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  1. Mud

    Large Taper-Mike

    Measures 9-3/4 to 12-3/4. Good condition, has shelf wear, functionally perfect. $850 plus UPS from 17602. Will trade for an internal Taper-Mike Moderators - Is there any way to force photos to upload right side up, or to reorient them after uploading?
  2. Mud

    Rovi internal spindle work stop for 3-3/8 to 3-1/2

    Rovi #44020 workstop. In good condition, includes handle as shown, everything included is shown in the photo. New cost is $420, this one is $180 plus UPS shipping from 17602. https://www.roviproducts.com/collet-accessories-work-stops/spindle-draw-bar-work-stop/
  3. Mud

    Programming for a slotting head

    Is anyone here doing vertical slotting with CNC operation? If so, how are you programming it? Many Deckel and other slotting attachments have no clapper, so how do you manage the feed? Just feed very slow and let it rub on the upstroke? Or program short infeed moves with a dwell in between...
  4. Mud

    D1-8 backplate - new

    12-1/4" OD X 1" thick flange, 10-1/4" X 1/4" step. 2" thick overall not including the pins. 43 lbs, Can ship in large flat rate box. $175.00 located in Zip 17602
  5. Mud

    10" T slotted aluminum riser

    30" long, 26" deep, 10" high. Has table slot keys in bottom. Made by Cincinnati Milacron. $375. Located in zip 17602, approx 350 lbs. Will band to a pallet and load on your truck no charge. Phone 717 four six four 2800
  6. Mud

    Dialog 4 - G64 is turned off by G40

    I have my post set to output a G64 at every toolchange for blended contouring in large files. When the control gets to the end of a G41 or G42 section and gets to the G40 line, the G64 ends and it reverts to absolute stop which slows the control down considerably. 1) Is this normal? 2) can I...
  7. Mud

    2 8" Kurt vises FS

    2 8" Kurts in good condition, new thrust bearings, ready to put to work. $525 each. Located in zip 17602. I can take and post or email more and better photos if interested. I had 8 in use, sold the rest and kept the 2 best for myself, discovered I no longer need them.
  8. Mud

    Who to call for custom taps?

    I need to replace some non-standard LH taps. Who is your go-to source for specials?
  9. Mud

    Least material to hold w/Talongrips?

    I thought this was discussed previously here but I can't find it. I'm making some parts that finish at .250" thick from 1018 CRS bar. I bought 5/16 thick material, thinking I could hold one side in talon grips, skim .010 off the top, profile mill another .250 down the side leaving .045 - .050...
  10. Mud

    33% off Fusion sale Today only

    For anyone considering Fusion, here's a link to the sale going on today only. $332 per user for one year subscription. 33% Off Fusion 360 Subscription | Buy Fusion 360 Software | Autodesk I'm not a fan of the subscription model, nor of Autodesk, but this was enough inducement for me to give it...
  11. Mud

    Using M1 in a Dialog 4 program

    After receiving my D4 machine, I backed up all the programs that were on the control. I've been reviewing them for hints the last few days and discovered M1s in a few of them. There's no mention of M1 in my manuals and I don't recall it being discussed here. Has anyone else used M1 on a D4? I...
  12. Mud

    Remote use of CAM - how to do it?

    My long time mill programmer now has conflicts that drastically reduce the amount of time available here to program for me on site. How do I set things up to allow him to remotely access the machine on his desk here from his laptop at home? I understand this built into Windows, but I've never...
  13. Mud

    Cutting brass vs aluminum questions

    Rookie questions from an old fart here. A customer has asked us to make 2 sample parts from brass, otherwise identical to the parts we make for him out of aluminum. The total amount of brass chips I've made in 50 years would be unlikely to fill a cigar box, about all I know is the warnings I've...
  14. Mud

    FS FP4NC Flip head, 3M control, Maho table, extras

    FS FP4NC w/ Flip head, 3M control, Maho table, extras I bought this from PM member pops in 2010, there is previous discussion of it here. Pops bought it new. I parked it in storage not long after buying it, now I'm taking stock of the possible future and in the mood to sell. It was in complete...
  15. Mud

    Nickel vs copper shim material for crush fit

    Had an experienced rebuilder recommend I use pure nickel shim material to correct the fit of shell type plain bearings in a machine because that's how he does it. Another says brass or steel would be OK but he hasn't actually done it . Think of a situation similar in size to the main bearings...
  16. Mud

    Code to stop spindle on Dialog 4? M05 equivalent

    I'm working on a code generator for my D4. I can't find an equivalent to M05 to stop the spindle in my manual, is there such a thing? S0 isn't good enough, that leaves the machine in neutral. Am I overlooking something obvious?
  17. Mud

    Need 1"-8 Die spring screw caps

    I have a few, need more. Enough more that I don't want to make them. And yes I can, I know how, I would prefer not to. I can find them in 1"-14, does anyone make them in 1"-8?
  18. Mud

    8" Kitagawa 2 jaw Chuck, NLT08

    Not sure what the mounting plate is for, others are available from Kitagawa. Looks never used, weighs 55 lbs, can ship in a large flat rate box. Bought here for a part that never got made. $500
  19. Mud

    NOS Cushman 10" 3jaw chuck body only

    A new chuck was disassembled so the internal parts could be used to repair another chuck for a school that had money for repairs but not for new tools. This is the body that was left from the new chuck. Fits D1-6 and A1-6 spindles. Another piece that's been in my stash for way too long. $75...
  20. Mud

    Bald Eagle sine plate

    Top measures 3" x 6.25", 5" between rolls Overall good condition. The working surfaces are excellent except the top need to be reground. Sufficient shop patina to be immediately considered Old. Latch screw missing on box, box is otherwise sound. A nice one just sold on ebay for $255 so I'm...