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    Clausing A50 1018 alarm

    This is a bad picture of the procedure. If your control is the same as the picture it should work. Press the mpg then the (x100) key press keys a and b in the picture at the SAME time. Turret will unclamp Press the c button in the picture now use the mpg hand wheel to rotate the turret until...
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    Clausing A50 1018 alarm

    Did you do the turret reset procedure.
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    Struggling with M12 threaded hole. Any suggestions?

    Have you tried the osg vc-10 is there powdered metal tap...
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    Is this leg to high?

    If your voltages are to high the machine will alarm out when the spindle decerates.
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    Is this leg to high?

    Thats a very good balance.
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    Ballbar test results - how to interpret?

    Are all the leveling feet touching the floor.
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    Is this leg to high?

    I think your rpc is ok . Take the front cover off where the pressure gauges are you will see the hydraulic pump motor it will have an arrow for the direction it should turn check it, this is the only way to tell if the phases are correct. The fanuc control doesn't care about the orientation of...
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    Is this leg to high?

    Have you started the machine using what you have now?
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    Is this leg to high?

    It was 2001 when I installed the rpc for my clausing lathe . Haven't touched is sence. But this is what I remember. The 247 volt leg you can't bring it down with capacitors . but you can increase the voltage to the other 2 legs with capacitors to come close to the 247 volts its best to have all...
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    Error RS232C_2

    You're new computer is sending data to fast to that old control. Slow the transfer rate down a few mili seconds per block .
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    Is this leg to high?

    I have a clausing storm 80 using a rotary phase converter . Close to the same machine you have I also had the same problem you have. My voltage was to high it would throw an alarm . In your phase converter you have motor start capacitors and motor run capacitors you need to adjust the motor run...
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    What make/model turret is this?

    First unclamp the turret and see if its hard to turn if it is . Take the turret off . The plate behind the turret has the seal. It keeps coolant out of the cervic coupling. The seal is about 4 inches in diameter . I put the whole plate in a manual lathe and used a sharp lathe insert made for...
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    Way OT - bat bite

    Test the bat for rabies
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    Tornado T10M (Colchestor) Series 21i-TB

    Did you do the turret reset procedure.
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    What make/model turret is this?

    On the back of the turret where the servo motor is there is a magnetic sensor that lights up when the turret is seated. I had to change mine it was messed up is a common sensor easy to get also if its lose or out of adjustment you will get errors. When the turret locks the light should be on...
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    What make/model turret is this?

    I have the same turret on my 1998 clausing storm 80. I was told its made by clausing . Whats wrong with yours?
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    AcuRite Qwikcount info

    if its like this one accurite stopped making parts for it long ago.
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    Measuring pressing force in a arbor press.

    Here is a pressure gage I made years ago Its a 1.125 cylinder with an oring for sealing filled with oil . The 1.125 diameter is equal to 1 square inch .So 1 pound of downward force reads 1 pound on gage.
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    Pressure washer question

    Use the same pressure washer hose.