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  1. freakycnc

    Makino crash Broken fingers

    The clamping system is OTT-Jakob brand in most Makino HSK spindles. Maybe you can find the supplier in your part of the world.
  2. freakycnc

    Leblond Makino

    The above post is just an example of the process for troubleshooting FNC with UM15A sequencer.
  3. freakycnc

    Leblond Makino

    70Olds, Check out this link for the Diagnostic panel: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/leblond-makino-fnc-74-a-fanuc-11m.341072/page-2 I hope you have the "Diagnostic Manual" for your FNC. If the battery went dead on the UM15A sequencer it may be at default settings, Default...
  4. freakycnc

    Leblond Makino

    The FNC series with the Fuji sequencer is the worst part of this machine. The light (picture you posted) indicates a sequence alarm. There is a display on the electrical cabinet for the spindle drive on the rear of the machine for the Fuji sequencer. I wish i had a manual for the sequencer. If...
  5. freakycnc

    Matsuura mc500v2 random th error alarm

    Have you tried using lower baud rates? I'd try a different computer for troubleshooting to eliminate the possibility of the serial driver going into a 'low priority' mode that some laptops do when the device is not active for a certain period of time.
  6. freakycnc

    fanuc beta i servo alarm motor overheating

    The high vibration may be heating up the motor, too. Ohm/Meg cable to make sure no motor cable phases are open or shorted to GND. (Use appropriate cautions when using megaohm meter. Don't meg drive!) Do a thorough parameter check to verify factory settings. PMM parameter 102 is a torque...
  7. freakycnc

    Matsuura RA-I Yasnac MX3

    425 indicates LS24. When magazine indexes LS24 is not on when the count reaches the tool called. DGN 1029.5 is LS24. 20 tool or 30 tool mag?
  8. freakycnc

    Matsuura pallet macro number?

    On latest Matsuura's you can have the PMC transfer the current pallet number in the machine to a macro variable by putting the macro variable number in Data Table D12420. After a pallet change the value gets put into this macro variable.
  9. freakycnc


    "OFS, NEXT" is also an option....
  10. freakycnc

    Fanuc Spindle drive

    The last four digits is the ROM version for setting the motor characteristics. HTH