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  1. ecosta

    Starrett Tools Posters (14 of 15 poster set)

    Almost complete set of Starrett Tools Posters. The only one missing is the protractor. Most are in excellent shape, some damage to a few edges, and only 3 or 4 have really rough edges and some fading. Also includes the original mailing tube from 1949 $120 + shipping Sent from my Pixel 2 using...
  2. ecosta

    Starrett 663L micrometer heads

    Starrett 663L micrometer heads new in box. Thousandths graduations, no ratchet or friction stop. $45 each + shipping Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  3. ecosta

    Racine Power Hacksaw - FREE (Mass.)

    Racine Power hacksaw. This was given to me by a friend, but unfortunately I don't think I'll ever get to fixing it up. As it sits, I believe it should run properly, it's just in rough shape. The lever to start cutting has been broken / brazed, and I think it's missing the mechanical lifter to...
  4. ecosta

    Prototrak SMX Z Axis not correct (3 Axis Mode)

    We have a prototrak SMX mill at work, about two weeks ago I noticed that when in 3 Axis Mode, the Z axis will be off +.010". So if you set your tool and ran a program to take a .020" depth cut, it will actually only cut about .010". The Z axis always reads correct/ repeats. But for some reason...
  5. ecosta

    Enco Boring / Facing Head R8

    Enco boring and facing head with R8 arbor. takes 3/4" tools. Functions fine, just needs a little clean up. Some damage on the edge of one of the holes for the tools. $300 Shipped Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  6. ecosta

    Bridgeport Shaper Head Tags (Repro)

    These are reproduction Bridgeport Shaper head Tags I had made up. I am restoring one and had extras made. They are 1/16" thick, anodized and laser etched aluminum, with .100 dia. holes for the drive screws. I have three left. Each will include .080" dia. drive screws in case you do not have...
  7. ecosta

    "Correct" gear cutter does not match gear profile (What did I do wrong?)

    Rookie question, I haven't touched gearing since high school, and even then I didn't quite understand it. I have to make a new gear for my Bridgeport shaper head. I did the math to find out what cutter I need, but when the cutter arrived, the profile was different than the gear. It's much...
  8. ecosta

    WTB Bridgeport Shaper Head Pinion / Gear

    Looking for the pinion / gear for the Bridgeport Shaper E head. Restoring the head I just got and found the gear was missing teeth.... Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  9. ecosta

    Tips to restore sun damaged toolbox?

    I received this toolbox from my neighbor. It sat in his garage window for years, and the veneer has come off the back and top. I want to restore the box, the veneer part is easy. It's the sun damaged oak on the upper portion of the back and on the lid Id like some advice on. A little sanding...
  10. ecosta

    Recommend shop to grind lathe bed? - New England area

    I have a Clausing 5914 that I need to get the bed ground. There is wear near the headstock that is causing me to turn a taper. I have tightened the spindle bearings and that was not the problem. I turned a long shaft using a live center, and was able to produce a perfectly straight shaft up...
  11. ecosta

    Lots of Nachi oil hole drills

    Lots of straight shank oil hole drills, I believe these are regrinds but not sure. 19/64 qty 8 23/64 qty 4 27/74 qty 4 short (no thru hole) 27/64 qty 9 5XD 7/16 qty 3 17/32 qty 6 31/64 qty 3 (no thru hole) 5/8 qty 3 Can provide more photos if you like. $5 each + shipping, or $150...
  12. ecosta

    5/8-11 Emuge Spiral Flute Taps (regrinds)

    7 5/8-11 3B Emuge regrind taps. All in wax except for the one I took off for the picture. $15 each + shipping or $100 shipped for all Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  13. ecosta

    Jacobs 100 / 59B- Armature Center Rest / Headstock Chuck

    Jacob's no. 100 center rest, armature chuck, and Jacob's no. 59B headstock chuck. Used for holding and turning motor armatures. Brass jaws appear to be in good shape, tried to get a good picture of them. No. 100 has MT2 shank. 59B has 1 1/2" - 8 thread. Both could use a good cleaning...
  14. ecosta

    Indexable slot cutter + inserts

    8mm x 63mm (5/16"x 2.5") Sandvik slot cutter. Comes with about 50 inserts, extra screw, molykote tube, and torx wrench. Shank has been shortened. Slight damage to one of the seats but doesn't affect function. $75 shipped Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  15. ecosta

    CNMG RH holder - 3/4" shank

    "Unmentionable" brand, takes 400 size inserts. Used a couple times but I found a Kennametal one with the cam lock pin for seating the insert that I prefer over the lock screw of this one. Nothing wrong with it, just no use for it anymore. Some minor wear from use. $25 shipped Eric Sent from my...
  16. ecosta

    WTB L-W Chuck dividing head spindle

    A friend found me a L-W Chuck dividing head at the scrapyard, in pretty good condition except the spindle threads are all mangled up. It is the larger 10" version they made. I know I can repair it, but was curious if anyone maybe had a spindle, or a broken head they'd want to part out to save...
  17. ecosta

    RFQ: 1"-5 2 Start acme shaft

    I need 24" of 2 START 1"-5 acme threaded shaft, regular steel. My lathe does not go down to the necessary 2.5 TPI to make it. I have the nut that its supposed to fit which I can send to you to make sure it fits. The acme shaft goes to a vise. Thank you Eric
  18. ecosta

    FS: South Bend VTB 101 XY table

    Selling my VTB XY table which I no longer need. The bottom half and the base are original. I replicated the top half. The top is made from 4140PH steel, and surface ground. All the indexing rings, handles, and nuts are original SB parts, the only parts I made were the table parts, gib, and I...
  19. ecosta

    NEEDED 1"-5 2 Start Acme Rod

    Does anyone know where I can source a 1"-5 2 start acme rod? Or if anyone has a piece on hand? I need 24". McMaster has 1"-4, and 1"-6, but no 1"-5 in 2 start. I can get tooling to make the shaft but would likely never need them again so don't want to waste money on that. Thanks Eric
  20. ecosta

    Brown and Sharpe Magnetic Bases

    Two vintage Brown and Sharpe Magnetic bases. Both work, but "on/off" is not necessarily where it's supposed to be. I believe that's why the pins were removed on the blue one. Both have indicator clamps but no rods or anything like that. $30 each + shipping Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk