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    FX10 (Mitsubishi) how to choose proper E-PACK

    My advice is to get a new EPAC manual from Mc Machinery. Then what I did was made a quick cheat sheet. I have an old FX10 and a new Mv2400S. Mits put the book in the newer machines. The old machines don't have the same kind of power abilities as the new so the differ in settings even if you were...
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    O/T: Our health & lives

    For being such an old post I'm not sure why it popped up for me to read but it surely hit home. My father, whom some of you may actually have known, Dwight Carter in California, (a tool and die salesman for 30+ years and machinist from way back) recently passed from Gallbladder Cancer.(He worked...
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    What setting are you trying to cut on? Varying, Optimum, Thin cut? Do you use PM or Adaptive Control feature? Is there a threading issue at all as well? Is it breaking when first touching the part or in the cut randomly? At corners? How is the quality of water? Have you done a VG adjustment yet...
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    Burn out drill bit

    How does one survive EDM without using a hole popper? LOL. I burn out what ever the guys can break with mine and copper tubing w/ flushing threw the tube and an additional flush outside. Correct settings are a must. Tvalen1432
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    EDM Maintenance services

    I totally understand that Mits Tech can be costly, but when you use them they are far worth the cost! They go out of their way to help and are a phone call away. They are so supportive and for most things will help you over the phone to solve the issue. I have had quite a few whom go as far as...
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    upgrade from disc to usb on mits FX10

    Update: I must agree hands down that Shop Floor Automations is Great! Thank You. With their Tech Support and easy to install/set up it took about 10min tops. https://www.shopfloorautomations.com/hardware/floppy-emulator-standard
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    upgrade from disc to usb on mits FX10

    Thank You All!
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    upgrade from disc to usb on mits FX10

    Does anyone know what kind of unit to get when transferring from disc to USB on a Mits FX10? Also, anything special I have to do to make it work besides plug it in? Does the USB stick have to be formatted to anything specific to communicate to machine? Company wants to do it inhouse rather than...
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    removing the EDM off a die slot

    We have never blasted the dies before. I think I seen one around once but never seen it used. So that is all new to me.
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    removing the EDM off a die slot

    Wdevine, we are definitely good. No offense taken. To be honest, I sometimes tend to over think things at times. That's not always a bad thing. One could be doing something a certain way for a long time and then all of a sudden learn it hasn't been the best way or right way. Or some one found a...
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    removing the EDM off a die slot

    "The WEDM guy should have already determined the burn correction factor a long time ago." How do you figure the burn correction factor? I believe that WEDM guy would be me at this point. Sometimes you don't know what you are doing wrong or if you are doing it wrong unless some one guides you...
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    removing the EDM off a die slot

    Thank You all for your input. I tend to always look for ways that might improve my parts which in turn extends their life in production and this was one of them. They would prefer we didn't stone the slots for fear of altering the size so I reached for this alternative to explore. Thanks, Tvalen1432
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    removing the EDM off a die slot

    I'm sure there are several ways to remove the EDM other than the stoning it off. I was wondering if I were to sand blast it off, what material I could use that wont alter the size of the slot but will remove the EDM. Yes I realize by removing it it will affect a tenth or so. The EDM, as it gets...
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    FX10 wire breaking when run VG program

    Update: I learned that the DOBS and Collision files are not the same as the DOBS and Collision on the pitch error disks and you need both sets. Also the only files I needed to load from the EPAC disc was FXKW19.IN and FXKS-IN.MMS. The others I was loading as well were wrong and for my other...
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    FX10 wire breaking when run VG program

    Happy New Year everyone. To start off my new year with a challenge, my FX10 software had to be reloaded and when it came time to do the VG adjust, the machine keeps breaking the wire. Anyone had this happen before? I got frustrated and did a test cut, skipping the VG and the part wasn't cutting...
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    Filter blown?

    Mits MV2400S. The filters they use now are 13" X 12"(FMFX/CX-Plus) and suck. I get barely over 100 hrs on them. 150 once in a while if lucky. I'm going back to the 13" X 17" (FRP1317)ones I use on my FX10 since they are universal for the 2 machines. Rarely ever had problems with those ones. I...
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    Filter blown?

    If there are little streams of water coming out the sides of the filter, does that mean it is blown out? Or is that normal? Usually it just flows out the sides and gets higher as the filter is used. Also, doesn't the water get filtered through both evenly or is it supposed to fill one and then...
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    Diminishing WEDM filter performance

    If water is coming out the sides of filter in little streams, does that mean they are blown? I'm thinking yes but they are only at 120 hours and one of them looks hardly used at all. I have a Mits MV2400S. Is it supposed to fill up one then switch to the other or are they supposed to fill up...
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    Old wire

    I hope you scrapped it and not trashed it! LOL $$$ Tvalen1432
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    Top of part bigger than bottom of part

    You were all right as a whole. I figured I had made so many different changes in variables that I needed to start all fresh again and begin with the basic steps to do before running a job. Beginning with cleanliness, alignments and so on. First, I forgot about the "head away" tech as the fixture...