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  1. rcoope

    Mastercam 2023 Stock on Custom WCS - Huge Oversight?

    Looks like Cam Instructor has given us the green light to proceed:
  2. rcoope

    Help identifying this press fictures?

    This is looks to be the patent: https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/c1/ed/ba/1ca453006ddae1/US1986036.pdf Looks like the inventor was a Lawrence V Whistler of Kenmore New York, Assigned to SB Whistler and Sons.
  3. rcoope

    Helmut Krebs Master Machinist, 1935-2022

    Here is a nice remembrance of University of Chicago instrument maker Helmut Krebs. https://physicalsciences.uchicago.edu/news/article/helmut-krebs-master-machinist-1935-2022/ U of Chicago really was one of the great places for experimental physics and chemistry, and you see here Krebs was...
  4. rcoope

    How do they bend really small things like electrical contact pins

    The best thing in this video is the company owner recounting about how all these great things started to happen "after I left the Mennonites". So I think the first step in this type of process is to, metaphorically speaking, leave the Mennonites. My guess is you have to use progressive blanking...
  5. rcoope

    Finisher did a poor job with packing parts customer requests remake

    I think this is key. It's the sort of thing where if you tell the customer that there is risk associated with these finishing processes, they can't really argue that you need to accept liability just because it's the next stage in the process. NB I say this just after we had in-house pivoting...
  6. rcoope

    MasterCAM for Solidworks Discontinued, Anyone Know Anything?

    I think if MC4SW had been really popular they would have kept with it despite any acquisition. As people have said, it just never worked smoothly enough to make sense vs running native MC. The good news is they seem to have very fair policies about migrating expiring MC4SW license to full MC...
  7. rcoope

    MasterCAM for Solidworks Discontinued, Anyone Know Anything?

    We just got a not that MasterCAM for Solidworks is being discontinued. I was curious if anyone knows anything more about the product strategy, if there is anyway. Is this because SW now has its own in-house CAM? I have to say, outside of pricing considerations, while MC4SW is a cool idea in...
  8. rcoope

    Best sacrificial material for waterjet: polished sheet metal

    I don't think there is any consensus other than using something inexpensive if it's for production. That's why hardyboard or other fiber board materials in the 1/8" range or less seem to be popular. If it's a one off, with 1/8" stainless I think you'd be fine with 1/8" ply if it was reasonably...
  9. rcoope

    ot 1940 monarch promo film

    What a great film. Based on some of the information here: http://www.lathes.co.uk/monarch/monarch-History.pdf I wonder if this film was actually more like 1952. This history mentions that both shot blasting and the water wash spray booths were installed in a major renovation and reorganization...
  10. rcoope

    stainless steel bolts on aluminum structure

    There is also the example of dinghy and yacht rigging. There are literally hundreds of thousands of extruded and anodized aluminum spars with stainless shroud connection plates and rivets, stored outside in all kinds of weather and all over the world with no routine corrosion problems. What I...
  11. rcoope

    Gang drilling stainless steel sheet

    +1 for laser. It's unfortunate that the OP got bad results from testing. I get 20Ga laser cut routinely and the cuts are excellent with no finishing required.
  12. rcoope

    Bending metal with a plasma cutter

    I once asked Dan Gelbart about slotting bends and he described them as something along the lines of training wheels for sheet metal. His issue was, if you slot the bends it's easier to bend the sheet in the right place but it substantially weakens the bend. If you can live with that reduced...
  13. rcoope

    Birthing a New Identity with Additive

    That's a good article. It continues to be be striking how difficult it seems to be to get a powder metal printing workflow for a novel part or material. These guys ended up taking over machines that other companies couldn't get to work economically. It's also clear that you still need all the...
  14. rcoope

    ISO All Plastic linear actuator

    I would look at Igus Drylin linear actuators. Something like the ZLW-0630-Eco in 400mm travel might be appropriate though I'm not sure if it's entirely metal free. I've had pretty good success talking to their reps.
  15. rcoope

    Alternative "No Math Required" solution for duplicating simple bolt cirles

    From the "use math when not required' file there was the time my dad, a professor of theoretical chemistry, was building a shed from a kit on some land they had on Vancouver Island that we used to access by row boat. The length and width of the 4x4 beam sub-frame was in the instructions so after...
  16. rcoope

    Why are there two MasterCAM simulators?

    Got it MtnDew, thanks! I have to say that was not obvious. I guess why it's there is you're not actually moving your vise/workpiece assembly origin, you're moving the simulator origin. If you think about it that way then the dialog box makes sense.
  17. rcoope

    Mastercam 2022 5 axis Drilling

    SideTalker you're completely right about the DWO/TCPC here and as I've leaned in this thread, I'm wrong, but that's why we're here, to learn, and we'll fix that for both 4th and 5th axis set ups. There's a lot of trouble shooting history with our VAR editing our post and as is the case with a...
  18. rcoope

    Mastercam 2022 5 axis Drilling

    We are trying to be clever with separate four and five axis machine definitions using our TRT-160 where the 5 axis version has DWO off but TCPC on. Then for the forth, with the tilt axis at 90 degrees the idea is to have DWO on. The 5th works but we haven't sorted out the 4th version. But I'm...
  19. rcoope

    Mastercam 2022 5 axis Drilling

    Does it look OK in the simulator? Interesting about calling both DWO and TCPC in the same program. There doesn't seem to be a way to cancel TCPC. I'd experiment with doing the same holes separately and see if not invoking TCPC first makes a difference. Hey while I'm here how is the...
  20. rcoope

    Why are there two MasterCAM simulators?

    Sorry Mtndew I wasn't clear about which one we couldn't figure out. It's the MasterCAM simulator rather than the Machine Simulator where we can't move the workpiece. When you click on the toolpath menu icon you (we) get the MasterCAM simulator though knowing MasterCAM I bet this is something...