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    Using 2 spindles to ruff & finish pockets & profiles. Fanuc OM, Supermax2 with mounting Z axis for 2 spindles, need help understanding machine offset

    I believe in Bobcad you should be able to program it as if your doing a tool change then just go in and edit the Gcode file to add the G54/G55 to each tool change in the program
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    Using 2 spindles to ruff & finish pockets & profiles. Fanuc OM, Supermax2 with mounting Z axis for 2 spindles, need help understanding machine offset

    I think your getting there Spindle 1 = G54 and Tool 1 offsets Spindle 2 = G55 and Tool 2 offsets one thing to really think about is to make sure the non used spindle has clearance in all directions while the other one is cutting.
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    Fabrication Process/Part List Documentation -How detailed are you?

    you mentioned Solidworks, if as you say you are making versions of the same thing there are ways to make new drawing sets very quickly for every new version. I do this all the time, I've done 20 page drawing packets for a new version of an item in an hour.
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    How do you decide who to hire?

    The best way to get the "Right Guy" is to get rid of the wrong guy the instant you figure out its the wrong guy.
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    Shop Rates for CAD, CAM, and Machining Time ... the same or different?

    So many variables in quoting, a lot will depend on your shop size and how price sensitive your customers are and how big the orders are. One man/ Small shop making small run parts likely all labor and machine time are easier to estimate at the same cost. Big shop with large run parts trying to...
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    How to quantify process improvements

    One Machine would be very hard to chart in a meaningful way with the improvements your describing. I think what you really are trying to track is spindle on hours per man hour for the shop or section of shop the affected employees work in. think if your operator now keeps 2 (or 3 or 5...)...
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    Way WAY OT...time to buy a new car...recommendations?

    hybrids are the way at this point. my wife has a Hyundai Ioniq, average MPG is 54 so far with only 60ish K on it maintenance is oils about once a year (it tells you when it wants an oil change)
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    Mixing processes (machining, welding, wood) in a 1200 sqft shop?

    The shop I work at has wood metal plastic and paint all in one shop. what we have done that works pretty well and passes fire marshal is divide the areas with pallet racking with one side covered in OSB above the pallet racking to the ceiling we have a plastic curtain made from a reinforced...
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    Die Design to Crimp Small Diameter Stainless Tubing with Minimal Deformation of the surrounding OD

    I would try doing a split die with a tube od hole centered on the split then on the bottom half of the die I would dill and tap a through hole centered in the die and use a grub screw to hold a ball bearing protruding up into the split hole. this would allow you to raise the ball bearing until...
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    Has Anyone Had Luck With Staffing Agencies?

    The Biggest issue is really looking for a good employee that only wants part time low pay employment< by good I'm not meaning trained machinist I'm meaning shows up, can follow basic directions, can repeat those directions. you reference your cleaning lady that works cheep and does a good job...
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    Has Anyone Had Luck With Staffing Agencies?

    In my experience most staffing agency employees are either unskilled laborers with some issue keeping them from getting permanent work or skilled (supposedly) people looking for a full time job, through the temp to hire path. sounds like you need to find a retired machinist that wants to work...
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    Request for Help with Custom Lathe Headstock

    .5mm deflection under what load and in relation to what? You have several slip connections and low precision bearings all mounted on a bolted together aluminum extrusion frame. All the joints have clearance that will when loaded will deflect and add up, The second picture with the 2...
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    Making some forming dies, how much space to leave between the two dies for the part to be formed?

    You might want to look at making those with 2 hits with a joggle die (you can still make that) the Joggle die will make 2 bends flip the part and make the other 2, make it for offset you need and then material thickness is a non issue. The dies I have seen for making shapes like that in 1 hit...
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    Mcam Solidwork vs draftsight

    We have had a few instances where SW has saved Inch DXFs that open in other software upscaled 25.4 x but if opened in SW it opens at the correct scale. If your making lots of them it's probably worth the time to figure out how to get the DXF units and scale to match, otherwise just rescale it in...
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    Using MDF trim to test CNC programs

    Probably not the price point your looking for but tooling board would be great for testing its rigid and cuts fantastic, downside is it's not cheap. Sounds like you're looking for a way to test a program so you don't break a $5 HSS mill on a $5 piece of stock that doesn't dull the mill or cost...
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    1911 doublestack plans/drawing

    Try searching M1911-a1 redux.pdf it's a pretty good redraw of the original 1911 prints and all the dimensions I have used from it have worked. It should have all the information you need to machine a para style frame with the exception of the mag release being will be wider. as for where to...
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    1911 doublestack plans/drawing

    On Para style Double Stacks I believe everything but the magazine release, trigger bow and grips are the same as a regular 1911 so all the dims you should need are public. Most 80% have the slide stop pin hole in so you can measure everything from that datum. as for just knocking them out thats...
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    Effects of shallow cut while trouble shooting

    Assuming thread milling, likely with a smaller diameter thread mill/ Tool deflection is what your trying to explain, tools bend, small tools bend more, small tools with long shafts bend even more. I add a spring pass on all my thread milling of smaller holes in harder materials by default.
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    Website for my shop with instant quoting?

    Most Likely your best bet would be to pay xometry enough money to have them set it up for you, likely they will want a very very large sum of cash in exchange.