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    FS Brass and Bronze

    Would guess stuff would sell faster/easier with a price.
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    Way OT: Earthquake here in NJ.

    Didn’t New York/NJ ban fracking?
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    Charles North Tx Shop build

    I didn’t get all of my steel sandblasted and painted before erected so blasted it in the air and painted. Live and learn. My steel’s good 17 years later. You can still do it now. Not that big a deal.
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    Charles North Tx Shop build

    I was wondering same thing, but looks like a good three feet from rail to top of crane seen in first post pics, and rail isn’t on grey beam in post #46 yet. Maybe not as much clear space as I originally assumed.
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    Photo: ...Union Iron Works...San Francisco...

    Hope we don’t lose a good moderator.
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    Lifting Eye bolt. Made in USA, Japan or W. Europe

    If you get the chance, Spud, wouldn’t mind seeing other pics of your shaper. Haven’t seen that type previously. Kinda glad I didn’t see the small HBM at the same sale in time as I would have been tempted and don’t have the space…
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    WTB Sjogren 5C Speed Chuck. D1-6 Lathe mount AND Hardinge Taper Nose

    Not sure I understand why. Sure a 5C from D1-6 or whatever, but why a Hardinge taper way out there?
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    Baldor 1/3 hp bench grinder problem.

    You were running an ungrounded tool that was not designed to be run ungrounded. Yan Wo was right to be concerned about your safety/life. You might choose to be thankful.
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    Ot...ship hits bridge

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    Surface Plate certification on site

    You’re retired. Are you saying that you got busier post retirement? ;-) related question- is there any reputable company that re-does granite plates on site in Canadian prairie provinces?
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    Advice on annular cutter for 3" hole please

    I’ve been able to drive similar size HSS with a Bport by grinding off a few teeth and running dead slow. Not the fastest, but worked. Take out the set screw if you still have one in your quil.
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    Where can I rent a pickup that allows more than 10000# trailer towing?

    So what kind of a planer did you buy? :-)
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    Where can I rent a pickup that allows more than 10000# trailer towing?

    Especially if it involves taking this weight with an unfamiliar truck and trailer down mountain pass grades. Letting someone else do it is sometimes the right (only) call.
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    I guess its time for me to start my own Home shop thread.

    While SWER is still used, the pic in post #84 is not SWER. It is typical split phase transformer from higher voltage primary on top of pole, with triplex going to house or shop. The bare wire on the triplex, which is neutral, is clearly connected to center tap of transformer and the lower non...
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    Standard Modern lathe and power hook up options.

    If the OP has 100amps 220v single phase, that lathe will run on low voltage connection just fine. I’ve run a few Standard Moderns (and their castings used to be poured and machined just down the road from me) but not that type. Good medium duty lathe. Does it have a clutched head? If not, I’d...
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    Major Rusting Issues In Our Building All Of A Sudden??

    If chlorine is second worst, what is worse? On edit, after some reading: ‘F’?
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    Major Rusting Issues In Our Building All Of A Sudden??

    Are you using acid in any of your processes?
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    Kurt D-30 3" Vise For Sale - "Like New" (SOLD!)

    Surprisingly useful. Mine is on a smaller horizontal mill frequently.
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    Way OT - bat bite

    Perhaps a little OT from original thrust of this thread, but I’ve wondered why baited immunization programs to decrease wild animal rate of rabies seems to be less used than previous? Decades ago, planes here would ‘bomb’ wilderness areas surrounding human population centers with immunization...
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    Another Slow down Thread

    Pretty naive to think a safe society you’d want to live in could happen with no police, justice system, health system, education system, etc etc. Some of your tax contributions may be wasted, but I’d suggest, not all.