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    mc9 help

    thanks Mtndew for your reply. i figured it out. its in: Main / NC Utilities / def ops . edits ops and mill parameters and setup sheet is also there. thanks for pointing me in the right direction. V9 btw.
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    mc9 help

    question about mastercam9 . how do you manage/edit the operations file, the defauls file, and the mill parameter file, to set default conditions for drilling, contouring, boring, etc. ?
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    Reamers with large chamfer

    my .251 dia HS reamer is ca. .205-.210 dia on the small end of the 45. seems that could work. ream slower feed towards the bottom to allow for cutting the angle.
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    Our Fanuc Industrial Robot Loader with Haas VF-2SS Video

    could have kept your apprentice guy and he could have learned something and he would compete only against other humans in the future.but spend lots $ to buy a robot and spend time to train 'it' and off you go. replacing any human with a robot is the immoral shitshow of the decade.
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    Haas multiple codes alarm

    have you tried omitting g42 and see what happens. the line before G3 could say ' X2.0 R.01 ' and dont use the G3 line. i assume you have several lines before the ones you posted, to start the prog. (like T0101 , G50, M3 ... etc,)
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    Haas multiple codes alarm

    is this on a lathe? and what are you trying to do?
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    RPM for 1/4 NPT in copper?

    i suggest a feed of 8 ipm and 144 rpm spindle speed (with coolant of course)
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    NPT thread dimensions calculations

    I tap a standard 1/4-18 Pipe Tap 0.95 in. deep to get to plug depth
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    Mazak Glass Scale Correction

    hi tylerfavor according to your error over the 200 inches, you could use , say a 20 inch gauge(block), and would be reading an error of .0016 over that distance, that might tell you about how well the tracker is actually reading. my 2 cents
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    Mazak mill z axis. Newbie and newbie to this site. Help please

    on every mill i have worked on, the negative Z value will increase if you want to go deeper. Z 0 starts on top where your spindle is as high up as it goes.all negative from here. If you manually jog your Z axis, you should be able to see which way the numbers go on your screen . good luck.
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    I have a small rubber ball screw 'boot/rubber bellows' protective cover that is worn?

    think automotive. the two bolts holding the brake disc pads in the caliper have bellows on them (to keep grime out). as there are many different sizes, there might be one that fits for you. once i got oem brakepads and got bolts and bellows with it.
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    Drilling 316 Stainless Steel Speeds And Feeds

    i would try feed of 2 - 3 ipm , and 1000 - 1200 rpm
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    Need some help with portable CNC mill

    i would try .50 dia carbide endmills. maybe a cob one to rough out, maybe not even. a .50 dia carbide 4 flute can do good work and does'nt tug so hard.
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    Opinions for tolerance required on a "REAM" Callout?

    i would say .501 +- .0002 will do fine
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    Injection Molding Questions from a customer standpoint

    the price of 5k is normal,maybe even a tad cheap,yes even for one part. as long as the parts are somewhat similar in size and height,and of course, same plastic, they can all go in one mold. but be careful what you get. some hack shops make garbage molds that flash (leaks at Parting Line), have...
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    Will Behind Tape Reader fix jerky motion caused by 3D tool paths?

    i once ran a 88 supermax cnc. it was boggy and jerky like yours. memory too small to load anything in there, and buffer so small it was always jerky, either waiting for data or data overflow of the buffer.a balance act between how fast you are machining/executing the code lines and getting more...
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    Loading a new tool in the Mazak Nexus control

    and getting a file from your usb into the control (Nexus II) takes about 99 button pushes
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    Seeking help for manufacturing multi-start acme threads via thread mill

    it looks like the pitch of your thread is too great for the tool to cut it. as it steeply pitches the cut it cuts away previous threads. you need a different tool/setup.
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    Wire EDM feeds sugestions

    yeah, it can take a while to cut through 4 inches of p-20. it would on the mits CX2(non-submersed) i once ran. Mitsubishi is not the greatest WEDM either. your wire brand depends on a lot. i used to use OKI . was prefered in my corner of the woods. but the more you are 'helping' ,the more time i...
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    retract speed

    thank you billshop , haastec and everyone else for your replies