including...