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    Clark C500Y150 w/ Continental F245 dies under load at idle

    My Clark lift dies when under load at idle. I need to drive it with two feet to keep the RPMs up when turning the wheel or lifting the forks or it dies. I thought it might just be a governor issue, but reviewing the F series overhaul manual it appears to have a gear driven governor that only...
  2. J

    15k rated fork lift for 13.5k machine - will it lift?

    I realize there is not a straightforward theoretical answer, but I'm hoping someone here might have experience with the same lift. I have an 1988 Clark C500Y150 in good condition (rated 15,000 lb @ 24" from fork face and 101" in the air) and I'm considering purchasing a machine that is 103" x...
  3. J

    WTB 11,000+ lbs, pneumatic tire, dual drive wheel fork lift - SW Ohio Area

    As the title says, I'm in the market for a used fork lift. Options on the typical internet listings are somewhat limited so I thought I'd see if anyone here had one or knew someone that did. Features I'm looking for: 11k+ lbs lift Overall lowered height < 96" Pneumatic Tires Dual drive wheels...
  4. J

    7050 vs 7075 aluminum for plastic injection molds

    I've seen many recommendations for the specialty QC7 and QC10 aluminums, as well as for 7075, but have not seen anyone mention 7050. Looking at the properties, it seems 7050 would be well suited. Has anyone used it for injection molds?
  5. J

    Plastic Granulator Sizing? 7.5 vs 15 HP

    Does anyone have experience with plastic granulators? I'm debating between a 7.5HP and a 15HP granulator. Are there any functional differences in capability other than just raw throughput and chute size? Would 7.5HP have the power to granulate something as thick and tough as a plastic pallet? I...
  6. J

    Great Lakes Oil Company GLOC Syn EDM+ Dielectric

    I will soon be acquiring my first sinker EDM machine and need a dielectric fluid. I've read that Commonwealth Oil EDM-244 and IONOPLUS IME-MH are the popular choices, but I haven't found any nearby and freight for 55 gal is around $500. I came across the GLOC brand which is sold somewhat close...
  7. J

    Dust collector selection and sizing

    I currently have no dust collection system. I'm looking into something capable of servicing a grinding station as well as a CNC mill and eventually a CNC lathe for machining graphite and composites. I've searched here and found information suggesting a HEPA equipped Torit or similar, but no...
  8. J

    Smallest parts on an ~8" turning center?

    I'm browsing for an early 90's ~8" turning center (my first, no experience) to turn some shafts 1"D x 14"L, as well as some other parts that fit its envelope. I'm also currently designing a part which will require small custom fine pitch adjustment screws. The screws will be carbon steel and...
  9. J

    Plastic injection molding resources

    I would imagine there are some here with some overlap into plastic injection molding; Are there any communities like this one, but dedicated to plastic injection molding? I'm leaning toward buying a machine for producing some parts in house. I've calculated the general requirements for the...
  10. J

    Structuring a small business to sell my designs

    I have a few designs that I'm in the process of prototyping in my home shop that I'd like to be able to manufacture and sell at some point. I've done enough research to suggest that starting an LLC is probably the best choice for starting a business for this purpose, but I'm still not decided...
  11. J

    First CNC lathe recommendations?

    I'm researching adding a CNC lathe to the shop sometime later this year. It will be used for prototyping, though if it would be suited for production that would be a huge plus should I ever get to that point. Most parts I would make are small, but I'd like to be able to turn shafts as well. So I...
  12. J

    Brother TC-S2B (A00 Control) Error 8203 *PARITY (WORK ZERO)

    I just fired up my S2B and before I could zero return it, it threw an error: 8203 *PARITY (WORK ZERO) Reading the manual indicates this is a memory error and the work zero data is corrupted. The remedy is to "Press reset and data by memory screen new data again". Which I assume means to just...
  13. J

    Brother A00 external output signals to control pneumatic solenoid

    I want to hook up a solenoid to clamp/unclamp a brake on a Nikken TAT105. Reading the manuals, it appears there are programmable outputs PO103-PO110 that can be accessed and set via macros, but I don't see specifications for these outputs or where they are physically located anywhere. I don't...
  14. J

    Tool and Cutter Grinder Recommendations

    I'm looking for a tool and cutter grinder for around $1500 to make small custom reamers and make simple form tools. I'm thinking a Deckel SO or clone would be sufficient to make D bits for this purpose, but the Deckel SO seems suited to only this task. I always prefer a machine more capable than...
  15. J

    Nikken rotary troubleshooting on a Brother A00

    My S2B came with a Nikken CNCZ105 and I just got it installed for the first time. For the first 5-10 minutes, everything worked great. I was able to zero return it and control it in manual mode as well as MDI and it appeared to position correctly. It then it started throwing alarms. The sequence...
  16. J

    Machine Freight - Flatbed or Conestoga?

    Looking to ship a 4500lb vertical mill from California to Ohio. This is my first machine for private use so budget is tight, but I'm willing to spend when necessary. I have the option of using a flat bed trailer with the machine tarped or using a conestoga trailer. Both trailers are air ride...
  17. J

    Small bench mill or go big? (for a newbie)

    I've wanted to buy mill for years now and may soon be pulling the trigger. It would be for hobby development and prototyping, but if a design bears fruit I'd like to start a business with it. My first consideration was to buy a new Taiwanese manual mill and convert it myself. I figured this...