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    DeckelDapter DIY

    I've finally gotten around to posting a description of how I've made the twenty or so DeckelDapters I've sold to some of you guys. It's at: http://www.gizmowizard.com/deckeldapter/DeckelDapter_How-To.pdf
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    Just purchased FP1

    How do I remove this collet holder? or tooling in general?: Looks like a fine machine, much like the one I bought and with a similar collection of tooling. To remove the collet holder, first loosten the collet in it with the wrench that you have with the 12mm square hole. There should be a...
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    Gents- Clearly I'm not following this list regularly, or I'd have responded to this sooner. I'm sorry, but it's true that I'm not making DeckelDapters at this time. I don't see a light at the end of this tunnel right now. Let me explain- I started making them after suddenly finding myself...
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    Graziano sag 12 transmission removal?

    I agree that the plates should never wear out. Under normal conditions, there would always be an oil film between them. They are ground flat and parallel, which I expect is critical. On my clutch that overheated, the plate were slightly galled. I just dressed them up with a DA sander a bit...
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    Graziano sag 12 transmission removal?

    Colby- My write-up seems a little scrambled. I guess I should go through and do some editing. I did all that at a time that I was out of work and had a lot more spare time on my hands! My lathe had a fried forward clutch. It was fried more from overheating than anything, as someone had put...
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    Anyone selling buttress thread to 5/8-11" adapters ?

    Mr Milacron just bought out the entire global supply of S20 threaded rod. Guess I'll have to make some more someday.
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    Questions re. my new (old) FP1

    It is a DeckelDapter! How strange, to see one of my children roaming free in the world....
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    Graziano sag 12 transmission removal?

    It's true that there is no adjustment possible for the Sag12 clutches. They're a multiplate affair, electromagnetically activated, and running in oil. The coil that engages it can go bad. There was a guy in the Bay Area that rebuilt them as recently as a couple of years ago. I don't have his...
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    Graziano sag 12 transmission removal?

    I think that what you are describing has been done, but I don't know what the outcome was like. The stock transmission is a pretty fabulous machine. Running the stock setup with a VFD gives you the best of both old tech and new. Unless your trans is completely hashed, I wouldn't consider...
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    buying an fp 1 without a motor or electrical box

    I will echo the advice of others, and go with a VFD. Consider yourself lucky that you don't have to worry about the space that the old control box takes up, or whether you should store or dispose of it.
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    free Graz 210 trans innards

    Free Graziano transmission parts! I know a guy in AZ with a Graziano 210 that recently suffered transmission failure. He took it apart and found all of the clutch packs toasted, so he's going to put a VFD on it. He doesn't want to just throw away the parts, though, and is looking for a good...
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    sag 12 gearbox question

    Fujiman: It would be a shame if the original transmission is no longer with the lathe, but it would still be a fine machine without it. It depends on what kind of work you had planned for it, and of coure, what you are paying for it. I'd guess that if the entire motor/trans has been swapped out...
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    K Martin lathe on Craigslist in Tacoma

    Too big for my shop, but maybe just right for someone: K. Martin Lathe in Tacoma
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    Graziano sag12 has anyone used a vfd on it!

    I use the VFD primarily as a three-phase power source. It drives the orignial motor, through the wonderful Graziano transmission, and at full rpm, where no torque is lost. I only dial the motor rpm back when I want a lower speed than the gears will provide, which is rare, or when I want less...
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    For Sale! ENDED 12/22/06

    DECKELDAPTERS are still available! It looks like I've been having trouble with the crummy outfit that hosts www.deckeldapter.com though, and I don't think email has been going through. Good thing I'm not trying to make a living at this! I've fixed the problem for now and I have a couple of...
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    Graziano Sag 12 Seattle

    Hey M.M.! I'm very near you, and would be happy to show you my machine. Troll and I use the same VFD to supply the three-phase, and still retain the transmission and joystick speed control. I'll send you an email.
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    Graziano sag12 has anyone used a vfd on it!

    Yes, I did it, and I'm happy. Like Troll, I used the AC Tech SF250Y. I still plan to post schematics, hopefully in the next week or so, once I get some software issues cleared up (software in my PC, not my SAG12). Although Troll and I used the same VFD and the same general scheme, we went with...
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    sag12 main pump rebuild?

    I agree with Jim on the pressure, and that's pretty much the philosophy I have in place on my machine, as my switch has a similar trip point. I never run my lathe long enough to heat the oil in the transmission up, and that's a safety margin, as hot oil thins out dramatically and that will...
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    SAG12 VFD conversion

    Harold: Yes, the maximum frequency the unit will put out is 240 Hz. So, theoretically at least, I could run the motor at 7200 rpm. I've tried 2000 rpm with no problems at all. I'll sneak up on higher speeds, but I'm a little anxious about going a lot higher. Your machine has a two speed...
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    SAG12 VFD conversion

    I finally got the finishing touches on this project! I had run my lathe on a RPG for two years when the control panel went "poof". I decided to follow troll's lead and install an AC Tech model SF250Y VFD to give me the three-phase power needed. I did not replace the motor or gearbox. Of the...