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  1. ChipSplitter

    Mastercam vs nx cam???

    A qualified "yes". Typically a model starts in Synch where you make direct edits to faces without any history. It IS still parametric, however, and can be controlled by explicit rules and dimensions. The concept is simple but very deep. Synchronous Technology At any point you can jump to Ordered...
  2. ChipSplitter

    Mastercam vs nx cam???

    Just as a PSA, Solid Edge now comes with a 2.5D CAM package included. I was told by our VAR that it is rebranded NX CAM minus the advanced CAM features. Solid Edge Foundation | Siemens Software You get full SE with Synchronous CAD capabilities plus integrated basic CAM for a very reasonable...
  3. ChipSplitter

    Gang drilling stainless steel sheet

    A decent laser would burn through all of those parts before you could set up a VMC to reliably run even one. Put a part on MFG.com and see what happens.
  4. ChipSplitter

    Integrated Cat40 insert drill

    Take a look at Allied W3803H-CV40. It's "3xD", but actually reaches 5.125.
  5. ChipSplitter

    What is the oddest thing someone has said during an interview or prior to the intervi

    I can tell you exactly what he said on this subject. Do you want to know?
  6. ChipSplitter

    Gang drilling stainless steel sheet

    A decent fiber laser is by far the best machine for this. It's not even close.
  7. ChipSplitter

    I'm tired. Tired and I don't think I have any left in me, to give my company

    I really believe God draws people to himself through many means (2 Peter 3:9). For me it usually is by reaching the end of my rope.:o As far as atrocities, just remember that it was NOT so in the beginning. The early church (before AD 300) would be scandalized at what has been done in the name...
  8. ChipSplitter

    I'm tired. Tired and I don't think I have any left in me, to give my company

    I know religion is "officially" verboten here, but........it DOES make a difference. In fact, it can change your life. For me, a Christianity that doesn't radically change the way I respond and think isn't worth having. Just my $0.02
  9. ChipSplitter

    Solidworks sets its priorities for the future

    Aren't you glad this is where your maintenance dollars are going? Super SOLIDWORKS :skep:
  10. ChipSplitter

    OT - Back again

    Hi I'm back again after a hiatus. The air seems to have cleared considerably around here. :D I'm sure I was at least partially to blame for that "bad air" and I want to apologize for my arrogant and abrasive behavior in the past; including my language and posting style. I ask your forgiveness...
  11. ChipSplitter

    Guhring drill quality problems

    I'll second this. :D MA Ford has performed better for me than Guhring. To be honest, I'm not sure what's with all the hype about Guhring. They make an alright product, but MA Ford, OSG, Kennemetal, Fullerton, and SGS can easily beat them in most drilling applications.
  12. ChipSplitter

    100,000 UK Covid 19 Deaths

    C'mon, Shawn, git with it. We all know that Cuomo is the greatest emperor that ever walked the earth. He can't fail. :D
  13. ChipSplitter

    How to find a member, search function or..?

    You're on my "friend list" and he is too. Go to my profile and click on his name. Makes it handy. And you thought it was because I liked you. :D ;) (just kidding, I actually do.)
  14. ChipSplitter

    Solidworks 2020 Review

    For all the bad rap that SWX gets, if you jumped back ten years I'll bet you could hardly function. There have been some serious enhancements in the last 5 years. And the forum has some awesome people that know just about everything. All that said, I AM tired of their unfixed bugs and 95%...
  15. ChipSplitter

    Ever use tap for endmill?

    Paging John Welden............paging John Welden...... :D
  16. ChipSplitter

    Added a Mistaway to my Lynx

    How's the chip evacuation with the lathe standing on end? :D
  17. ChipSplitter

    Tool-X coolant?

    Jim, I think I've actually talked to you on the phone. I'm going to warn you that bringing up an old thread to sell product doesn't go down so well here. The best thing you can do is be available to answer questions and not take an overt sales stance. FYI, we use your product and like it...
  18. ChipSplitter

    CNC Routing Fatigue-Resistant 301 Stainless Steel 0.01 Inch Thick?

    FYI, a 6KW fiber laser will cut your material at north of 2500 IPM. There will be virtually no HAZ either. It's a no-brainer really. Can your router cut at that speed?:skep:
  19. ChipSplitter

    UK Back In Lockdown

    LOL. I always know I'm right when liberals start attacking me instead of my statement. Carry on, dude. I know truth hurts sometimes.............:crazy:
  20. ChipSplitter

    UK Back In Lockdown

    Let me get this straight. -Conservatives are fascists because they believe the government should be smaller and less involved in one's everyday life. -Conservatives are fascist because they don't believe in a mandatory vaccine. -Trump is a fascist because he didn't do enough to stop COVID...