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    Chinese Laser engraver for marking and engraving

    Dear All, I’m tempted in buying 50W fiber laser engraving machine and would like to hear some thoughts about them. I’ve particularly interested on Chinese table top, non closure with JPT LP E-50W laser emitter and around $5000 price range. I’ve watched few review videos from YT and they seem to...
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    Milling V-groove with chamfer mill. Disaster or success?

    Will it work to cut V-groove by using sharp tip carbide chamfer mill to aluminum? Tip is not doing much cutting but will it still work, or you end up breaking the bit? I don’t have the luxury of 4th axis and positioning the workpiece to 45 degree is not really an option.. Thank you in advance
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    Fanuc (Robodrill) M code for external output

    Hi, Does anyone know is there any reservation in Fanuc controller for external relay contact or (24)VDC output by M code or something? I have a need to activate 24VDC solenoid and feels stupid do that manually if it could somehow be controlled by the machine.. Machine in question Robodrill T10A...
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    Work holding, multiple parts from one stock

    Hi, I got this stupid rookie question about work holding so sorry.. If you were to machine say several rectangular parts at once from one bigger rectangular bar, the first side is no brainer. Hold it in vice or vacuum table etc. But the other side, what would be the easiest approach to hold it...
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    M8 tap, ER25 standard collet and steel

    Dear All, I was wondering will there be enough grip in standard ER25 collet to drive M8 tap to structural steel S355J2 / AISI A738? I don't have any square drive collets, so I'm asking dare I try.. Thank you in advance
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    Hole pattern positional error

    Hi, I faced this issue in hole positions when drilling two hole pattern to bronze. I got two parts which slide against each other by two 6mm axles. This far both have been made from Aluminium and I haven’t had any issues drilling exact positions to that material. However now I tried to do the...
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    Machining bronze

    Hi, Is it ok to form tap following material? And for end mill I assume that same polished and sharp carbide tools are the best that are for Aluminium? Material in question: CuSn7Zn4Pb7 / CC493K / C93200 / SAE 660 Thank you in advance
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    Friction between two similar and dissimilar metals. Wear issues.

    Hello All, I’ve got an interesting friction related issue that I’m trying to solve. So there are two sliding surfaces where contact area is 1292 sq mm / 2 sq in and they move back and forth hand operated, so slowly. First design both were EN-AW 2007 Aluminum and no anodizing or any kind of...
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    Fabricating air suspension to trailer

    Hi, First of all sorry, not about machining this topic. Every now and then I need to transfer delicate goods and my current trailer has leaf springs so depending on load it could give quite harsh ride. So what I was planning is to convert it to use air suspension. I see there are affordable air...
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    Fanuc accuracy setting (machining mode)

    Hi, First time I'm trying to change from Fanuc iHMI the accuracy setting but no matter what I try it wont change. Anyone know is it dependent of some parameter value or need to purchase some Fanuc option or..? This is from Robodrill. Next question would be that what does this actually do to...
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    Fanuc G05.4

    Hi, I was looking at the list of G codes there are on my Robodrill and found out G code G05.4 HRV3 which I'm not familiar and Google didn't help either. Perhaps someone could open what it means and does it have any real world use? Thank you in advance.
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    G03.4 improper G code

    Hi, I'm testing my new Robodrill which has 31i model b control and tested Fusion 360 and enabled "Allow 3d arcs" which generate following: G3.4 X22.151 Y22.143 Z-1.649 F150. It gives me PS010 Improper G code -error when it reaches "G3.4". Does this mean that the controller is not supporting 3D...
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    Newer Fanuc control and "drip feeding"

    Dear All, Just updated my old machine which had Fanuc 16MB control to recent 31i-B and was wondering which would be the best way to run the programs. This obviously doesn't have that RS232 port in panel, just two USB ports and PCMCIA slot. So my guestion is, what is the best way to run programs...
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    Can I use BT30 holder in BBT30 spindle?

    Like the title says, is it applicable and is there any harm in doing so? For example Haimer 3D taster has only BT30 integrated holder.. Thanks
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    Thread cutting depth

    Hi, Maybe someone could help me to understand how the cut depth of threads should be solved. For example I just milled internal 7/8-14 UNF threads and according to this: UNC and UNF - Unified Inch Screw Threads hole should be 20.4mm and major diameter 22.225mm. Well it didn't work, depth was...
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    Fusion 360 code with older controller

    Dear All, I’m using Fusion 360 to generate G code to my 1994 build Robodrill which has Fanuc 16MA controller. Issue is that fusion does generate lot of lines in for example adaptive clearing. X and Y movements in every 0.1mm and if say I have specified feed to be 600mm/min it will never be able...
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    Fanuc 16MA backslash compensation

    Dear All, I’d like to correct my milling machine backslash parameters as it seems to be bit off. I milled three holes to 10mm thick aluminum block (2x22mm and 1x24mm) using helical boring by 12mm end mill. Measured those holes in X and Y direction was able to get accurate measurements within...
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    Heat treating 17-4 PH

    Hi, I'm receiving heat treatment furnace so get the ability to do bit more complicated heat treatments what torch can't do. My question is about heat treating 17-4ph to H 900 condition. From the spec sheets I have found that it needs to be kept in 900F for one hour and air cooled. Does this...
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    Help identify collet holder

    Hi, This is starting to be embarrassing. This holder came with the mill and I’d need 20mm collet for this. However I have two failed attempts to order correct collet. First I thought it is ER32 but the taper angle is smaller. ER32 collet was about ok on top but at the bottom loose. So I googled...
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    Fanuc Servo motor damage

    Hi, Today happened small accident and robodrill Y axis servo motor got hit when moving things. That red plastic part cracked. I believe it's the encoder part. Anyone ever opened these that is there any vital parts right behind the plastic? Motor is still working properly and I can't hear any...