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  1. bosleyjr

    High temp adhesive for plastic

    Ok, not an industrial question, but... My wife dropped the lid to our instant pot. The lid has a handle on top, and two ears on the side, all cast in a phenolic (matte finish though) plastic. One of the ears got cracked. not completely separated, but cracked and week. It's an area with a...
  2. bosleyjr

    Quick resistor use question

    I'm doing some factory-suggested mods to a guitar amp (Fender Prosonic - a tube/valve amp). I need a 27K 1W resistor. There aren't any in stock at Mouser. So I bought 4 1/2W 27K resistors. Solder two assemblies of two resistors in series, then solder the two assemblies together in parallel...
  3. bosleyjr

    Positive experience with Mouser Electronics

    Hey der, PM. I wanted to share a positive experience with Mouser Electronics. Placed an order. Just after I hit the "Commit Order" button I realized that I'd forgotten some items. Called customer service and they stopped the order, added the items and replaced the order. For a couple of...
  4. bosleyjr

    Another what is this machined part?

    I was riding my bike and noticed this off the road in a driveway at the local fire department. It's chromed and shiny so I noticed it and wondered what it was. Any ideas?
  5. bosleyjr

    Tap drill size/Thread form question - 5/8 or 3/4 total height?

    On another site, someone wanted the proper drill size for a M6 (6mm x 1mm pitch) tap. I suggested number 6, 7, or 8, or a 13/64. In the range of 5.05 to 5.18mm. I got a 13/64 (5.159mm) giving you about 77% thread engagment. Others suggested that the standard drill size for M6 is 5mm. They...
  6. bosleyjr

    OT: Shipping costs for large boxes

    With 20+ years in the house, and because during all of them we said "Put that unused _______ in the basement", we finally started to clean the basement. One day each of the last two weekends, 7-9 hours each day, and the job is still a couple of weekends away from finishing. On the plus side...
  7. bosleyjr

    OT: Garage door howls like a tortured weasel

    Not that I've ever tortured a weasel, but... The door squeals horribly going up or down. Any standard solutions? Thanks!
  8. bosleyjr

    OT: Durable replaceable Ipod battery

    I have an old (2006, 5th generation) Ipod. I keep it because the A/D chip (sound quality) in it is superior to later versions. I've replaced the hard drive with a SDHD. I also replaced the battery, which didn't last. Anyone have any luck (durability wise) with replacement batteries for...
  9. bosleyjr

    OT?: Best cheap ultrasonic for parts washing /polishing parts

    I'm restoring a couple of old bicycles. Also maintaining some new ones. Two things I'm concerned with are 1) Cleaning the crude out of old chains, brakes, derailleurs, and such, and 2) Polishing small aluminum (and other metal) parts like brake handles, hubs, etc. For the cleaning, I've...
  10. bosleyjr

    OT: Train Switch Heaters - rails flambe'!

    Okay, I thought this was cool. Flames to heat railroad switches to allow them to work in cold temperatures. YouTube
  11. bosleyjr

    OT Overhead light for driveway recommemndations

    So I have a junction box on the gable above my double garage door. I have a dual floodlight up there, with a motion detector. Problem is, it doesn't last. Any recommendations for a really durable floodlight/electric eye/motion detector setup that will fit up with a 4x4 jbox? The c**p at...
  12. bosleyjr

    Good 27 x 1-1/4 tires...

    Well, I just bought a 1978 Schwinn Superior. The tires were rags, so I put my old Paramount (Campy Nuovo Record, Mavic Rims) on the thing. Handles like a dream - should be a good ride. That said, I'd like to get the thing back to "all standard" using the original 27 x 1-1/4 wheels. I could...
  13. bosleyjr

    Source for #3-48 machine screw in aluminum?

    I realize that this is kind of overspecified. But I'm trying to corner the highly lucrative slide rule repair market. Pickett rules of a certain vintage use this size screw to hold the thing together. Oh yeah, if the screw were of the slotted mushroom head type, it would be great. Yes, I...
  14. bosleyjr

    OT spam calls

    Had something happen today that I thought was amusing. A call came in, and the caller id said: Spam? 1(360)524-9753 Vancouver BC This made me chuckle. Given that the caller ID can be spoofed, I just thought it interesting that the caller in question self-identified as a spam call. I don't...
  15. bosleyjr

    Standard and Non-standard wrenches

    I have a bunch of old (1950s-1970s) Armstrong combination wrenches I like. I've a pretty complete set up to about an inch, and have some larger ones (like a 2 incher, useful for use on evildoers who invade my house, but not much else). In looking at the missing wrenches I looked up standard...
  16. bosleyjr

    Another miniatures video

    Rivett's Ted talk the other day was fascinating. Here's a guy from Iraq (escaped to Turkey) who does similar things. A different flavor, and maybe at a different level, but I like the guys' work, too. NYTLogo_gray#888888
  17. bosleyjr

    OT: Shipping bulky packages to Europe

    Sweden, in particular. My business partner's wife is preggers, and has her heart set on a specific model of a baby carriage. (A pram, to those of you speaking her Majesty the Queen's English). Turns out its about 2 grand in Euro in Sweden, about $450 in the US. So I volunteered to send one...
  18. bosleyjr

    Holder for Cratex rounds

    I am considering a Cratex rubber abrasive for cleaning an aluminum surface. This is the braking surface on my bicycle rims. They get overly smooth and pick up a coating that makes braking less effective. I'm going to try Scotch-Brite pads, and Windex, and IPA to see if this gets the surface...
  19. bosleyjr

    Posts made after about 10:30am EST today (2/4) on general/other forums throw DB error

    Not sure if this will get through, Don, but it seems like older posts do fine - one can click and view. Posts made (even to existing threads) after about 10:30am today through a DB error. A much more recent post, from a few moments ago, DOES work. Hope this helps.
  20. bosleyjr

    Awesome laser rust emoval

    Just saw this. Amazing. At here.