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    Any WAG what this planer might weigh?

    Smith & Silk became the Ohio Machine Tool Co. May be easier to find catalogs from that firm and extrapolate from there.
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    The 10B's "specific purpose" was to replace the 8A as Wade's high precision toolroom lathe. For some reason, the project was dropped before it got much past the prototype stages. That may have been connected with the sale of Wade to Covel.
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    PRENTISS VICE - did I dump it too cheap?

    The OP's only post to the forum was when he started this thread in 2019. I'd bet that this issue was settled a long time ago.
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    Armstrong tool holder in quick change tool holder

    What's the advantage over just clamping the 1/2" HSS right in the QC holder?
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    Van Norman History (currently owned by?)

    Maybe there was a link between Excello and Atlantic? There's a 1R3 on eBay right now with these tags on the side... the "XLO" might imply a connection to the Excello Corp.
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    Heres a Wade shop drawing of a 10B. I don't know what the "Morganite" reference is about... maybe a company name? The 1957 date makes sense, as that's around the time they were phasing out the 8A. Hard to get a good photo of these, as they're pencil on translucent drafting paper.
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    That's true, but of the few 10B lathes that have surfaced only one has actually been equipped with a lead screw and threading capabilities.
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    As Neil says, the 10B are extremely rare. Each one seems to have been nearly a one-off machine. It would appear that Wade never really got the 10B past the prototype stages. They are a unique machine... sort of a mashup of an 8A and a Model 94. I uploaded the 10B manual to vintagemachinery.org...
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    19”x42” Cincinnati hydrashift lathe

    My experience with purchasing from HGR over the years is that nearly everything has some sort of problem... that's why it's being surplused by manufacturers who don't want to fool around with trying to repair it. You have to get pretty lucky to buy something there that isn't somehow broken or...
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    New tooling on old lathes or mills

    That lathe was purpose built/modified for refinishing printing rollers. Not a good choice to use for anything else, as it lacks some features that a manual engine lathe would have (like threading). Andy
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    Hardinge HLV-H... ugly but very nice condition.... great for cosmetic restore - eBay auction format.. 99 cents to start ! No reserve

    I am not real familiar with the different iterations of the HLV lathe family, but at least some of them cut a 60 degree center when both feeds were engaged, and that was mentioned as a feature in advertising. Some Hendey lathes did the same, although I think they cut 45 degrees rather than 60.
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    Haas HRT100 4th axis setup for sale

    Listing for a friend, if interested PM me and I'll pass his phone number along. Purchased new with a Haas MiniMill in 2019. MiniMill just sold and buyer did not want this. Very low hours milling wood, plastic, brass and silver (machine never cut steel). $9500, prefer pickup in Elkins, WV but...
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    WTB CXA Wedge Type Quick Change Toolpost

    I've got a brand new Aloris as well. Still in the factory wrapping. PM your email and I'll send photos if interested.
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    Figuring motor speed for Coulter crank planer

    The brochure for my Coulter crank planer discusses the factory motor drive, but doesn't mention motor RPM or pulley size. It does list specs for line shaft drive, with a countershaft speed of 350 RPM and driving/driven pulleys of 12" and 20" respectively. That comes out to 210 RPM at the input...
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    for sale: Wade 7 turret lathe, Baltimore MD, $600

    You're right, I forgot about the 73. Some of them were a standard threaded spindle. I think 5C or 8W collets was an option at the time of purchase. Wade was always a small company, and seems to have been willing to make whatever the customer wanted. I have serial number books for the 94 and 98...
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    Dean Smith Grace Lathe Tool Cabinet

    Never saw one for DS&G, but a friend's Rivett 1020S has a factory tooling cabinet. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    for sale: Wade 7 turret lathe, Baltimore MD, $600

    Wade did a proprietary quick-release adaptation of the A2 spindle design that they called the "Thread-Lock". Later Model 8A and all (I think) 94 lathes used it. Very hard to find these days. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    1917 Lodge and Shipley

    The production stops kick the feed rod out, not the lead screw, so can't be used for threading. Most lathes of this vintage do have fast feeds. The philosophy back then was use a much wider cutting surface on the tool than what became popular later on. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    1917 Lodge and Shipley

    "Mystery hole" is generally a well for white lead center lubricant, from the days before rotating centers were common. "FDS" is feeds, being expressed in turns per inch as opposed to the now-common inches per revolution. "Weird bar mechanism" was a feed knockout system. As I recall you could...