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    Tap Type?

    Rcull, sir Look up "coil rod" ( Coil Rod - SureBuilt Concrete Forms & Accessories ). It's used in concrete form work. Hope this answers your question. Stay safe Calvin B
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    New to me SB 10L screaming at me while parting

    B&C, Sir Ahh cut off tools... You should be able to part stuff off at the same speed you turn it ( for the diameter). Cutting oil is your friend, get some. Sharp tool is a must. Don't be gentle on the feed.. The chatter is to to A: to light of feed B: wrong tool height C:tool dull or wrong...
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    Question about maximizing cutting efficiency on an old Cincinnati horizontal mill

    Dope Sir, Here's a few things that may be of use to you. Always consider the 'direction of force' when milling. If your 'up milling' ( feeding the work piece into the work whilst cutter is exiting the top ) the part is going to want to kick forward. Put a kicker or a stop to keep it from moving...
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    Quick way to run a nut down all thread rod.

    Hey Ya'll, Many years ago when I was doing concrete day in and day out.. We had a rather large job where we used coil rods for our form work.. LOt's of nut turning there as the wall was 'battered' ( think pyramid shaped) and we only had one length of rod. Boss wouldn't let us cut the rods down...
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    Heavy 10 with cabinet mounting legs / feet

    Bikesandcars, I think your just fine with what you have.. Get your motor mounted and quit over thinking things. Make chips ! Stay safe Calvin B
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    Is it just me or do drill bits suck now?

    Hey Ya'll, Awhile back I had a rash of bad bits.. Just couldn't seem to find any that didn't immediately need sharpening. ( I have an Oliver 21 and a Oliver 600 ) Lately I've had good results with "cle-forge" brand from MSC. Just an observation from a small job shop owner who has no skills...
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    OT: Filling in a concrete pit

    To the OP, Just fill the hole up with 57's ( that's Maryland quarry/mdot speak for 1/2 blue stone/lime stone gravel ) That would be the industry standard solution. Stone can be 'settled' but not compacted. Pour what ever thickness of concrete you wish. Pin into existing slab if you wish.. If...
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    Mystery Black Powder Rifle

    tdmidget, sir If not a designated shotgun, maybe "smooth bore musket" or just "musket" would be a more correct in the way of terminology ? Stay safe Calvin B
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    Mystery Black Powder Rifle

    Bart, I have seen a similar gun of that type.. It was known as a 'ships gun'.. It could be used as a harpoon gun or as a line thrower. Also had the ability to be used as a forage gun for a shore party. Think more along the lines of a shotgun for the shore party work so no need for sights...
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    Mo Max...

    Mark P, sir I recently ( last year ) bought 150 lbs of exactly that type of "mixed bits" for 100.00. I use mostly HSS in my shop and I have the tools to grind what I want/need for jobs so those bits would have value to some one like me.. ( I'm good probably for the next ten years with what I...
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    Where to buy BSW (Whitworth) thread fasteners in US?

    Triboatworks sir, Just in case the link I posted above is truly fubar.. British metrics can be found at the Westminster Md airport.. Here's another fastener link ( also in Westminster)that may be of interest to you. Military & Commercial Fasteners | Elite Fasteners, Inc. Hope this helps ya...
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    Where to buy BSW (Whitworth) thread fasteners in US?

    Triboats works sir, Try these folks.. About British Metrics They are 'semi-local' to ya.. Hope this helps ya out. Stay safe Calvin B
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    Yet another lube cross reference question

    Hacken, sir Some of the above listed p-series oil are wrong. I would suggest calling the Mobil industrial support line and have a list of what you want cross referenced and go with their recommendations. Last number I have for them is 1-800-662-4525. If this is no longer a valid number I...
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    Curl hems at home?

    To the OP, Have you considered a bead roller ? Not to put to fine a point on things but it's a basic tool that anyone who messes with sheet metal should have.. Here's a little video that may ( or not ) inspire you. Metal Shaping with Lazze: Rolling a Bead with a Wire Edge - YouTube Hope...
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    Concrete questions for new shop

    teemfan93, Always go with what the soils engineer says to a point... 6 inches would be fine with a suitable subgrade to park equipment on.. Grade beams for the lift would probably be OK to.. As fur the anchor bolts.. well is a spread footing and a column called for ? Spread footing would be...
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    Eastern Geometric head issues

    Zimbo Sir, The resolution of the pictures is not great enough for me to identify what you have. More detailed photos would be a help. I suspect what you have has been modified.. Til you can post better pictures you could browse these good folks web site and try and identify what you have...
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    Eastern Geometric head issues

    Zimbo Sir, Can you post a picture of just one of the chasers and a corresponding empty slot in the die head ? I think you may have "k" style head. But then again I could be wrong. The chasers you show have been heavily modified. Stay safe Calvin B
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    Shotgun Choke Tap

    tenmetre, Sir AN inquiry to these nice folks may yield positive results for ya. Special Taps and Dies Manufacturer - Widell Industries Your Thread Cutting Tool Headquarters. Hope this helps Stay safe Calvin B
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    No power feed or gear changes on 1941 Cincinnati no2 horizontal

    TG Sir Actually it's a relativity simple nomenclature that Mobil devised for it's oils.. Named oil ( for example)DTE medium is a 'circulating oil'. Just plain old oil. The numbered series have EP ( extreme pressure ) additives in them. So named is plain and numbered has additives. If there is...
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    No power feed or gear changes on 1941 Cincinnati no2 horizontal

    Hey Dope, Sir My experience is with a '2L' which is all mechanical ( no hydraulics ).. Anyhow DTE medium would be an ISO 46 oil..( cinci oil P-55) My manual calls for way oil (P-53) which is ISO 32 or vactra #1. Interesting. The plunger/pump in mine had leather seals and after a bit they...