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    CNC Lathe turns OD's well, but does not repeat when boring

    I had the same problem with a .335" bore 1" deep (4140 HT) on the same machine. We put in three of the same boring bar and did rough, semi-finish, finish. After that it would repeat, then we could program out the taper and hold +/- .0002" that we required.
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    Doosan Lynx 2600SY Terrible Spindle Accel/Decel

    I tested this out K02 bit#3 (KSAR) (on our mill), it seems to be more like 65-70% of commanded speed prior to the axis moving. Any ideas on forcing it to check for 100% of commanded speed? Thanks!
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    Doosan Lynx 2600SY Terrible Spindle Accel/Decel

    Hi Paul, I just wanted to follow up on this one, maybe someone else will find it useful. I found what you are describing in the book: K02 bit#3 (KSAR). Curiously this was already set to "1/ON" In our machine. I tried setting it to zero and that made everything much worse (I can completely...
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    New Haas door safety

    On my machine (2015 VF-3) they got around that by having the tool release button disabled with the doors closed... So you need the doors closed to run a tool change and you need them open to activate the release button... I settled on disabling my right door and leaving my left door normal, now...
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    Doosan Lynx 2600SY Terrible Spindle Accel/Decel

    I have experienced the same problem on a Doosan mill. When at 100% rapid the machine will be in the cut before the acceleration to 12,000 rpm is complete. I've always added a 4 second dwell after the M03 command on this machine to compensate for it. Same issue with the thru-spindle coolant, I...
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    CNC is producing a taper in my tapped hole

    Gibbscam allows you to enter a "Tap %" modifier below the RPM on your tapping process. The field is greyed out when set to "Rigid Tap" but available when set to "Tap". I got burned by this once (it was set at 75%), I later learned it could be used for those floating tension / compression heads...
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    VF4 hopper leaking everywhere, why!?

    I had the exact same issue with a 2015 VF-3. I tried to purchase a new plastic cup (thinking the o-ring groove was damaged). My HFO said it's a known issue and the plastic cups are no longer available. They offered me an upgrade to what comes on the newer machines, $500ish for an aluminum tank...
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    Cutter vending machines any positive experiences?

    Looks like we are in the same neck of the woods. We use Thomas Skinners tool crib system and it works great. You tap your name, enter a password then the drawers unlock and you scan the tools you need to take. You set a minimum and maximum qty. for each tool and they are automatically re-ordered...
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    Cross Hole - True position measurement?

    The hole axis is only being defined off the small cross hole. I agree, there is a lot of trust being placed on the CMM at this point. We are milling the holes with a 3/16 endmill, I had trouble using reamers because of the semi interrupted cut when it first contacts the tube. The current...
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    Cross Hole - True position measurement?

    Yes, our CMM does work, unfortunately we don't have one on the shop floor. I'm hoping to come up with a measurement method we can set up at the machine. We have to chase the position throughout the day and our CMM is about 500' away and is often booked up. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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    Cross Hole - True position measurement?

    4140 at 38-44Rc. That may work for an initial setup but wouldn't be practical to check parts over the entire run (1000pcs).
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    Cross Hole - True position measurement?

    There is no MMC callout. I did try this method, however since there's such a small cross section where the pin is installed I get some noticeable wobble / droop on the pin. I even ordered some custom sized, tighter tolerance pins but it needs to be nearly size for size to eliminate the movement...
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    Cross Hole - True position measurement?

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for suggestions on how to measure the true position of a cross-hole on a cylindrical part? Pictured below there is a 0.275" +/- 0.0003" Dia. cross hole that needs to be centered in the tube O.D. within .0005" Any ideas? Thanks! Tube OD: 0.875" +/- 0.001" Tube ID...
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    Can Anyone Recommend a Drill Bit Sharpening Machine?

    I also have a V-390, it works great. 1/8" - 7/16" @ 118 & 135 have been no problem at all.
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    Doosan DNM500 TSC delay

    Hi Everyone, I have a situation with a Doosan DNM500 mill. When the thru spindle coolant is commanded on there is a long delay before it actually gets to the tool and starts flowing. It generally varies between 4-10 seconds, but sometimes doesn't come on at all. We have fully cleaned the tank...
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    Coolant Hose Issue?

    Just wanted to revive this and see if you found the source of those debris? I also have a June 2015 machine (VF-3). Just recently I lost coolant flow to the Pcool & nozzle ring but not the flushing or wash down hose. I ended up disconnecting the Pcool / coolant ring then unscrewed the coolant...
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    Mastercam 2018 question

    It appears that the depth calculator does not account for the stepped geometry of a center drill. For the purposes of depth calculation it assumes a #7 center drill is the same shape as a 5/8" 118deg drill. I get the same Z value for a .525" finish diameter with both of these tools. You'll have...
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    Broaching/keying with a lathe?

    I have used spindle orientation with an S value to accomplish this. Sxxxx is your angle times 10. The machine wasn't set to work this way by default, I had to do the following from the operation manual: K8.1 = "0" and NO.3702#2 = "1". That allows the S code to work on the M19 line. Example...
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    CNC Lathe for sale - DAINICHI

    Used DAINICHI CNC Lathe for sale by original owner, installed new in 1999. The machine is in excellent condition and is currently hooked to power (functionality can be demonstrated). Please feel free to contact me for more information, pictures or to come have a look. I am located in Langley...
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    Fastener Identification Help

    No internal threads on this, it's external. It could very well be a long set screw that was turned down. The application is a pivot for a hinge. I need about 1.25" of reach on the pin / dog-point end, so having the threads at the top is a must. The only other way I can accomplish this is by...