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    New Industrial Shop Floor Thickness, Engineers giving different answers - Any real life Experiences?

    I think another thing you should consider is, who is responsible for the testing of the concrete as it arrives on the job site? Is it the engineering firm? Are they provided with specifications the concrete being delivered is 'supposed' to meet? Are they going to send out "qualified" people to...
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    downside to client paying with zelle?

    It's my preferred method to get paid. Have NO idea what's in it for the banks, since there is no fee for either party. Banksters aren't know for not skimming something for themselves. I always figured the other shoe would drop (charges) after it gained traction. My motivation has been that...
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    Holding over length tube for turning ( with pictures!)

    Nice job and thanks for sharing. What RPM or SFM if it was an 8" blade you used for slitting?
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    silent contactor?

    And if you go the SSR route... pick your brand well, price point is not your benchmark in selecting. Many are shall we say 'optimistic' on their current rating. Kind of like Haas power ratings:)
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    Help with a Bradford Lathe

    I loved how well the clutch levers worked on those and their location on the machine was really handy in my opinion. You'll like that lathe, they were tough machines.
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    Heat treating a crossbow limb

    I don't know what size pieces you need for your application, and realize it doesn't answer your question. But was wondering if you have ever harvested any springs from the front end of old Volkswagen cars? There are multiple pieces 'hidden' inside the round cross tube in old VW's as a kind of...
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    Trash to treasure (maybe)

    "Unaware of what 80/20 even is." That made me laugh hard!!!
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    Major Rusting Issues In Our Building All Of A Sudden??

    Buy some litmus paper and do some detective work. Getting rid of that acid is a big step forward as well.
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    Metalalizing with Metco guns (Pics)

    Remember mine well, the pleasing sound of the turbine spooling up. Thanks for the memory!
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    Interesting electric motor

    My old generator/alternator tester has that motor on it. Red in color also, likely what that one in the video was off of perhaps? I didn't watch the video to hear what it came from.
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    Laser welder beam deflection

    Call up John Demakis at Alliance (he's the patriarch) and ask him about any pointers you need. I'm confident he will put you in touch with the right person at their business, likely his son, but John might well be able to field any of your questions. He's a great down to earth guy, he comes by...
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    What's the best technique for using slitting wheels in the surface grinder?

    Love ???'s radial drill idea! Thanks, I'm filing that one away in the ole memory bank. Now I'm trying to remember what it's top RPM is. And what a great place to make such a mess. I don't particularly care either if that coolant gets contaminated with grit.
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    Best beginner machines for production at a steel plant with outdated machinery?

    Well said Orange Vise. This young man's learning journey with industrial robots is not only impressive but eye opening to an old fart like me. His channel is worth a look if only to give the rest of us hope in the future of some young people actually doing and learning on their own. He also...
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    Welding to a Coil Spring?

    I've got some stick rod here from Lawson Products that would more than likely work. We've never had it fail and one of their demonstrations was welding springs with it. We affectionately call it "miracle rod" and use it sparingly since it comes from Lawson =$$$. I would think if you went to any...
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    Polishing solid brass issues

    I'll throw in another wax choice that I used to use on one of my products before shipping. I learned about it from a buddy who was a fireman, and they polish some brass. Butchers Bowling Alley Wax - make sure you get the CLEAR version.
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    Where are the fundamental base machinists?

    You guys all make good points, but how about this one that I AGONIZE over in my head with the grandson(s). Math... isn't learning and knowing this just about as debatable these days? All they actually need is to have some good aps and other online calculators bookmarked on their phone or...
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    Please help identifying a bearing

    Is this it? https://shem.com.ua/shop/8160/imgs/podshipnik-razdatki-bmw-nv125-skf-6011-n-tn9-c3d7vb344
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    More parts copied by China

    I hate it guys!!! Buckets full of empathy for all of you. Been doing this for 34 years now and changing with the times in marketing has been challenging enough, as if design rip-offs from domestic competitors wasn't enough, now we have those lawless china bastages rippin' us off daily. Matt's...
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    How to solve the problem of deformation at this opening caused by robot welding?

    I agree with the other guys comments. IMHO, it's over welded, but perhaps the customer won't budge on that consideration(?). If the material is flat or flattened consistently after laser cutting when it's loaded into the fixture to weld, then any weldor could predict the distortion you are...