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  1. jims

    Relocating business to LA, California. Is that a good idea?

    I would come to California and check it out for myself. I have friends living in million dollar homes and buying $80 thousand dollar new trucks and cars telling me how bad they are doing. Many of them have never been out of the state. You can google sites like wallet-hub and see a tax cost break...
  2. jims

    Requesting tips to speed up production of this simple part on manual lathe.

    In my 70 years of machining. I have seen some people tell posters buy a new machine or buy expensive tools to turn simple job into big deal. This week I read Many machinist tell a poster to buy a different lathe or a CNC to speed up a job. I could see this if there were thousands of parts to be...
  3. jims

    Anyone Order from Fry Steel?

    I used to buy every from them every week and never had a problem with them. Couple thousand doiiars a month.
  4. jims

    looking for 5/16 or 1/4" endmill with .06" corner radius. anyone in michigan have one i can pick up tomorrow? i'm in a HUGE bind

    Hand grind. That’s why I have a radius gage set. Done it many times.
  5. jims

    Turning 13" long .875 delrin rod down to .770

    All the box tools I have ever used are limited too the depth of the tool itself. Never used one that had a thru hole for stock to go thru. That is why I made my tool and used it In production.
  6. jims

    Follower rests, and turning DOM tube

    Just got some cheap bearings off eBay. Bought like ten of them at low cost. So I have extras.
  7. jims

    Follower rests, and turning DOM tube

    I made a tool to do that kind of cut. Part shone is turning 3/8 stainless to 1/8 in one pass. But tool is easy to make and could be made bigger. If it gets too long I would support finished turned part with a steady. Message me if I can help you.
  8. jims

    Follower rests, and turning DOM tube

  9. jims

    SO it looks like we are getting a thread roller

    Lots of machinist don’t know you can knurl with them. I had thousands of 316 SS knurled and never a bad knurl. Also I had a 1000 piece job scraped by a new hire . The part had a .06 chamfer on one side and a .015 chamfer on the other end and he cut the .06 on both sides. I had about .015...
  10. jims

    Turning 13" long .875 delrin rod down to .770

    I know my tool will work. But for another good idea look up Frank Ford’s follow rest he has made great tools.
  11. jims

    Turning 13" long .875 delrin rod down to .770

    I made a tool that can do that with ease. First one I made was to turn 3/8 stainless to 1/8 in one pass. Worked great. I have made bigger ones since. Google. Not a follow rest Email me if you need help [email protected] You could turn it 2 foot long without a center if you...
  12. jims

    Rear tool post

    People seem to think the back tool post is mostly for cut off tools. But when running production many times it is used because you need to put a tool there . Sometimes you time a back tool to a front tool to hold a close space for like two grooves. Once set and timed you can hold spacing like...
  13. jims

    Help me pick a bench top turret lathe?

    I have 3 Logan 11 inch turret lathes that would do that job. They have legs on them but you could remove them. I also have a Hardinge dv59 that would be perfect for short run production jobs in fact that is what they were made for.
  14. jims

    Round bar ways machines.

    Traub automatic lathes are very solid and do amazing work. Tricky to learn how to set up. Because front and back slides and two more slides working at 10 and 2 o’clock and another at 12 o’clock. Plus tailstock all working at same time. Check out you tube videos. we ran them for years with no...
  15. jims

    Tips for refacing large aluminim parts on a small lathe needed.

    You might find a mentor close by you if you post where you are at. Looks like an easy task to me.
  16. jims

    Follower rests, and turning DOM tube

    I made a tool to turn small dia but the same thing would work for larger dia stock. I mounted a piece of plate on left of crosslide drilled and bored a bore true to spindle and pinned it so I could remove and replace keeping it true. Moved plate to mill and worked off of that bore to mount 3...
  17. jims

    Help me pick a bench top turret lathe?

    Look at a Logan 11 inch turret lathe.think they are less than 900 lbs. check Logan web site.
  18. jims

    looking to get a 40mm bar knurled in Novi, MI/surrounding areas ASAP, paying well.

    Might check with a thread roller grinder company. I used to get beautiful knurls on my 316 SS parts. When I sent them out.
  19. jims

    Hardinge Sjogren 5C collet speed chuck - repairable ?

    I also have a collet closer and I will check it out. I am sure I could sell you the hold system for much less then Hardinge would charge for the part.