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    Argon heat treating environment and kanthol wire.

    Thanks for the reply's, and I apologize for forgetting that I'd asked the question. I got my argon kit a week ago and haven't installed it yet. From reading several postings in various websites I believe I'll build a stainless steel retort that just fits into the chamber, the sides and bottom...
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    Inspection of bar stock

    Years ago we got some 303 round bar in that got stuck in the collet. We hammered it out backwards a bit with a copper slug and found the brights marks the collet smeared, and miked it, right on size! But I noticed the marks were at three areas 120 degrees apart, the bar was lobed from the...
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    Argon heat treating environment and kanthol wire.

    I found this, in post #5 by Adama "you need to watch, a lot of furnace elements need oxygen, it forms a protective layer on them, Kanthenal wire ran in a inert - low oxygen environment will have a very very short life...
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    push button rifling

    Yeah the pre rifling bore size and finish are critical. I've already forgotten the formula for bore size to get full riflings. And yes, I also got some bad tries, because the bore wasn't right.
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    Metric drill set types questions

    I have metric sets in .1 progression from 5 MM up to 14 MM. Often when I want to get close to a hole size without reaming and look at the chart on the wall the MM sizes are all on the left side of the decimal. But with the tenth MM progression it often seems like my choices, fractional inch...
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    Antiquated machine tooling distribution! Dear Tooling mfgs get with the time!

    That was writing of UPS charges I think. A few thoughts; I'm nobody, my business is very small now. When I need something fast I use MSC, they get orders to me from Reno in one or two days max, at basic ground rates, which is what the people in Portland do, but the Portland tooling store's UPS...
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    Antiquated machine tooling distribution! Dear Tooling mfgs get with the time!

    One thing about buying tools from any source is the cost of shipping, the local source I use in Portland sends all packages by UPS, it is becoming far too common for the cost of shipping by UPS to exceed the cost of the items, and sometimes far exceeding it. When all else is the same a tool...
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    Victor Lathe Origin?

    The feeds engagement handle doesn't look like the setup my beloved old Takisawa TSL800 had, nor is the top of the tailstock rounded like mine was. I see similarities but only the broad strokes, the details and square corners are all wrong unless we are talking about an earlier Takisawa or some...
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    chuck a chuck onto a lathe?

    First though, perhaps a mental exercise of imagination would help, imagine a chuck, or any heavy object, dancing at high speeds around the shop floor. I think about that every time I chuck large objects, especially out of balance parts, and the farther a part or a chuck sticks out of the chuck...
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    Protecting Your Hands - What Gloves to Wear

    I never saw anyone working with machine tools wearing gloves until 10 years or so back, one employee kept getting some kind of rash on his hands from the coolant. To many of us old timers the feel of a micrometer thimble is a very serious skill, fine tuned. I never could stand the loss of...
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    Hyd cylinder repair

    Ray Behner's advice is also my first question, and recently a friend asked me to straighten a hitch cylinder rod on his Kabota tractor. The tractor is new, and he wasn't sure how it got bent, I straightened it within .004" and sent it back. It got bent again almost immediately! It seems the...
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    Shop First Aid Supplies

    I read somewhere that flour makes a great clotting agent, at the time I was looking for whatever the EMT's carry for that, turns out that again the nanny state laws forbid it without a license. I've used the kitchen flour effectively many times since then. Coincidentally today we got 2...
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    A question about the new ratcheting flex head box wrenches

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't there two types? The first ones I bought used a sprag clutch, which got tired pretty quick and slipped or locked up, and later Gearwrenches that actually had ratchets? I might be confusing identical looking wrench sets that have different names. I marveled...
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    OT - Hands peeling?

    I had an employee who got some kind of nasty reaction to old tired coolant that had been used to turn and mill copper parts. It may have been the rancid coolant but I think it was the copper. The percentage of copper got so high that the coolant would get greenish blue. It never bothered me...
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    New facing head works great but how to keep screws tight?

    I've had a few employees who never had any trouble popping the heads off insert screw using them, and I always got to be the one buggering what was left back out.
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    J1-400II centre lathe

    Never heard of them before, but you might be able to get an answer by the people who put out this video; JFMT J1 530 x 3000 centre lathe for sale at Newmac Equipment - YouTube About 2/3 way through he reverses it but the control he activates is off camera.
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    Bridgeport Series 1 Power Quill not working

    On mine it was the last pin at the end of the little horizontal driveline with the ball inside. This is the one that has the forward and reverse thimble at it's end, but the pin is at the farthest back end. Buy one of the repair books off ebay, they are very good. (Rebuild Manual for 1hp...
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    DRO Location

    Actually I think that comment is weird.
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    Want to find Lowest shipping costs for a small part.

    We made a large run of parts about the size of yours and sold them via forum signature lines, so no advertising costs. We send them in 6 X 8 bubble envelopes USPS for $3.86 each mailing, and offer the customers $5 off each part for two or more. When we started the shop in 1986 I loved UPS...
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    DRO Location

    I've always gotten confused as to whether or not RH or LH is relative to the operator facing the front of the machine or the machine's right or left. Considering it that way the DRO on all mine have been to my right and the machine's left. I can't have a conversation about this without...