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    Mits FX10 WEDM Corner pickup

    Ok Yes Im New to wire EDM...LOL I have a Mits FX10 . So when you do an outside corner pickup and the start point is outside of the block, Why does the machine cut the wire before it moves to the start point? Can we remove the wire cut? Mien23
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    Y02 system error

    Slowly its getting better every day...... Started to cut on this Mitsubishi FX10 Wire EDM , But now Im getting a Y02 System error. The book tells me its a amplifier connector and or power source. Can anyone tell me the what the Amplifier board looks like? Mien23
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    Collision program

    Hi all Got a simple question That seem to have stump me. I have a FX10, Yes Im new to wire EDM's. I'm trying to run the "collisn.nc" but it alarms out "P232 no program No". ? How do I set the program number? Mien23
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    Mits FX10 WEDM Water Problem

    Hello everyone. Sorry yes i am new with this wire machine. I checked the water pump direction and it is turning correctly. But i am getting a water spray coming out the back of the machine were the chopper is . Can anyone tell me why this might be happening? Mien23
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    Mits FX10 WEDM

    Hi Everyone We bought a Wire EDM and look at it before we bought it. No alarm and the table moved nicely. Now we have it at the shop and powered up. We changed the two batteries and reloaded the disks, all seem to be going ok until it booted up. Servo alarm S03 NR 46 X . I can not seem to be...