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    When Should OT Hours Start After Taking Mid-week Personal/Vacation Days

    Where I work: First and Second trick get an 8 hour day, with anything over 8 being time and half. Over 11 hours and its double time. Third trick is 6.5 hours but paid for 8. Anything over 6.5 is time and half and over 9 hours its dt. Work week is Mon thru Fri for 1st and 2nd's with 3rd running...
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    Chatter when filing

    You might flip the file around and try to draw it rather than push it. I used to do quite a bit with some fairly coarse files on 6061T6 that had to be near mirror finish when done. It me lots of practice until I could push the file and get the correct finsih for what I needed. This like what we...
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    .001 Endmill

    These guys make them down to .0002".... Performance Micro Tool - Solid Carbide Micro Tools There is a video on their site that shows some engraving work on a penny that is about .001 tall. Facinating to watch it being done. PMT Production Video I'd think it would be nerve racking to have to...
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    Flat bed trailers- Pintle ring or ball ?

    I've gotten away from tounge pulls as much as posible. We've got one 16' flat bed left and when it dies, it will go away. I generally use my 24' deck gooseneck and it tows a lot nicer than the tounge pull. I can back it faster and easier into much tighter locations than the little 16 footer...
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    Gooseneck trailer anti theft locks, which is best ?

    Ive got one like the Blaylock TL-50 on mine. Never had a problem other than I lost the keys for the lock and had to cut it off. They also make one for the downtube to prevent it being removed. It's been on the trailer so long I;ve got no clue where the keys are for it. I'll have to cut the lock...
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    High Pressure Air PUMP Design considerations

    Why reinvent the wheel? 15X Strut Pump
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    Anti tampering material for gages?

    We use this stuff and some other versions of it for making sure things don't move that shouldn't: Torque Seal Anti-Sabotage Lacquer - Chief Aircraft Inc.
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    OT- Chocolate - Which chocolate would be the most healthy ?

    I get Good and Black's in 70% or better on occasion. If you want some that is really strong, then: Lindt - Lindt Excellence 99% Cocoa Bar Lindt makes some others that are good too, and all are available via online ordering too.
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    Bulk air hose recommendations

    I'm looking for recommendations for bulk shop air hose. I bought bulk Goodyear hose about 30 years ago and the last hoses I made up are about dead. I typically use non-crimp fittings so damaged hoses can be easily repaired. I'd like to find some that stays pretty flexible down to 10 deg F or so...
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    Shop fire extinguishers - Dry vs CO2 ?

    You might also look at having a couple of AC rated water mist extinguishers to augment one or two of the CO2 ones. Not quite as expensive, but easy to fill. We have them along with 10# ABC's in our blockhouses, with multiple 100# CO2 and Halotron wheeled units around the aircraft.
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    Shop Vehicle

    If there's nothing wrong with the Duramax, I'd hold on to it while the E15 debate shakes out this year. There has been an independent report that just came out that shows anything older than about a 2010 isn't going to function very long on E15 without major repairs. I know of people with the...
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    How do you remember all your User Names and Passwords?

    I use a couple of different id's depending on what I'm logging into at the time. Passwords are all a variation of a master password that easy for me to remember. Because all of passwords at work are forceably rolled on different cycles, they have to be easy to remember too...upper case, lower...
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    Borescope or Fiberscope or USB Cameras? Which is best?

    Adama: Something like this might be what you need: EXTECH Video Borescope Inspection Camera - Borescope - 5WYU0|BR100 - Grainger Industrial Supply It has both vidoe and stil capture and they make extensions and different sized heads too. They even have a version that costs a little more that...
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    Borescope or Fiberscope or USB Cameras? Which is best?

    Really depends on how much you want to spend. We've got a couple of the lower cost (6-900$) hand held all-in-one units that work well for the limited length they have...about 18 inches. They have multiple heads so you can get different viewing angles and built in still cameras. What I usually...
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    Shop Control

    Done the refinery thing before....Each has it's own rules beyond a certain point. The one I was in, we had to check out in our office with what unit we were going into. When we got to the unit, if it was a manned one, we had to check in with the unit crew and let them know we would be in the...
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    Bridge crane or gantry crane in home shop.

    I'm plannig for a bridge crane in my shop, but with a big difference. The plan is not for the building columns to have to handle the load, but rather inset properly sized ones to take the rails set just inside the building ones. The second columns will be tied to the building ones for stability...
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    Tools Walking Away

    Cat: The tags are bonded onto little flippers mounted in the drawers. All tools are shadowed and when they are removed, the flippers move and allow the tag to be read. To get a tool, the employee has to badge into the box to get the tool. Within a certain amount of time after the drawer is...
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    Tools Walking Away

    Ours are serialized and assigned to specific tool cabinets. We are suuposed to have everything we need in each run station, but don't always. A computer system using RFID stuff keeps up with them all. As we range between numerous buildings, we sometimes carry tools with us. Not a problem as long...
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    If Obama's re-election is forcing the liquidation of your shop, post the auction here

    Going to be interesting as the end of the year approaches. Boeing has announced large layoffs between now and the end of the year. Supposedly managerial levels to be reduced 30% below 2010 staffing levels. That's going to be a good sized hit. Couple that with closing and consolidating numerous...
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    My machine shop

    Interesting projects and lots of creative solutions you have. I've really enjoyed seeing what comes into your shop during this thread. Keep it coming as you can. As to the iron hangars....when I was in tech school, we used to build about 10k square feet a week on avearge. Hang the structural...