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    Last Part of the week

    Hey Ya'll, Just finished a little job and just thought I'd post a pic of the old #3 ready to thread the last part of the week. Material is 4140 pre-hard and the short thread is 5/8-18 and the long thread is 5/8-11. Major diameter is 1 3/8. This 1941 machine is like a faithful hound.. sits...
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    No. 4 wiring issue

    Hey guys, A friend just got a nice old #4 with a 10/5 hp dual voltage delco motor. Anyhow he is trying to power it with a 10 RPC and it keeps tripping the breaker after running for a minute or so. None of the belts are hooked up, just the motor with no load. He's not going into "high" just...
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    NO# 3 crossfeed lever adjustment

    Hey Ya'll, Hey, I'm having an issue with the cross feed lever on my #3.. Everything works but when it 'kicks out' it drops down and tries to re-engage.. Also after greasing it is sticky for a bit. Any ideas on cures. ( yes, I know minimize the grease ) Stay safe Calvin B PS the machine is a...
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    reicpriacting (sawzall ) blade for harden steel ?

    Hi YA'll, Hey I have a bit of an issue.. a track hoe of one of my customers had a grease fitting that was never hooked up to the external grease manifold and it resulted in a partially sheared hardened pin. The only way I see to get the hydraulic cylinder out is to cut both sides of the pin...
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    Box tool question

    Hi YA'll, Hey I'm running a little box tool on a #3 ( 1200 ) and my question is.. How do you keep the rolls from picking up chips and marring the part ? Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Stay safe Calvin B
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    W&S tooling question

    Hi YA'll, Hey I have alot of used tooling for my no#'s 3 and 4 and as with most things used there are minor things missing. Like set screws and such.. As I've been going through the tooling I find the thread patterns are some what 'non-standard'. Some things are standard but somethings aren't...
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    Hello All, Hey I bought some tooling the other day for my #3 and the seller through in a M-1420 for scrap price ( or maybe a little less). Anyhow the machine is a M-1420 'preselector' type. Just curious as to date of manufacture.. It's lot no# 233 serial 1316735. Thanks in advance Stay...
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    cutter chatter issue

    Hello All, Hey I'm having real issues with getting the right geometry on a cutter.. It chatters and makes needle like chips no matter how I grind the thing.. It's plain 5.75 inch side cutter, I've ground the leading edge ( in attempts ) from 3° to 5° and the relief angle from 3° to 10°.. I just...
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    W & S #3 serial no. question

    Hello YA'll, I've come across a nice no. 3 that appears to have two serial numbers. First is 528067 Second is 1769241 My question is.. does the second serial number indicate a factory service/modification/rebuild ? Just what does it mean ? Thanks in advance for any help with this...
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    Cincinnati 2L

    Hey Ya'll, I'm looking at a small cincinnati plain horizontal mill serial# 9a2p1e and I'm trying to get the weight on the critter so I can plan transport. Does any one have a good number on the weight ? Say like from a catalog or something..? I cannot find info on the 2L on the wonderful world...
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    functional but unkown tool

    Hello All, Was doing a job and found this little gem in the weeds, literally. It's a K.O. Lee d200s or so it is marked. My guess is it is some type of reamer drive for field plumbing use, but I've never seen anything quite like it. Any ideas or ID would be welcome. After installing a power cord...
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    Roller fingers for SB steady rest

    Hey Ya'll, Any one know where to find roller fingers for a sb steady rest ? I'd like to find some for a 10L. Stay safe Calvin
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    Cast Iron shop projects à la South Bend

    Hello All, Here's my humble explanation and background to the rather cryptic title to this thread.. I've always kinda wanted to do some pattern making and machine some cast iron castings.. But alas, I'm the consummate procrastinator and never quite got around to til.. I got some motivation...
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    cincinnati-bickford radial arm drill

    Hi YA'll, An old Cincinnati-bickford found it's way into my shop today.. If anyone could point me in the direction of an owners manual I'd be much obliged.. I've oiled it up some using vactra no# 2 way oil on the assumption that any oil is better than no oil.. Any pointers on the right type of...
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    Sheldon Shaper

    Hello All, On Thursday this week I took possession of a very nice sheldon model 8000s shaper.. It has the factory pressurized oiling system and that's probably why it's in such good shape.. I do, however need a vise for it and the front support has gone missing.. So I guess no 'hogging' on it...
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    tooling question

    Howdy all, Hey I'm making dome little gages and I need to scribe/mill some index lines. What type of tooling would you suggest for this ? I have a vertical mill and am going to use my 'new' b&s dividing head.. What I'm tying for is a line about .010 wide and .050 long. Any thoughts/suggestions...
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    Allen Bradley starter switch problem

    Hey YAll, I got a problem with me drill press starter switch... It's and old allen bradley 709 automatic starter and the damned thing chatters like hell and I have to keep punching the button to get it started.. Once it's up and running it purrs right along... I think my problem is that I'm...