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    Chemical reverse engineering of a substance

    Please provide enough detail to answer the question and try again.
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    Hamas strike on Israel.

    Just figure out which one of your cohorts is the FBI agent before they write too damning of a report.
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    Hamas strike on Israel.

    Well, I for one will welcome our robot overlords with open arms. The one common thread of all failed governments, and they all do fail given enough time, in human history? They're run by apes! At least with a soulless machine at the helm we have a chance of at least some kind of logical...
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    OT viewing upcoming eclipses safely.

    I got lucky that time. Viewing glasses were sold out everywhere, couldn't be found for weeks leading up to it. Wife and I arrived on Isle Royale the morning of the eclipse after getting screwed out of boat tickets for the day before, and spending the extra night in Copper Harbor. Lo and behold...
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    OT viewing upcoming eclipses safely.

    Careful. A polarizing filter for a telescope is usually used for lunar viewing, and typically passes 3-40% of light. A solar viewing filter goes over the aperture ONLY* and passes only 0.000001% of light. Either that, or an H-alpha bandpass filter can be used which passes only a wavelength band...
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    WOT- fiberglass splinters can't be removed!

    No, but it may have some effect on the way your body will attempt to form a cyst around them. I don't think fibers that small usually form any though.
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    WOT- fiberglass splinters can't be removed!

    Last time I got fiberglass splinters like that, I just rubbed my hands and arms vigorously to break them up a bit, but it was still unpleasant for a few days. Then your skin grows out and they shed along with it.
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    Prescription Safety glasses online

    Mostly I agree with that, but when you go to a glasses shop you can check the way a frame fits you. The only thing you have to go off of when online shopping is "these frames can be made with PD from X to Y" and that can be hard to interpret when you are wondering if they will fit on your face.
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    Way OT - Bidet attachments for standard toilets ....

    I have one of these, but I've never been tempted to use it on my butt. It's for spraying out the babies' cloth diapers.
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    OT- Basal skin cancer question

    When I was in middle school, I had a very strange pimple that would not pop on my left temple. After a couple months, we got it looked at by a Dermatologist, biopsied, and determined that it needed to go. My parents sprung the extra cash to get a plastic surgeon involved for the removal since it...
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    Lil OT: Mounting anvil to wood block.

    Even easier than that, do the same but skip the epoxy.
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    It's worse here in the US for some reason. When we went to Iceland, they had this magical stuff called Skyr. It was amazing, my brothers and I looked at the label and were floored by the nutrition stats. When we got home, we found the stuff, "proudly partnered with [company*]" but it had about...
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    Question- leveling lathe-order of ops

    I can't help you with your question, but I just want to make sure you take care not to let any UFOs come off that chuck and into that car! UFO: unintended flying object
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    A few years ago, I went hardcore (sort of) keto for a few months. The method was called "carb night" and the idea was to go 7-10 days at a time with 30g of total carbs or less per day (but below 10 was preferred), and let loose for one night, eating all the crap you're supposed to avoid at all...
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    Turning a radius with skill?

    A carefully calculated amount of deflection and a few tons of force, most likely.
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    OT: Prostate cancer, need I say more........

    It could be worse, you could be living in the states. I was training BJJ earlier this week and got locked in a nasty chokehold, didn't realise how tight he had it in until I was waking up on the mat a few seconds later. He asked me if I was OK, and when I tried to say "yeah" absolutely no sound...
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    sine bar setting height

    Because sine and cosine functions are not linear, that's why.
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    Coil spring dilemma.

    The difference in diameter should make up for the difference in spring length, as they are proportional to each other.
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    Coil spring dilemma.

    Stiffness is based on the modulus of elasticity (which should be the same) and the moment of inertia of the area of the section. Think of a coil spring like this as a long cantilever beam spiraling around to save space. The moment of inertia of the original is 1/4*pi*r^4 = .0031 in^4 and the new...
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    Shop Pet Peeves

    Ouch. No matter how sloppy I am, keeping hex key sets complete is one thing I have always been disciplined about. Funny that doesn't apply to combination wrench and socket sets for some reason...