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    Moving a heavy lathe

    If the bottom of the machine is relatively smooth? Jack it up, slide under thick walled pipe or solid bar, and do like the Egyptians used to do to move large blocks (basic understanding). Pipe/solid bar will either roll under the machine? Or the small amount of surface area where the pipe/solid...
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    Miller Synchrowave 300 - No Arc!

    Sometimes the”contactors”(it was 10 years ago but I believe that was the word) go out in those millers. I had a dynasty that it happened to. Sent it to get some new ones put in. It wasn’t expensive to do.
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    Problems with TIG on Mild Steel

    I briefly scrolled thru the responses, which are all valid points. Another thing to check is the polarity setting on your machine, or how the leads are plugged in? Some machines have internal switching going on when you set it to Tig. Others you have to manually swap your leads to DCEN and set...
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    Getting into a Welding Supportive Role??

    Hey everyone. I didn’t know necessarily which area of the forum to directly post this question in. So forgive me in that aspect. I am looking to get my foot in the door in a supportive role with any manufacturing/production area that utilizes welding? Looking to start small and then...