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    Post processor question for preparing program to old CNC mill/lathe

    Hello This might be a long question but i do need the help. I was currently assigned to change our cad software from Solidworks to fusion 360 because something changing to windows 10 and computers need to be changed, something too expensive for Solidworks something. I am the design engineer who...
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    Fine Grinding Velocities.

    Hello, I have question that might be too "overthinking" the problem. I work at a company that is developing Fine grinding plates. I am new to this and my coworker/Boss wants to calculate the velocities in the process so that we can create a "small scale" testing apparatus with different...
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    Wolters AC500 carrier pin specs

    Hello, I am about to make custom carriers for our Wolters AC500 and wanted to know if anyone had the specs of the pins that the carriers mesh to. since I want the carriers to mesh correctly, I nee the pin specs to ensure a good fit. Any info or prints appreciated. thanks
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    CNC BT-30 tooling

    Hello guys, In my job, we sometimes create the tooling that will run our dicing products, we have a customer that came up to us because they want to use a Haas DT1. that DT1 requires BT30 tooling balanced to G2.5. we can make the tooling, but the balancing afterwards cannot be done by us. I...
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    "Touch-less" touch off (probing)

    Hello, I had a question. my boss came up to me to setup of look at options to setup one of our grinders(specifically an Okamoto ACC-12-24 DX)with a more presice way of toucing off a part. I have tought about a way to put in a small camera to get a closer view of the touch off, but this is still...
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    Cat 30 Toolhoder Dims

    Hello, Im making my own Cat 30 toolholder for work and i was wondering if anybody can point me to a place where i can get the dimensions for the taper, the dims of the area that goes into the machine toolholder(basically the whole thing). any info appreciated (or if there is a solidworks model i...
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    Shaft/Shoulder undercut

    Hello guys, I wanted to ask suggestions/ideas for manufacturing of shafts, typically when we make aluminum shafts and we have to put an undercut for when we grind the shaft and the shoulder, the company has used the 45 Degree 0.060 wide undercut shown on the "Orig" image My boss wants to make...
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    Post Processor Editing Class

    Hello, In my work, we have a machinist that creaes his programs in mastercam 10 and transfers them to our cnc machines(a mori seiki with a fanuc controller and an old fadall) the problem is that sometimes mastercam cretes a program and uses a G code that migt not be used by the old machine.(say...