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    Can lathe jaws be re-machined & if so , who does this kind of work.

    I once resurrected a small 3-jaw chuck. I converted the jaws from regular jaws to jaws accepting soft jaws. I heated the jaws in a gas furnace at 1,200 degrees for about half an hour, then turned the gas off and allowed the jaws to cool off naturally in the furnace. The result was that they...
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    Gerstner price when new

    I attended the Machine Tool Show at McCormick Place about in 1995. I visited the Gerstner exhibit booth. They had a deal where they were selling toolboxes under the National name. These toolboxes were made in the Gerstner factory, and were the same as the regular Gerstner toolboxes. I...
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    Experiences with power draw bars?

    I have a Atrump b3ec mill, it came with a Maxi drawbar tool changer for cat40 tooling. It works excellent with a 5/8 coarse thread drawbar. There is no chance of stripping this thread, as might happen with the fine thread drawbar on a Bridgeport mill, so there is no need for feathering the switch.
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    FS Hammond Trim-O-Saw

    Ferrous Antiquos had one of these for sale when I had the good fortune to buy a South Bend Heavy 10 from him in about 2006. I paid him $750 for the lathe, which needed some tender love and care. I traveled from Western Wisconsin to his place in Long Island, NY, pulling a 2-wheel trailer...
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    What do you do with a lathe now

    Any more replies to this post?
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    Machining replacement lead screw

    I second the use of a follower rest, but I would also suggest the use of a steady rest to support the outboard end to eliminate the tailstock, which will allow you to extend the travel to obtain the final length desired for the lead screw. I used this method for making a new lead screw for my...
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    Shaft Machining - How do I convince Vendors that the Quality is No Good? Standards?

    Buy the shafting oversize and do the machining yourself.
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    For sale 1941 South Bend Lathe 14.5

    I did not complain of a bad experience when I purchased this lathe. I knew exactly what I was buying: A lathe to use with my hydraulic tracing attachment. With the described modifications, it fits my purposes beautifully. Your lathe is priced $2000 too much under any circumstances. You say...
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    For sale 1941 South Bend Lathe 14.5

    I bought a 16 inch South Bend lathe manufactured for the war effort about 10 years ago for $800. This lathe was manufactured from cast iron and did not stand up to wear from repeatative cuts, and poor or non existing maintenance by the owners, which was the Onan corporation of Fridley, Mn...
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    lead screw versus power feed on a lathe?

    Re-posting this subject.
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    My SB 16" with hydraulic tracer attachment

    Re-posting this subject.
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    lead screw versus power feed on a lathe?

    I am the owner of a South Bend 16 inch lathe that was manufactured for the WW2 effort. Whoever used this lathe for some production purpose used the lead screw for longitudinal feed. As fortune would have it, they only used the first few inches nearest the chuck which totally destroyed the...
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    Machinist V.S. Toolmaker

    The guy that expired while ice fishing claimed that a mold maker is far superior to a toolmaker or a machinist.
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    Why are wood cnc machines so cheesy?

    Nicht so gut fur kinder, aerosol ish da!
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    Why are wood cnc machines so cheesy?

    Cheesey? We consider cheese to be a positive descriptor in Wisconsin!
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    Mastercam Beta 2020 version

    I have been using Mastercam Beta version for the past several months, and have found that the provisions they have provided for editing and re-construction of 3-D surfaces to be excellent.
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    Why are wood cnc machines so cheesy?

    I Have a Techno Isel machine that I bought in the 1990's, it operated on the DOS system. Techno Isel upgraded this machine to operate on Windows after 2000. All axes are controlled by servo motors with feedback which controls accurate positioning. I have since purchased a ATRUMP B3EC with...
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    Craigslist Cadillac tracer for sale

    Very similar to my Tru Trace. Doesn't look like template mounting rails are included. New Mexico is a pretty far piece to drive.
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    WTB or Trade for a South Bend 9" milling attachment base

    Evidently my previous offer to trade my 9" milling attachment for your 10" milling attachment did not meet with your approval. Therefore I am withdrawing that offer.