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    punch and die set

    Hello To All Here is the latest die set that I am planning on building. YouTube link of the auto cad drawing. https://youtu.be/o0Qgv6fgu3Q It is a die set that I plan on building to punch out these parts out of 1.5" by 1/4" aluminum t6 6061 flat bar on my Niagara number 3 punch press. I used...
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    Heat treating d2 getting cracks

    We heat treated some d2 tool steel in house instead of out sourcing. We don't have a vacuum kiln, but tried wrapping them in the ss foil. Scale was a little worse than I am used to. When I surface ground these blocks, was getting what look like small surface cracks. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Tramming the mill head, what the heck

    I bought a nice dual dial indicator tramming device and calibrated it. I got the head zeroed out left to right and front to back. In theory I should be able to slowly rotate the tramming indicator on the table and it should read zero as I rotate it correct? This is not the case for me, I don't...
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    making springs, need a soft formable material

    Hi, Looking for soft material that i can make springs out of, then once the spring it formed, i can heat treat it. I have alot of fairly complicated springs to make, that i cant use any wire that already has some sort of heat treatment, it would be to difficult to bend and form. what material...
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    heat treating with a home made propane kiln

    So i have this huge beefy heavy steel cabinet that is lined with fire bricks, i think they may have used to preheat certain types of parts for welding cracks up for example cracks in cast iron, like an exhaust manifold. it doesn't have any forced air, so the highest temp i can achieve with the...
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    Bridgeport v2xt cnc milling machine

    I'm trying to identify what i have here... I am new to cnc and just got this machine. I got everything to work, I just can't figure out how to load a program, put in the work and tool offsets and run program. Here is some of the badging V2xt on keyboard cover Dx32 on inside of keyboard cover...
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    Punch and die clearance...fail

    I built a progressive punch and die set. I tested it today and it didnt work. I calculated the tons required and it was 16 tons of shear. 3/8" 6061 aluminum is the material. I have a no. 3 Niagara punch press that's good for 19 tons. The books said clearance constant for aluminum over 1/8" is 8...
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    heat treatment opinions

    Hello, I am new to heat treating and i have a few things to heat treat. I will send them out to a heat treat facility. How would you heat treat these items?: A punch and die set made out of D2 tool steel.(this die set will be blanking out 1.820" round 6061 discs 3/16" thick.) Several hand...
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    what are these DOALL parallels of different thicknesses

    what are these DOALL parallels of different thicknesses 1/4 3/8 5/8 thick what are these and what are they used for??? ok thanks Steve
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    feed rate

    Had a quick question. When you refer to what feed rate you are using, i.e. "running 30 thousandths feed rate" , which chart do you use on your lathes? I have a 1957 lodge and Shipley and have three charts, leads per revolution, threads per inch, and feeds in thousandths. I am assuming I would...
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    material selection

    I need to build some "Bull Pricks" This is basically a fancy spike or stake that they pound into the ground like a pilot drill bit, to make room to drive the wooden stake (hub) or vampire stake into the ground to set grade (elevation) when building roads. What type of material do you guys think...
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    Starrett Universal Dial Test Indicator question

    Hello All, I am new to the forum here. I have a Starrett Universal Dial Test Indicator. And i am confused as to why my bars dont fit... see pictures. I think the bar is suppose to insert there? but the size is way off. Bars measure .310" and the hole is .245". I inherited this tool. Am i...