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    can't open/close chuck in auto mode (LU-15/OSP 7000L)

    Hi Guys, Having trouble opening/closing chuck - it works fine in manual mode, but not in auto mode. eg: when cycle finishes, have to switch back to manual, swap part, switch back to auto, cycle start. This is a pain in the ass but I have just dealt with it for a while now. The issue is I have...
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    Okuma OSP5000L Hour Meter

    Not sure about on a lathe, but I am in the same boat as GuntisK, with the hour meters being physical counters on the side of the electrical cabinet. This is on a mill with OSP5000M-G, but I would imagine a lathe with the same era control would be the same.
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    1987 NIkken rotary table minimum index? (CNC-250 DCF + 8800 DX control)

    Hi Guys, I am looking to purchase an old (1987) Nikken rotary table with a stand alone controller, but I am having trouble finding some info that I need. I need to be able to index 1.5 degrees (240 increments around the part). However, it is my understanding that many rotary tables with...
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    OSP7000L - chuck clamp delay/auto door issues

    Hi Guys, A couple of years ago I bought an old LU15 lathe, I'm fianally getting it setup to use. I'm having a couple of strange little issues. I'm sure they're really simple things to fix - but I can't work it out! I've done a bit of a search but can't really find what I'm looking for. Issues...
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    WTB: older used CNC mill in Melbourne (AUS)

    Hi Guys, I'm chasing an older, used CNC mill. Ideally somewhere around Melbourne, but I am happy to travel. 40 or 50 taper machine. Minimum 1000mm X travel (more is fine). Not fussed about it having an enclosure if it is an older and/or converted machine. Ideally a vertical machine, but...
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    OSP7000L issue with parameters/axis over travel

    Hi Guys, Having an issue with a new to me LU15 lathe. When I received the machine, the travel limit parameters were set to a tiny work envelope (approx. 100mm Z, 60mm X, on both turrets). In the process of adjusting the parameters to allow full machine travel, I jogged the machine past the Z-...
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    Line Boring Bar Material

    Chrome plated cylinder rod material works particuarly well for line boring bars as it makes galling almost a non-issue. It is also centreless ground, so is usually quite round/straight. 4140 would be best, but given that it is a one-off in aluminium, I'm sure you could make do with 1045. With...
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    Considering either a LU15-M or LU-15. Thoughts pls

    Hi sophtayl, It might be too late by now but just FYI; I bought one of the LU-15's for $7k (+ their removal fee & buyer premium). Haven't seen it under power or anything, so bit of a risk really, but at least gives you an idea what sort of price they're willing to let them go for. Goood luck