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    Rehiring an employee who quit?

    A good conversation might have been ... " we would like you to be first responder, for xx $ /mo.." or "..well it´s a high-risk high-responsibility task, potentially. how much is it worth, $$, or would your prefer someone less qualified does it ..."
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    Homemade Mill Deckler-like

    Em.. it´s doable. I have done it. Well. But You probably don´t have 100.000 €++ and 17.000 work hours it cost me to make a good large VMC from scratch. I started with a BP M head and a 3-phase Hitachi 200 VFD around 2003. There are 2-3 self-built mills around on the interwebs that are decent...
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    Rehiring an employee who quit?

    As most said ... I would add.. If employees You want leave after 6-8-10 years, (so they are skilled and experienced, no ?), who have been doing satisfactory work, (as otherwise they would have been replaced, no ?) You are probably not paying enough. My 0.02€. Find a way to pay them more, like...
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    Would lengthy blackouts create new manufacturing opportunities?

    The ukraine news are vastly censored against russia - by about 98% - with endless silly reports like the russians running out of food in 30 days. About 6 weeks ago iirc, g/t. Russia has at least 3000 heavy lift military aircraft. It could supply 500.000 troops halfway around the world, with...
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    Would lengthy blackouts create new manufacturing opportunities?

    15 k theoretical. 13 k when not financed for 10 years. 1.3 $/watt. 6k subsidy. The government gets it back from not needing peaker plants and fuel. net zero-zero.
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    Would lengthy blackouts create new manufacturing opportunities?

    The panels themselves tend to last for decades, with a degradation of 0.5% per year, give or take. The only major component is the inverter, 8 years service life is common. When it fails, I buy a new one for 1500 $.
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    Would lengthy blackouts create new manufacturing opportunities?

    Fwiw .. Tomorrow they will be installing my new 9.9 kW solar panels, with grid interconnect, 3-phase vfd, and backfeed tariffs. My current power bill, approx 350-450$ / month, will go to about 70$ line charge, or maybe less. Saving about 2500$ /yr. My current heating costs, approx. 3000$/yr will...
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    Looking for replacements for discontinued parts

    The easy choice is to contact the big electrical supply houses, with a photo (and hopefully nameplate or model version as well) and specs of your contactor. Digikey and similar have eu branches, and will quote you a correct part within the same day, typically. Note *correct*. And they like to...
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    What would it mean to manufacturing if Finland and Sweden joined NATO?

    Finland has excellent light arms manufacturing capacity. The Finnish RK62 derivant of the AK47 is generally seen as the best or second best infantry automatic rifle, possibly behind the Israeli Galil. The Galil was partly developed based on Finnish RK62 experience. I myself shot expert sniper...
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    Haas DT2 Cutting Capabilities

    Yes it can. Inside, it is mostly a 40 Hp machine. It is much easier to make a small rigid machine than a big rigid machine.
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    Suitability of Themac tool Post grinder for cams

    ANYthing and everything is doable -- even pyramids. An x axis is quite easily converted to a servo driven screw with 0.5 micron resolution for 1000$ in kit and 200 hours in work. Later You realise you really need a 2500$ controller to drive it. I did. After vast experience -- 2000 production...
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    New Electrical Vehicle manufacturer VinFast to locate in North Carolina U.S.A.

    The moral is: WILL VinFast actually make EV batteries or components in scale, in the US, in the medium/long term of 5/10 years ?? My opinion is that this has about a 2% probability. It is NOT that they might not actually make some sort of plant and hire some people and make some batteries or...
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    New Electrical Vehicle manufacturer VinFast to locate in North Carolina U.S.A.

    No matter the real story .. tax credits and offsets can easily be more than the cost of the factory and startup .. which was later sold of course. And the parent company may often be able to write off the total or nominal value of some parts, where the tax credits become "net tax savings"...
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    ERP Software advice

    Yes. No. How much to get it working ? How long ? Automated tax disclosures and filings ?
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    New Electrical Vehicle manufacturer VinFast to locate in North Carolina U.S.A.

    Great ! Another "ghost" investment like 7 VW electrified car press releases that never happened, past 11 years. Lets see the actual REAL investments in PPE, stamping, presses. Lets see where they are going to make their batteries from ?? At the moment, battery precursor materials are scarce...
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    Tablesaw runout

    ? Change the end bearing ?
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    Machine Shop ERP Recommendations

    In general erp is a scam to sell it hours for never ending customisation. Ask any vendor for 2 references who spent less than 100k .. silence. Buy anything packaged that a reasonably capable secretary can customise. Quickbooks is a good option. Real erp is for integrating multiple lines of...
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    Tormach microArc 4th axis any good?

    Please .. Look at the specs and weights and torsional rigidity of a HAAS rotary table. Approx 100x-1000x more rigidity. Anything with a 85 mm PCD for mounting holes, of 6 mm, is a joke. 140 mm pcd x 4 x 8 mm shcs would be a good minimum start. About 20x better (pwr 3 d iirc).
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    Want to find Lowest shipping costs for a small part.

    Shipping does NOT matter within reason. If You are selling a 20$ part you need to make at least 10$ of it in qty 100 runs. Typically 14$ margin or better. Weather the shipping is 3,4,5 $ is immaterial - everyone else also charges the same for the shipping. IF You are selling 20$ parts with a...
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    Want to find Lowest shipping costs for a small part.

    Forget the shipping costs. Make a deal with DHL SCS - the commercial arm. They will ship anything anywhere at very competitive prices. If You cannot sell at those prices - raise your prices and shipping costs.