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    Hoffmann-universal dividing head question

    markusfu the only inconvenient i see for this type of mounting is thats not as fast to change a chuck compared to a camlock.
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    Hoffmann-universal dividing head question

    My small asian lathe have a similar taper called C-4 with 3 threaded stud for mounting like a camlock and it have a mt4 hole the OD of the taper is around 2.125
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    Building a bicycle framebuilding shop in Norway

    Welcome aboard. im building bikes too, but more on the chopper and cruiser type. maybe you can do a litle search on the threads i started. I hope seeing updates from your shop soon
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    Bridgeport for wood? Ebay...Truthfull seller?

    it have a bunch of aluminium and steel chips in the t-slots
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    What type of bearings are these?

    i saw those bearings types a few time at work. we call it waterpump bearing but ive also see them in a snowblower transmition for holding the disc and a pulley.
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    OT- Snow "socks" for tires ?

    i dont have read the entire thread. I think you shoud drive slowly and carefully, since snow and ice are lot more slippery than pavenent. and also be aware of black ice (road looks wet but are very slippy)
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    xtremcycles home shop

    sorry i havent seen your message before. the holding device is floating. So, you can turn it with your hands, like any normal dies like to. and it can freely slide foward and backward, to folow the threads its making. look closely to the pics.
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    OT-Soap for mopping shop floor

    water work fine for water soluble coolant. and it cost nearly nothing
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    What is this lathe tool??

    rare counterbore
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    OT: Clean hands--what do you use

    i use vetogel at shop and orange scented with pumice at home. solution with pumice do the job real good but is not friendly with sensitive hand.
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    How do they knurl this shape?

    anyway, like a lot of other things, it have a lot of ways to do it. just make it the way you are able to.
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    Who made the smallest boring mill?

    i dont know. but i want to do one in a very long term project who will have about 1sqf table.
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    How do they knurl this shape?

    by the way i think yous photos are good
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    How do they knurl this shape?

    1-make a form tool who is the negative shape you want to produce 2-heat the piece red hot 3-press the oiled form tool in the place you want thats it, now you have the funky knurl you wanted.
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    OT- How to repair a drill press table.

    you can rebuild it it with cast iron welding rod. and face the table, rebore the hole on a lathe . will be like new
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    Building a three roll tubing bender?

    this work fine for bicycle application. i made rolls for different rube size from 1/2 to 1 1/2. but the top screw and rear wheel are hard to turn. im now working on beter version, the two lower rolls will pe powered instead of only the upper one.
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    Miniature Breast Drill

    you made a very nice scale replica of this drill.
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    xtremcycles home shop

    no not 60! i was able to count 86 line so i guess it was around 90 years old. dont worry the rest of it will end in the fireplace for heating next winter.
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    xtremcycles home shop

    i decided to go for the big log stand. A solid maple log 16in diam.