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    Problem stamping inconel

    We are having a real problem stamping spring from annealed Inconel 718. We have a die that makes this same spring from .006" thick 302FH and Elgiloy with no problem. It will punch and form hundreds of feet, 12 slots at a time. New customer wants this spring, and several others, from annealed...
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    (OT) ... Brrrr, that's cold!

    NIST Physicists ‘Squeeze’ Light to Cool Microscopic Drum Below Quantum Limit | NIST I'm still trying to figure out how you "squeeze" light, much less cool something with it ... :confused:
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    problem - wedm shim stock

    We cut a lot of parts from shim stock and sheet, anywhere from .001" - .125". Mostly 304SS but brass, steel, and inconel are not uncommon. Larger parts and material from .005" up do not usually present a problem. However, more and more we are seeing requests for parts with thin cross-sections...
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    Art to .dxf problems

    I need some help gentlemen. We have an opportunity for some much needed work cutting flooring and signs on our waterjets. But ... We are having problems getting usable profiles to program from. The customer is sending us .pdf files of artwork and text. We currently have a guy who opens...
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    OT Reporting spam/spammers

    Where is the option for that? I'd swear we used to be able to right-click and report spammers and or spam posts but I cannot find it now.
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    OT - Paranoia

    Both here an "the other place I frequent" there are members from around the world, and even more who just lurk. Both here and "there" we see more than a few "How do I ... ?" questions from new members. Often they have no location in their profile, sometimes they do. Sometimes those locations...
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    Need ideas for in-process measurement of spring.

    Where I work we manufacture dozens of different sizes of these: They are done in progressive dies and should continuously coil-to-coil but ... Current inspection procedure requires us to stop every 100', cut a section out, and inspect it in a video inspection system. We are looking for an...
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    Hard Milling machine selection

    We are looking to purchase a machine to hard mill our in-house tooling. Currently selection is focused on the Mikron HSM 500 LP http://www.gfms.com/content/gfac/country_US/en/Products/Milling/high-speed-milling--hsm-/hsm--high-speed-machining-centers/hsm-500-lp.html and the Makino F5...
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    Settings for running Nickel wire in am AgieCharmilles CUT400

    We have a new customer insisting that we leave no brass on their part. They wanted us to use wire of the same material as their part ... Waspaloy! This didn't pan out and they now want us to use nickel wire. We've done a couple of test cuts so far but there are some problems. AgieCharmilles...
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    Need some help with a slooow cutting Ti job.

    The machine: A brand spanking new AgieCharmiiles CUT-200. The work-piece: A titanium forging about 18" long x 9.5" in diameter on one end and tapering irregularly to a 3" x 6.2" rectangle on the other end. The job: Cut a 1.28" x 4.25" x 6.2" test coupon from the rectangular end. The problem...
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    wedm magnesium ... precautions?

    I have some 1.06" discs to wedm from .032" magnesium. I intend to stack them about 1-1/2" and wire them submerged in our Brother HS-70A's. Does anyone here have any experience "wiring" magnesium? I would think this shouldn't be much different than titanium or zirconium but ... ... better...
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    Elgiloy coil stock ... do you have any?

    One of our biggest products is spring for spring energized seals. Problem ... a lot of it is made of Elgiloy, and ESM (Elgiloy Specialty Metals Supplier of Precision Thin Gauge Strip and Drawn Wire) is waaaay behind on delivery dates. Some of our major customers are getting kinda' irate, and...
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    Source for RT-4 carbide reamer inserts?

    We are having trouble getting our hands on these. We have several jobs in house now that require them. 650 of them to be exact. These are repeat jobs but it has been several years since we did them last. Our purchasing agent says that she cannot find these inserts anywhere now. Our usual...
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    Time limit on returns/rejects. Is it possible? Do you have one?

    Just week before last we had several parts returned to us by a customer. They rejected them and returned them for us to rework. As of yet I do not know what they were rejected for. I have seen others returned for such things as a c'bore being .0005" shallow or the finish on a radiused edge...
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    (OT) WTH!!! - I made that part! ... (maybe)

    Has this, or something like this, happened to you? Just today I received my May/June copy of EDM Today. (They tend to get "lost" on their way through the office.) As I was leafing through I stopped, and stared. There ... on pages 7,10 and 11 ...were four different parts that I had programmed...
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    Armoloy XADC coating. Any experience here with it?

    We have some recurring problems with some of our progressive dies. This is what they make ... http://www.maudlinproducts.com/springs.xml We are slotting and forming elgiloy, inconel, and FH 301SS. What we are experiencing is a lot of wear on the forms, particularly with the elgiloy and...
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    Striker Systems ... anybody here have experience with it?

    I have read many of the posts here with interest in my efforts to point my company toward better CAD/CAM software. As usual, the prices on the major player's offerings are shocking ... to say the least. I have mentioned to them quite a few of the ones that seem to be highly regarded here such...
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    Stress-relief vs normalize. Same difference?

    Had one of the sales staff ask me for info on a company to which we had sent some large inconel blanks to for stress-relief before wedm. This company happens to be Bonal Technologies and we had them use their Meta-Lax process that uses harmonic vibration to stress-relieve the workpiece. I...
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    "The Tale of Too Many Chiefs"

    As promised, fair warning guys and gals this is a LONG one ... We have a job we are doing for one of or very best customers. Picture a forged disc of A286 that has been machined to 31.300" in diameter and 5" thick in the center. It has a 1.500" diameter hole bored through the center and steps...
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    Tolerance vs Height

    Had a customer get mad and come take their parts to our competition yesterday. Remember that helical gear job I posted about? Same customer. Ironically, they really liked the work we did on those. It seems that the sales people and "engineers" are either too lazy to read a print, don't...