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    Baileigh Cold Saw Questions

    I purchased a used Baileigh CS-350-EU cold saw earlier this year. It's now cleaned, repaired and working in the shop. While it hasn't gotten a ton of use it seems to be quicker and more accurate than either the horizontal bandsaw or the power hacksaw. The only "downsides" I see so far are noise...
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    Looking For Cold Saw Blades

    As many of you already know i picked up a Baileigh CS-350EU cold saw earlier this year. The saw is up and running so now it's time to invest in a few blades. I'm looking for a blade to do mild steel flats, rounds and round & square tubing. I'm also looking for one to cut nonferrous materials...
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    Can A Cold Saw be Run Without Flood Coolant?

    Recently I picked up a used (11 years old) Baileigh CS-350-EU cold saw. I'm in the cleanup stage and getting ready to reassemble it. The saw has been used in a production situation since new and is now covered in dried and semi dried water-based coolant. At this point I've removed several...
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    How to Clean a Cold Saw?

    I recently acquired a used Baileigh cs-350-EU cold saw from a used equipment dealer. The saw needs a little work, but by in large is in good shape. before putting it permanently in the shop I'll do all the required maintenance including changing lubricants and replacing the coolant. In...
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    Looking For A New Bandsaw Blade Source

    I have an older Rockwell vertical bandsaw that can use either 1/4" or 3/8" blades. They're an odd length at 71 3/4". In the past I've been able to source 10-14 tpi bimetal blades from Ellis Saw in Verona WI. Yesterday when I gave them a call to make an order, I was informed they no longer...
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    Somewhat OT How Did Taper Length Drills Get Their Name?

    Over the years I've used a variety of different style drills, and the ones that have always puzzled me are those designated as "Taper Length". I know what they are, but I don't know how they got their name. Neither the shanks or the bodies are tapered. Inquiring minds would like to know.
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    Quality of Federal Dial & Test Indicators?

    Over the weekend I stopped at an equipment dealer in search of some 316 and 6061 flat stock. While I was there the owner approached me and said he had some measuring instruments I might be interested in. He had some Starrett inside mics, a Scherr Tumico bore gauge and a couple V blocks that...
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    Looking For Pin Gauge Set(s)

    I am looking for pin gauges to span the .061" to .500" range. I see several offerings at industrial suppliers, and online retailers. I'm a bit surprised as to the range in prices. The .061" to .250" sets run from under $30.00 to over $210.00. Likewise the .251" to .500" sets run from less...
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    Looking For a Small 4 Jaw Chuck With 5C Mount

    I have to make a number of different profile small parts for a prototype project. Some will have an OD of .187" or less. I was thinking of purchasing a 4 jaw independent lathe chuck in the 3" or 4" diameter with a 5C mount to hold the parts. I've seen dozens of them ranging in price from...
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    Cast Iron VS Granite Surface Plates.

    Recently I've seen a few threads asking questions about granite surface plates. I'd like to expand on the subject and ask why some prefer Granite to Cast Iron and vise versa. I have used both and don't have much of a preference. I currently have 2 plates in the shop, both are in excellent...
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    Trouble Holding Sanding Disks to the Platen

    I've had have a Rockwell/Delta belt/disk sander for well over 20 years. The machine runs well, but lately I'm having trouble keeping the 12" disks glued to the platen. If I use the machine on a daily basis all seems well. However if it sits for a week or so the disks just seem to fall off...
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    OT- Friends/Contacts Request

    About a week ago a notification popped up entitled "Incoming Friends Request". It seems no matter how I address it I can't accept or reject the requests, or clear the notification. Has anyone else had the same problem recently, and if so how did you resolve it?
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    One More Time - Caliper Recommendations

    As per the title I am looking for advice as to which caliper to purchase. I've done a search, but the newest thread on the subject is at least a couple years old. I currently have Starrett 120 6", a Mitutoyo 505-689 6", and a handful of unmentionables. Both the Starrett and the Mitutoyo have...
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    Edge Finder Speed Question

    I've had a couple edge finders for what seems like eons. I don't know the brand, and there's no markings on them. If I remember correctly they are supposed to be run at speeds above 300 rpm. They've worked fine at that speed until just recently, but in their old age seem to be a bit sticky...
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    Help With Tap Selection

    I have a prototype job that needs a few hundred drilled and tapped 10-24 blind holes. Most will be in 1018 steel with about 50 being in 6061 aluminum. I need to purchase some taps for the job. Recently I started using YG1 spiral flute bottoming taps for other jobs so I thought I'd give them a...
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    Does Anyone Recognize This Grinding Wheel

    I'm in need of a few new grinding wheels for my 7" manual surface grinder. In the past I've always stuck with Norton or Carborundum brands. Checking with local vendors no one seems to have AO46 G, H, or J wheels in stock in the narrow widths. I turned to eBay and found a vendor with the...
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    Opinions on "New To Me" Tooling Manufacturers

    Over the weekend I was doing a tooling inventory in preparation for replenishing my stock of drills and end mills. I like to purchase made in the US products if at all possible. In the past I have stuck with name brand tooling, like Niagara, Precision Twist Drill, Triumph, Cleveland, and other...
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    Specifications and Sources For 1/2-13 Spiral Flute Taps

    I have an upcoming job that will require drilling and tapping a number of 1/2-13 H3 blind holes, 3/4" deep, in 1 1/4" thick, 316 stainless plate. I would prefer to use a name brand spiral flute bottoming tap. Looking at several vendors I see nomenclature I am not familiar with. Some brands...
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    Which Letter Drills Are The best Bang For The Buck.

    My current supply of letter drills has diminished to the point I need some replacements. I've run across the usual lines like Morse, Cleveland, Chicago Latrobe, Precision, OSG and a dozen or more others. There seem to be some newcomers to the game that span the price spectrum. One I've never...
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    Kellogg 311 Compressor Information Request

    A couple days ago I received a PM from one of our members requesting information on a Kellogg 311 compressor. I attempted to respond on 2 occasions only to have the responses deleted. I kept getting the message my inbox was full even though there were only 2 dozen messages stored. In an...