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    MAHO lost on Autobahn

    In case you want to see a European towbar arrangement this is the back of my Audi Q5 as I was fitting the towbar, showing the construction hidden behind the plastic bumper trim. The hitch is a 50mm ball.
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    0t--modifying vintage crankshaft

    The boss with the dowels and Mercedes bolts is not part of the original crank.
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    MAHO lost on Autobahn

    The towcar looks like an Audi Q7 which has a 3,200Kg (7,000 lb) tow limit for the common models, so probably within the letter of the rules with a 2 tonne machine. The towbar mounting would be bolted into the main "chassis" rails and aside from the hitch would be largely invisible (European...
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    Maho mh700 information

    I have the same era machine but an MH600 with the 40 taper in both spindles. Very versatile although the universal table, like all universal tables can be a pain to get trammed spot on. A fixed table would be a useful accessory but if I’m going to have only one table I’m glad it’s the universal...
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    Should I buy a Colchester Dominion Lathe?

    For that sort of money you could probably get a decent Boxford. Smaller yes, but much more suitable for a shed. Spares will be more abundant than for a 70 year old Colchester that predates their “Golden years”. You should be able to find a CVA for under 1k but they are heavy beasts for a...
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    The Passing Of Mark McGrath

    It‘s now ten years’ to the day since Mark died and I still come across machining challenges that make me want to call him for advice. A fair memorial, in its own way.
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    MH600 Version?

    Late 50's/early 1960's Maho MH600 with the thinner bodied vertical head. Usefully it has the universal table. These earlier machines were MT4 and the fatter head used ISO40. The paint job looks a bit crude Has the potential to be a nice machine
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    Home shop

    Ross Retirement is fine as long as you promise to keep posting interesting projects. Your approach and execution is a lesson for most of us. I drove past your old place on the way from SFO to Sonoma on Wednesday, and mildly cursed myself for not asking to visit last time I was in San Francisco...
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    Maho MH600 oil

    Thanks Danny. Variators are very intolerant of the wrong oil. If a Harrison 10AA takes a litre in the main drive I figure that the feed gearbox in a Maho will be a lot less. Charles
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    Maho MH600 oil

    I’m replacing the oils in my 1960’s “round styled” Maho MH600. The main gear oils are no problem but the variable speed drive runs in an oil bath, probably like a Kopp variator. Therefore the oil is very specific being Shell Morina S2 BL5, an ISO 5 oil. As you’d expect it’s expensive (a gearbox...
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    Maho MH600 (manual machine, 1968), #11367, English version of electrical schematic needed.

    My copy of the English manual has a German annotated diagram, so your best option is probably that and Google translate - Assuming yours is the "round head" type, not the "square" version
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    Roughing FP4NC

    Nice. Fits in with the old adage that a real machinist makes round things in a mill and flat things on a lathe
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    New to me Maho SK250

    Been away. Have you found the manuals now?
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    CVA Spindle Bearing Replacement

    Thanks Martin. I'll keep looking and may post in the UK to see if anyone local kept one Charles
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    CVA Spindle Bearing Replacement

    Back some years ago the late Tim Leech wrote up the process for replacing the spindle bearings on a CVA lathe. I thought that I had a copy saved. I seem to recall that his published it as a pdf on a privately hosted site. I don’t suppose that anyone has saved a copy? Just trying to gather...
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    New (Ancient) Maho MH 700 - Little help please? :D

    I'm in the UK and have a mixture of 3 phase conversions. My CVA lathe runs off a static type Transwave converter that I connected to a 1.5 HP idler motor. Works very well as a rotary converter for the (mainly) single use application. I did run my Maho MH 600 off the same converter but after...
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    New (Ancient) Maho MH 700 - Little help please? :D

    My MH600 has a coat of badly applied blue over the original colour, and the repaint is now flaking in places. I'm not one for repainting machines so am looking for proven minimally intrusive ways to assist the flaking process. Suggestions welcomed Thanks Charles
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    New to me Maho SK250

    I thought that the taper is Morse Taper 4 (it's what the spec suggests). Late MH600 were 40INT in both but a 30INT could be possible. I have some SK250 specs/manual - if you message me with an email address I'll send them over. My MH600 came without an overarm so I made one. I got 3 12mm plates...
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    Just bought a CVA

    Nothing wrong with the 1645 RPM version. Mine is the 2200 one and I rarely go over 1200. No idea on oil capacity. It has a drain, sight level and filler so trial and error is fine. The twin drive belts are 90B according to the manual (but do check). Simply Bearings is my usual port of call but...
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    Just bought a CVA

    Had one for years and it's always enjoyable to use. The really rare accessory is the metric screwcutting set - if you find that in the cupboard you've struck gold. I can email copies of the manuals if needed Charles