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    DMG DMU50evo spindle oil-air lubrication settings

    Hello, i need advice. What is the right pressure of air in the air-oil lubrication for the spindle and the extra air for the sealing of the spindle. Also in the base of the spindle where the oil-air tubes end up there is a hole that spits oil an air when i start the spindle, is it possible the...
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    DMG DMU 50 Evolution machine constants

    Hello everybody, my name is John and I live in Greece. I have recently purchased a DMG DMU 50 Evolution 2000 built. It is in good mechanical shape and very little used. When I power it up it only showing 3 axis and not the 4 and 5 axis. I believe this is do to machine constants have been wiped...
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    Maho MH600E ballscrew

    Hi, I have recently bought a Maho MH600E and I am in the proses of retrofitting to linuxcnc. I haven’t power up the machine, I have strip the machine to inspect everything before move the axis. While cleaning I saw balls on the bottom of the machine, the match the groove off ball screw and the...