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    ZB25 Brierley Drill Grinder

    Brierley ZB10 Will it be possible to get a copy of the ZB10 manual? Thank you Jakkie Blom [email protected]
  2. J

    ZB25 Brierley Drill Grinder

    I got a very good pdf of the ZB25/32 manual, if you still need 1, please email me at [email protected] I am looking for manual on ZB10! May be someone can help Thank you. Jakkie Blom South Africa
  3. J

    Brierley ZB25 drill grinder - Cams

    Did you get more cam info? I am busy buy a very old unit with 4 jaw chuck. I got a pdf manual of ZB25/32, if that will help someone Regards from South Africa
  4. J

    Bulleri A25 wood carver

    Bulleri A25 I just bought a Bulleri A25 today, on the data plate voltage are given as 220V, but it is 3 phase. There are only 3 wires on the motors, does that mean that the wires are connected in Delta? I am 8n South Africa. Thank you Jakkie