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    Carriage Stops

    Have 3 for what I think is Cadillac and 3 I think are for a 15" or bigger Colchester square head lathe $ 150 each shipped + a few others One it I think a Lodge & Shipley email for pictures [email protected] 360 910 1617 days am pm 360 225 7111 you can look at some of my other things on C/L...
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    Lathe taper Cadillac Whacheon ?

    From the tan paint I would say Cadillac. The mounting is about 6". I sold one a few mouth back that was tan and my friend fit it on his Whacheon lathe and the guy that bought it loved the way it fit his lathe and how simple it was to use. you don't have to hook it up to the cross feed screw. I...
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    3" D Kurt vise

    I have a nice 3" Kurt vice for sale $300 + the shipping. check some of my other thing on C/L https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/tls/d/columbia-city-kurt-milling-vise/7504258281.html Ken 360 225 1617 days
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    WTB Climax 2 1/4 line boring bar parts BB5000

    I have the motor and the axal drive unit and a few other parts. Missing the mounts and bearings. I could go to Climax and buy what I need but I will ask here first could use any parts thanks Ken
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    Machine slide 10"X3.750"

    Machine slide 10" long X 3.750 wide 1/4X20 holes on 1.75 centers base is 7 1/4 OD. bolt circle is 5.75 mounting pin is .750 $250.00 Ken [email protected]
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    5" 3 jaw chuck Hardinge taper

    5" chuck with a Hardinge Taper back removable top jaws nice looking chuck I have taken it apart and relubed it $450.00 also have a older Buck 6" adjtru backing plate $100.00 ken [email protected]
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    WTB parts for a Wilton/Strands 24514 Drill Press

    A friend gave me this drill press and I got it home to find that the rack that bolts to the Quill has a tooth missing P/N 182013 and the Pinon has 3 teeth missing P/N 182151 could use a few other parts if anyone has a parts drill press Thank you Ken [email protected]
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    2 Hardinge DSM 59 SW Wasnington State

    Have 2 Hardinges 1 DSM59R 1 DSM 59 $850 each some tooling ken 360 910 1617 days or [email protected]
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    Hardinge Model 6-3 chuck

    Hardinge model 6-3 3 jaw chuck removeable top jaws Hardinge taper mount in the original box made in England super nice chuck it's been used but not much 650.00 SHIPPED also have a 2" step chuck holder in almost the same condition as the 3 jaw chuck 65.00 shipped Ken 360 910 1617 days...
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    3 Lathe taper attachments

    only have pictures of one at this time Taiwan made ? looks to be off a 18" size machine new never installed on a machine if you know what it fits let me know. #2 is a taper off a Sheldon Lathe KLRQ Have a few other parts offs off this lathe apron feed box #3 is is off a Hendey Lathe I think...
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    Reed Prentice follow rest ??

    I think this is a follow rest for a Reed Prentice 14" gear head lathe mounts on the right side of the carriage its Aluminum so it's not very heavy if I take the knobs off I think I can get it in a large frb $250 + shipping [email protected] 360 910 1617 days
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    Older Climax KM65key mill

    Older Climax KM65 keymill I have pulled it apart and gave it a good cleaning replaced any parts that where needed made a new clamping bar some clamping bolts ready to go to work $2500 + shipping email best [email protected] 360 910 1617 days no cell service at home
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    Burnerd EC Multisize Collets

    I have a set of Burnerd Multisize EC collets 1/8-1 1/4 I would like to sell I have cleaned some of the collets up where stored in a unheated building I dont have a chuck just the collets with the box $300 + the shipping email best [email protected] days 360 910 1617 no cell service at home...
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    Tree boring head bars and parts list

    I have 2 bars for a Tree boring head bar #1 TB-3520-3 3"Boring bar, bar #2 TB-3520-3A 3"Extension, part list & Instructions Bulletin TB-4-1S a little dirty but readable. $95.shipped USPS PM me thanks ken PayPal or Check
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    WTS / trade Pratt & Whitney sloter vertical shaper 4" stroke

    I pickup this small slotter to do a job but its not going to work for me. pictures at Pratt & Whitney Vertical shapper / - tools - by owner - sale ken woodland wa 360 225 6448
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    WTB 16DP 20PA cutter set

    Looking to buy a set of cutters for 16DP 20PA need to cut 10 or so gears for the feed box a Sheldon R15 Lathe I have I only need cutters 4,5,6 but would like to buy a set Thank you ken [email protected]
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    F/S Barrett chip centrifuge model 301

    Barrett Spintech model 301 chip centrifuge 75 lbs limit 230 3 phase 3 speeds has an adjustable timer bolted to a pallet. under power $2500. Southwest Washington state ken 360 225 6448 [email protected] more pictures here Barrett 301 chip Centrifuge - tools - by owner - sale
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    Neukomm screw machine collets and bushings

    This is something I dont know about I bought a lot of machine tool bits and pieces the other day and got a lot of new collets and bushings big and small a mix of sizes. I have not gone thru the Boxes of collets and bushing most of this stuff is new the one sitting on my desk is a MR.32 1 1/8 3D...
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    miller 180sd post flow to long

    I have a 180sd and the pre and post flow factory set at 18 seconds but mine is running 35 seconds is there an easy way to make the flow adjustable Thanks Ken
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    WTB Aloris BXA 5C tool block

    Wanted Aloris or Dorian BXA 5C tool blocks would like to find 2 Thank you ken